Monthly Meeting Minutes

    Executive Board Meeting

    22-03-16 Board Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    March 16, 2022, – In-person meeting held at Youngstown Arts Center

    7:05 pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 


    xCarla RogersxBunny HatcherxKaren Richter, by phone
    xSteven ButtsxColleen HintonxRoxanne Thatcher
    Aaron Garcia, by phonexSarah KochxNick Bonazza
    xRachel GlassChris PorterxGina Topp
    xLeah GriffinxDeena Ledger, by phonexTrey Lykins
    xSoleil Lewis

    Welcome & Reminder of Our Social Contract

    Introduction of New Board Members

    Carla introduced Soleil Lewis, new Social Justice and Equity Chair.  Soleil described her background and current activities.

    Carla introduced David Toledo, 34th member for about 10 years, as a guest to the meeting.  He is interested in filling the 2nd Vice Chair (vacant since Jordan Crawley resigned) and/or Elections & Caucus Chair role (vacated by Colleen Hinton being redistricted to the 33rd) and is here to learn more about being on the Board.  Board members introduced themselves to David.    

    Gina Topp suggested the Board invest in technology so that people attending Board meetings by phone can hear the meeting better.  

    Review of Agenda and Minutes 

    • February’s minutes approved
    • Agenda for tonight approved

    Fundraiser Update

    Gina announced 30 people have signed up – we have a deal on the space and the food and we will be able to cancel if needed.  The goal is 100 tickets sold.  Arthur’s Restaurant on 2311 California Ave. is the venue.  Next planning meeting is March 24 6:0 pm, at the restaurant – please join on Gina’s tab!  Please attend the fundraiser and bring an interested friend – Gina plans to bring a friend who has attended some 34th meetings in the past and Gina wants her to get more involved.  Carla points out that we have not had a fundraiser in 2 years, so we are starting small, easing into in-person events again.  

    We are in good shape financially but it would still be nice to have a really successful fundraiser.  

    Carla stated that the Board is expected to attend events like this.  Gina stated that board members who do not want to attend can volunteer instead (day of event or prior).


    Redistricting process is complete even though there are lawsuits outstanding. We are gaining 5 PCOs and losing 14. We are gaining 23 precincts from Georgetown, Pioneer Square, SODO, High Point. We will do a pop up social in Georgetown in May. 

    2022 Delegate Caucus 

    The Caucus is Saturday and we are prepared with script, attendees and ballots. Immediate action will be needed post-Caucus and Convention planning activities will be going through May. Convention is June 24-26 in Tacoma.

    Bylaws and Endorsement Rule Changes/Updates 

    Each person received a printout of the section of the bylaws – Section VIII onward.  We focused mostly on material changes and debated any changes accordingly. After reviewing all sections, the board agreed to proceed to membership review. Move to approve as amended Leah moved to approve as amended and Rachel seconded. Motion passed with all members in agreement.

    Carla will give notice to membership that we intend to change the bylaws and we will review them at the May meeting. The endorsement rules will become an addendum to the Bylaws. The current rules of endorsement will be used this cycle. 


    Budget committee member needed – does anybody know anyone with some financial skills?

    We are being asked to do early endorsements in April – US Senate and WA SoS, the others will be in June.  

    Good of the Order 

    • Karen Richter has a request on behalf of Puget Sound Association of Retired Activists – this will be a resolution which we will vote on in Slack and take to the membership in April. 
    • Colleen bade farewell to the Board, thanks Carla and Nick in particular for great mentoring and learning.  Hopes to continue to work with the 34th in partner projects with the 33rd.   

    8:45 Adjourned by Carla Rogers, Chair


    Monthly Meeting

    2022-3-9 General Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    34th District Democrats General Meeting Minutes

    March 9, 2022 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Program 

    7:18 – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair  

    Chair’s Remarks

    • Gun safety legislation prevailed in recent weeks 
    • SB5078 is on its way to Gov Inslee’s desk
    • Some climate bills made it through and congratulations to our caucuses
    • Speak-up survey:     

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes 

    • Ann Martin moved and Rachel Glass seconded to approve the agenda. Approved with a unanimous voice vote.
    • Ann Martin moved and Earl Godt seconded to approve the minutes. Approved with a unanimous voice vote.

    Budget and Membership Reports

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker provided the budget report for February.    
      • Budget remained largely the same due to membership income and standard expenses  
      • Remember to renew!  
      • Current membership: 91 (plus 102 PCO’s) partially due to redistricting 
      • Change Makes $ense:  
      • Need one volunteer to participate on the budget committee in April-May

    Candidate Spotlight

    • Leesa Manion – King County Prosecutor
    • Damon Shadid – Seattle Municipal Judge, running for position #7
    • Faye R Chess – Seattle Municipal Judge, running for position #6

    Presentation re: Seattle Approves, Initiative 134 Approval Voting


    • Presented by Gina Topp, Fundraising and Events Chair 
    • July 14th 6pm – 8pm Fundraiser to be held at Arthur’s, 2311 California Avenue SW, Admiral Junction
    • Tickets:   
    • Purchase tickets today and your contribution will be matched. 

    PCO Update 

    • Appointment of PCOs by Nick Bonazza 
    • Nick presented Zachary Ricketts for 34-3767, swore him in, and confirmed he was a democrat. 
    • Rachel Glass motioned and Ann Martin seconded to approve the appointment.  
    • Zoom poll had 100% approval.    


    • Process is complete and despite some lingering lawsuits, we must move forward.  
    • Redistricting final steps:
      • LDs have 45 days to begin meeting within their new boundaries that are adopted for elections occurring in November of the year 2022 and beyond.
      • The terms of office of elected and appointed PCOs are unaffected by any precinct boundary changes related to the 2021 redistricting
      • The term of office of any other individual whose election is regulated by Article IX.B of the Bylaws (i.e. only PCOs may vote in the election) is unaffected by the change of geographic boundaries unless the elected and appointed PCOs residing within the new boundaries determine by majority vote at the first post-redistricting meeting that a new election shall be held for that office.
    • Bunny Hatcher motioned and Karen Richter seconded to keep current officers in place for the rest of the term.  
      • Zoom poll had 100% approval. 

    2022 Delegate Caucus 

    • Presented by Colleen Hinton
    • March 26, virtual caucus, focused on issues 
    • 32 Delegates, 16 Alternates from the 34th 
    • Members and PCOs vote, member by Feb 25
    • To run for Delegate, register here: (there will be a couple of zoom meeting to help delegates prepare for the convention)  
    • To participate in the vote, register here:  
    • Voting ballots will be offline (open 10am-close 5pm)
    • Delegates have a voice in:  Convention rules, Platform and Resolutions
    • June 25th State Convention (virtual or in-person)
    • Learn more: 
    • Have questions?  Contact or

    2022 Caucus Rules

    Outreach Committee 

    • Presented by Karen Richter and Steve Butts 
    • Discussed a variety of upcoming events (including parades!) and planning needs which require several volunteers to coordinate and participate, as well as set up and take down.  
    • Contact for more information 


    • GREAT February pop-up social at Whisky West! Also, Senator Nguyen attended and answered many questions. 
    • Next pop-up event is March 25 at Future Primitive Brewery, 5:30 – 8:00 
    • Next board meeting is March 16, 7-8:30 at Youngstown Art Center (need volunteers for technical things, communications, and a few other items) 

    Good of the Order

    • Chris Porter – Remember that affirmative action numbers represent the floor, not the ceiling  
    • Elizabeth Heath – Democratic women meeting re: voting rights and the role of the press in Democracy, look for more information coming soon 
    • Rachel Glass – Bill 1914 regarding a film incentive program has made it out of the House and is headed to the Senate. Films made in the state improve the economy, film infrastructure is in place and ready to support it! 

    Adjourned at 8:58 by Carla Rogers, Chair  


    Delegate Caucus

    2022 Delegate Caucus Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Minutes from the 34th Legislative District Democratic Caucus

    March 26, 2022

    The caucus was called to order at 10am.

    Chair Carla Rogers greeted the participants and thanked Caucus and Elections Committee Chair Colleen Hinton, Vice Chair Rachel Glass, and member Ann Martin for their help on caucus planning.

    Rachel Glass gave the Land Acknowledgement and read the Welcome Message from State Party Chair Tina Podlodowski. 

    Chair Rogers appointed persons to fill caucus roles:

    • Steve Butts as Secretary
    • Elizabeth Heath as Parliamentarian
    • Ann Martin as Caucus Credentials and Rules Chair
    • Leah Griffin as Tally Chair.

    Chair Rogers then stated the purpose of the caucus.

    Elected officials spoke:

    • State Sen. Joe Nguyen
    • State Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon
    • Burien City Councilmember Sarah Moore
    • County Councilmember Joe McDermott

    Chris Porter and Roxanne Thayer, 34th’s State Party Committeepersons, also spoke.

    Ann Martin gave the Credentials Report:

    • 169 members of the 34th were eligible to be caucus voters.
    • Of those members, 39 people registered and were credentialed to vote.
    • 35 individuals registered and were eligible to be candidates for delegate.
    • 33 persons were present at the time of the report, and it was determined that the quorum was met.

    The Credentials Report was adopted without objection.

    Ann Martin presented the Caucus Rules as approved by the Board and Membership of the 34th District Democrats at the March 9, 2022, meeting. Ann moved for adoption of the Rules, seconded by Bunny Hatcher. The Rules were approved unanimously.

    Chair Rogers explained the voting rules to select 32 Delegates and 16 Alternates to the Washington State Convention. Vice Chair Glass reviewed the affirmative action goals laid out by the state party and the results of the district’s candidate recruitment effort.

    Delegate aspirants were given the opportunity to speak to their candidacy.

    Chair Rogers read the rules for voting. She noted of particular importance that to avoid a spoiled ballot, the balance between Male/Female votes must not differ by more than one, while any number of Gender Non-Binary could be chosen. Voters would be given a chance to correct their ballot should they make an error. A link to the online ballot was placed in the Zoom Chat section and would also be sent to voters via email. Ballots were to be submitted no later than 5pm. The results were to be announced via email the evening of March 27.

    Chair Rogers will be contacting Delegates after the election to coordinate the times for two meetings prior to the State Convention to answer questions and pick our representatives to the Convention Committees. Our delegation can submit up to 32 amendments to the State Platform and submit up to two resolutions to the Convention. Delegates can attend the Convention, which will be June 25th, either in person or virtually.

    An opportunity was given to speak at Good of the Order.

    The caucus adjourned at 11:30.


    2022-03-23 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    34th Dems Board Meeting Minutes

    February 23, 2022, – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    7:00 pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 


    xCarla RogersxBunny HatcherxKaren Richter
    xSteven ButtsxColleen HintonxRoxanne Thatcher
    Aaron Garcia VirgenxSarah KochxSara Smith
    xRachel GlassChris PorterxGina Topp
    xLeah GriffinxDeena LedgerxJulie Whitaker
    xTrey LykinsxNick BonazzaxSoleil Lewis

    Welcome & Reminder of Our Social Contract

    Review of Agenda and Minutes 

    • January’s minutes approved by voice
    • Agenda for tonight approved by voice 

    Decisions & Announcements 

    • The board agreed that hosting the endorsement meeting on Zoom was preferred over In-person due to higher anticipated participation.  Will need people to provide technical support. 
    • Budget committee needs a 3rd person. Work includes 1-2 meetings. Contact the Chair or Treasurer to participate.  Will also be added to the member meeting agenda. 
    • Board member positions are open.  
      • Need a Vice Chair #2 and a Caucus & Elections Chair (after redistricting) 
      • Need a new Young Democrats delegate. 
      • Leah Griffin volunteered to do Twitter. 
    • Carla will be making updates to the Standing Rules for Review by the board in a future month.
    • March 16 Board Meeting is in person at Youngstown Arts, 7:00 – 8:30 


    • Redistricting was completed on Feb 9.  
    • Encourage departing folks to join the 33rd District Democrats, contact person is their Chair, Terri Lindeke. 
    • Incoming PCOs are not yet identified by the state. We know of 4 incoming PCOs so far.
    • Incoming members from other LD’s may be shared by the state via Miinivan
    • PCOs MAY vote on whether to reorganize during the March meeting 
    • Reminder: upcoming Caucus uses the new district boundaries 

    2022 Delegate Caucus 

    • March 26, virtual caucus, details still under discussion 
    • 32 Delegates, 16 Alternates
    • Approve Caucus Rules at March membership meeting (Caucus rules provided by the State and can be amended by the district to some degree) 
    • Members and PCOs vote, must be a member by Feb 25, same as last year’s process 
    • Those running to be Delegates must register
    • Voting ballots will be offline (open 10am – 5pm) 
    • June 25 State Convention (either virtual or in-person)
    • Voice in: convention rules, Platform and Resolutions
    • Affirmative Action goals (gain delegates if met) 
    • Contact Rachel Glass if you know folks who would be open to an invitation to be a Delegate.  Particularly looking for minority populations with the goal of being as diverse and inclusive as possible for our delegation.  There were questions about a previous list from the 2020 Caucus.  
    • Deadline to provide the State a list of which Delegates will attend in person and who will attend virtually – April 1st

    July Fundraiser 

    • Gina Topp is chairing the event. Will be held at Arthur’s Restaurant in Admiral, hosting free of charge, plus discounted price for food and beverages. Planning on serving heavy appetizers.  Planning meetings are underway.  March 24th at 7 pm is the next planning meeting.  

    Bylaws and Endorsement Rule Changes/Updates 

    • Carla explained the behind-the-scenes work that has already taken place, and requested meeting time focus on material changes.  
    • The document must go to membership 30 days prior to endorsements. Ergo, Board must approve by March 13 in order to maintain required timeline.  If another board meeting is required, it will push the timeline past the endorsement cut-off requirement.  
    • Bylaws are much harder to change, so important to stay somewhat high level.  Rules are easier to change and are the place to make more frequent updates.  
    • Sarah Koch presented the edited documents for review. 
      • Discussion about membership and voting changes
      • Language around PCO and precinct coordinator and additional clarification
      • Clarifying “resident” and voluntary membership
      • Remote participation will be covered in rules, voting is covered in the bylaws 
    • A vote was held on: 
      • A. 4.1 and 5.2 changing to “voluntarily submitted a membership form” by hand-raise, received 5 votes
      • B. 4.1 and 5.2 would say “is aged 16 years or older” received 4 votes
      • Option A received more votes.  Not everyone present voted. 
    • Section 8 through the end will be deferred to the next meeting due to time constraints. 
    • Article 12 is new content. 
    • Please review the document in detail for the next board meeting.  

    Good of the Order 

    • DCE (direct contracting entities) and Medicare; DCE’s sometimes send patients to private care unbeknownst to the patient.  May be an item to be brought to the membership at some point. 

    9:04 Adjourned by Carla Rogers, Chair


    Monthly Meeting

    02-09-22 General Membership Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    General Membership Meeting Minutes
    February 9, 2022 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Special Program 

    • Skylink Program – Give Seattle a Lift! Martin Westerman and Martin Pagel 
      • Gondola options were explored and approved by SDOT prior to 2020. 
      • Stated that a gondola will be less expensive and impact less forest and existing buildings 
      • Group is requesting the 34th District Democrats provide a resolution to support a study 
    • Learn more: , contact or with questions.  

    7:18 – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair  

    Chair’s Remarks

    • Propositions One and Two passed (Seattle Schools Capital levies)
    • Caucus Committee
    •  has started planning for upcoming delegate caucus (March 26) which leads to state convention June 25
    • Redistricting likely going into effect in a few days
    • Planning for 34th District Dems July Fundraiser has begun 
    • PCO planning for filing in May
    • Speak Up Survey:   Where Should we Socialize? 
    • Midterms are coming soon to vote for US Senate and many other seats! 
    • Step up and volunteer to help maintain Democratic values and Democratic seats! 

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass
    • VIP Recognition: Special Guests and Elected Officials are invited to speak: 
      1. Burien City Councilmember Hugo Garcia  
      2. King County Councilmember Joe McDermott 

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes 

    • Roxanne Thayer moved and Rachel Glass seconded to approve the agenda. Approved with voice vote.
    • Bunny Hatcher moved and Roxanne Thayer seconded to approve the minutes. Approved with voice vote. 

    Budget and Membership Reports

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget since the last meeting.    
      1. Budget increased largely due to membership dues
      2. Remember to renew!  
      3. Change Makes $ense!:  

    Candidate Spotlight

    • Justice Mary Yu – State Supreme Court Justice, appointed in 2014, proud to be first Asian LGBTQ member 
    • Brian Todd – King County District Court Judge, SW – King County Court South, currently assigned to Burien 
    • Lisa Paglisotti – King County District Court Judge, W – currently serve in the West division including West Seattle 
    • Rebecca Robertson – King County District Court Judge, President of District Municipal Court System 
    • Endorsement will be later in the year 

     Advocating with the WA State Legislature

    • Annie Phillips, Burien PCO and co-lead of the EELU Caucus, presenting 
      1. Concentrate on communicating with Rules Committee Chair Laurie Jinkins 
      2. Buildings and transportation are the biggest carbon emitters 
      3. New laws must address methane, yard and kitchen waste  
      4. House bills 1619, 1663, 1767, 1774, 1770, and 1799 – keep the pressure up to move these bills to vote!  


    • To comment on a bill go to 
    • Select House or Senate, date and time, then the bill to address 
    • Select Pro or Con to simply make your position known, or Submit Written Testimony to write an opinion
    • More information coming in the Sunday Newsletter!

    Resolution to Consider

    • Bunny Hatcher presented on “Resolution in Support of Climate Bills Pending in the 2022 Washington State Legislature” 
    • Randy Litzenberger moved to amend the resolution to include HB 1619 concerning appliance efficiency and striking HB 1084 concerning buildings.  Rachel Glass seconded.  Amendment passed by voice vote. 
    • Rachel Glass moved and Bunny Hatcher seconded for the motion to go to the 34th members for approval. 
    • Poll results for the motion: 100% yes, resolution is adopted.  

    Healthcare Caucus Report & Whole WA Video

    The 34th LD Healthcare Caucus is dedicated to the transformation of our healthcare system.  

    Goals: 1) All inclusive- everybody in, nobody out; 2) Not for profit; 3) With comprehensive benefits; 4) Free at point of service.   UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. 

    • Jen Nye, Chair of Healthcare Caucus, presenting update on Resolution Regarding Non-discriminatory, Medically Comprehensive Healthcare in Washington State
    • Keep Our Care Act (SB 5688 / HB 1809) would put controls on runaway corporate health mergers & acquisitions. Corporate hospital takeovers decrease competition and choice of provider, increase wait times, and limit access to or deny abortions, gender-affirming care, end of life care / death with dignity
    • 48 percent of hospitals are owned by religious organizaitons and can limit care options 
    • Remove profit incentive from healthcare 
    • Contact and make your voice heard 
    • Use the app and make your voice heard 

      WHOLE WASHINGTON: Andre Stackhouse presenting (206.715.7085; captainstack@gmail.comhttp// )

    • 2022 Campaign Video:   
    • Universal Public Health Insurance is designed to better cover all Washington state residents and costs less.  Need 400,000 signatures to get it on the ballot.  Need volunteers to get enough signatures. State-wide ballot initiative.    
    • Sign up to volunteer:  

    Executive Board Member Appointments

    • Platform, Legislative Action Committee Chair – Deena Ledger
    • Fundraising & Events Committee Chair – Gina Topp
    • Social Justice & Equity Chair – Soleil Lewis
    • Voice vote to approve new board members unanimously approved.  
    • Thank you to the new volunteers stepping up!  


    PCO Presentation 

    • Nick Bonazza presented Deena Ledger to become a PCO for SEA 34-3263, swore her in, and motioned for her appointment. Rachel Glass seconded.  Voice vote for unanimous approval.  
    • Current term ends November 30, new term begins December 1.  Years 2023 and 2024 are very important.  
    • More training for PCOs coming up and voter registration pop-ups are also coming.  
    • Contact Nick Bonazza at


    • Pop Up Social – Feb 18! Whiskey West, Morgan Junction. Senator Ngueyn will attend.
    • 2022 Delegate Caucus is March 26
      1. Will be held virtually
      2. 32 Delegates and 16 Alternates!
      3. To vote at Caucus you must be a member by February 25
    • Next meeting is March 9, 6:30pm pre-meeting program
    • Next board meeting is February 23, 7-8:30

    GOTO and Mark Your Calendar

    • Elizabeth Heath: West Seattle Democratic Women presenting on ranked choice voting, check West Seattle Blog for more information. 

    Adjourned at 9:07 by Carla Rogers, Chair  


    Monthly Meeting

    01-12-22 Membership Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Pre-Meeting Special Program 

    7:35 – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair  

    Chair’s Remarks

    • MLK’s family requested that those wishing to celebration MLK Jr. instead exert influence on voting rights bills in Washington 
    • Call for participation in midterm elections

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass 
    • VIP Recognition: Special Guests and Elected Officials are invited to speak: 
      • King County Conservation District Vice Chair Chris Porter – be on the lookout for information on the upcoming King Conservation District election
      • Burien Mayor Sofia Aragon
      • Burien Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling – the new council is working to improve the lives of all people in Burien 
      • King County Executive Dow Constantine – building on an already strong team, including funding for behavioral health so everyone in King County can thrive, key to homelessness and re-envisioning justice; putting in new supportive housing 
      • Joe McDermott – banned fireworks in unincorporated King County going forward; focusing on allocating funds in equity and social justice, and focusing on supporting White Center after a series of fires   

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes 

    • Agenda: Ann Martin motioned to approve as amended; Chris Porter seconded. Approved with voice vote. 
    • Minutes: Ann Martin motioned to approve; Karen Richter seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

    Budget and Membership Reports

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on two month’s budget reports      
    • Membership Consideration: We endorsed the 2 Seattle School levies in November. The membership was asked to consider a donation to the Schools First Capital Levy campaign.
      • Chris Porter moved to donate $500, and Ann Martin seconded.  Chris spoke on behalf of his motion.  Unanimous voice vote in support of the motion.  Motion passed, the chair will make the donation.
    • Membership is at 148 as of today (including PCOs)  – please remember to renew:  Questions? Contact for assistance.   
    • Change Makes $ense!:  

    Candidate Spotlight

    3 Candidates spoke about their run for office.

    • Judge Kulijinder Dhillon – District Court Judge
    • Kirstin Haugen – King Conservation District #2
    • Tripp Williams – King Conservation District #2 
    • Colleen Hinton motioned to nominate Tripp Williams, Annie Philipps seconded, and Colleen spoke for her nomination. No one spoke in opposition.
    • Chris Porter nominated Kirstin Haugen and Roxanne Thayer seconded.  Chris Porter spoke for his nomination. No one spoke in opposition.
    • Members and PCOs used a zoom poll for the endorsement and Kirstin Haugen received the endorsement with 22 votes, versus 14 for Tripp Williams.

    Recognizing our Rock Star members and residents of the 34th District 

    • PCO of the Year:  Colleen Hinton 
    • Jackie Dupras Award for Member of the Year:  Carla Rogers 
    • Outstanding Committee/Caucus of the Year:  Environment, Energy and Land Use Caucus
    • Executive Board Members of the Year:  Rachel Glass & Bunny Hatcher 
    • Rising Star of the Year:  Sam Mendez 
    • Cherisse Luxa Award for Lifetime Achievement:  Annie Phillips 
    • Elected Official of the Year:  Executive Dow Constantine  

    Resolution Regarding Non-discriminatory, Medically Comprehensive Healthcare in WA State

    State Party Representative Election 

    • Bunny Hatcher nominated Roxanne Thayer, and Sarah Koch seconded.  Bunny spoke to her nomination, and yielded the rest of her time to Roxanne.  Roxanne spoke for her nomination. No one spoke in opposition.
    • Unanimous voice vote in favor of the election. 

    GOTO and Mark Your Calendar

      • Learning From the Past / Organizing for the Future offers strategies to resist against big fossil fuel and construction companies, especially in campaigns that displace communities of color. Thursday, January 13th at noon. Note: Film associated with workshop can be viewed beforehand.   
      • Organizing for Immigrant Justice by Centering Deportation Defense will explore how the institution of citizenship and the detention/deportation machine create racialized experiences, singling out immigrants. It will highlight resistance efforts and how we can create systemic change.  Thursday, January 13th at 5 p.m. 
      • Assault on Dr. King’s Vision: The Rise of the Far-Right and the Attack on Democracy will explore recent trends and threats posed by anti-democratic movements, unpack the rhetoric and discuss new ways to defend democracy.  Thursday, January 13th at 7 p.m.   
      • Lessons from Cuba – Reproductive Justice is a Human Right explores how reproductive rights have been key to advancing Cuban women’s rights. Friday, January 14th at 5 p.m.  
        Chicago Footwork: A Strategy for Education and Community Mental Health shares an approach to community healing developed by black youth in Chicago. Chicago Footwork uses dance, music and culture to foster black identity rooted in confidence and connection. Saturday, January 15th at 10 a.m.   
    • Many Fires This Time: We the 100 Million follows poet and activist, A Scribe Called Quess?, as he connects with activist poets and communities they represent, fighting for equity and justice, from Chicago, Kentucky and Oakland to his hometown of New Orleans.  Saturday, January 15th at noon. Note: Please watch the film associated with the workshop beforehand.  
    • Abolish Auto-Decline references state laws that allow the juvenile system to decline its jurisdiction over children charged with serious offenses, who are then tried in adult court. This webinar discusses strategies and solutions to ending Auto-Decline. Saturday, January 15th at 2 p.m 

    Adjourned at 9:16 by Carla Rogers, Chair  

    Monthly Meeting

    11-10-21 Membership Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    34th Dems Nov Membership Meeting Minutes

    November 10, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Mini-program, 6:30pm 

    • Randy Litzenberger – 34th Dems Energy, Environment & Land Use Caucus Co-Chair, presented “Climate Policy 101”
    • Randy’s slides can be found on Programs Hub page
    • Randy can be contacted at for any questions

    7:16pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair


    Carla congratulated winners of the General Election, thanked all who stepped up to help with getting out the vote in the 34th.  Next year there will be a Coordinated Campaign for the congressional mid-term elections, and 34th members will be called upon once again.  

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land Acknowledgement – 1st Vice Chair, Rachel Glass
    • VIP recognitions – Chair Carla Rogers invited elected officials in attendance to say a few words
    • Speak Up Survey: What 34th Dems Activities/Programs did you value most? 
    • Zoom tips

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes

    Agenda: Aaron Garcia motioned to approve, Leah Griffin seconded.  Approved by voice vote.

    Minutes: Sarah Koch motioned to approve, Ann Martin seconded.   Approved by voice vote.


    Budget and Membership Reports

    • Treasurer Julie Whittaker reported on our budget.  There were further expenses in October on candidate donations, PCO walk pieces, and canvass expenses. Budget report is emailed to all members the Sunday prior to the membership meeting.
    • Membership total this month is 553.
    • Everyone’s membership expires end of year; all will need to renew in January.  
    • Spare change can be donated anytime to the 34th’s ongoing Change Makes $ense fundraiser:

    Acknowledgment of Election work

    • Carla Rogers acknowledged PCOs and other volunteers who door-knocked, phone and text banked, as well as donors to our local candidates.  
    • Caucus/Elections Chair Colleen Hinton thanked all who came out to canvas in Burien in particular, and spoke of her experiences while door knocking in Burien.  
    • PCO Chair Nick Bonazza reported that our 20 Burien PCOs together with other 34th PCOs and volunteers, covered 24 (out of 34) precincts and about 3500 doors.  Voter turnout in the 34th was 52.37%, significantly higher than King County (43.96%).  The role of PCOs is crucial to helping Dems get elected – Nick asks all 34th members to consider becoming a PCO, or ask friends and family.

    Upcoming Seattle School levies

    • Jake Ewart from Schools First, which works to inform and advocate for levy funding to support Seattle Public Schools, presented information about the upcoming school levies which will be on a special ballot in January and February.  Please spread the word about the importance of these levies, please endorse them, and most importantly, please vote for them!  
    • Rachel Glass motioned to endorse both levies; Ann Martin seconded.  No speakers against.  Approved by voice vote.
    • Ann Martin asks if we can make a donation to help pass the levies.  Carla Rogers and Julie Whittaker responded that they will need to look at the budget and see if we can donate in January, as we have used all our donation budget for 2021.  


    • Pop-up Social Opportunities:  Carla has been meeting 1:1 with Board Members to review 34th activities and progress in 2021 – one idea that came up (thank you, Leah Griffin!) was to have more spontaneous social activities.  Carla initiated the first of these this past Friday following Election Day, to debrief the election results – at Beer Star in White Center – and 20 people came at short notice.  Look out for, and join, more of these in the future!
    • We will have an election for a State Party Representative (WA State Dems) (female/non-binary) in January, to replace the rep who recently retired (Janine Anzalota).  If interested in being a candidate, contact Carla.  
    • We also have two opportunities due to two resignations on the 34th Executive Board: 2nd Vice Chair, and Platform/Legislative Action Committee Chair (this role drives the membership policy caucuses).  
    • The Awards Nominations Committee is also looking for new members – Ann Martin is leading that committee and additional members are requested.  
    • Please nominate members for our Annual Awards!  Nominations due by December 15.  Criteria and past recipients can be viewed here.
    • Holiday Service Project:  this was an idea put forward by our newest Board member, Aaron Garcia, instead of the canceled 34th Holiday Party.  We have chosen Camp Second Chance, one of ten city-sanctioned homeless encampments run by its residents.  We will provide a meal along with some needed items on Sunday, December 12.  Please sign up to contribute to this effort in one of three ways: buy and cook food, donate items, or donate dollars.  Sign up here.
    • Next Executive Board Meeting will be Wednesday, November 17 at 7PM.  Open to anyone, contact Carla Rogers to request the Zoom link to attend.
    • Next General Membership meeting will be Wednesday, January 12, 6PM.  
    • New Year Pop Up Social to be announced. 

    Pre-Legislative Session Town Hall

    Our 34th LD Representatives Joe Fitzgibbon and Eileen Cody, and State Senator Joe Nguyen presented on achievements from the 2021 session and what they hope to accomplish in the 2022 session, which will be a short session, probably again conducted via Zoom, creating an additional time crunch to pass much needed bills.  Questions were taken from members in attendance.  Contact legislators directly for additional questions:;;


    Resolution to Consider
    Bunny Hatcher introduced a Resolution on Recovery of Endangered Salmon, Steelhead and Southern Resident Orcas, brought to us by Annie Phillips, Co-Chair of our Energy, Environment and Land Use Caucus.  The Board recommends that this be passed by the members.  Resolution proposes removal of the four lower Snake River Dams for environmental reasons, an action strongly supported by Northwest Tribes.  Annie Phillips spoke for the resolution.  No speakers against.  Ann Martin motioned that we adopt the resolution, seconded by Annie Phillips.  Resolution was adopted by voice vote.


    Redistricting Status

    • Congressional Redistricting: most maps have Burien going to the 9th or 10th district; 2 maps have White Center going to the 9th
    • Legislative Redistricting: the four Commissioners (2 R, 2 D) will submit their final agreed-upon map on Nov. 15;  Complete redistricting plans will go to County Auditors by Dec 31.  Check out the details at
    • King County Districting: the 34th is currently split into two districts, District 8 (Joe McDermott) and District 5 (Dave Upthegrove).  Elizabeth Heath encouraged members to weigh in with comments – there are significant changes being proposed to District 8 in particular and we have real chance to impact the decision.  Go to

    Good of the Order

      • Carla reminds everyone to sign up for our Holiday Service Project Dec. 12
    • Rachel Glass relays news of the sudden death of former 34th member Robert Fuentes, who died Oct 22 from a heart attack – there will be an article in our December newsletter.  Join with Rachel in mourning the loss of a really great Democrat, strong Union member, and advocate of working people.  

    Meeting Adjourned 8:53 pm by Carla Rogers.  Happy Thanksgiving!


    October 13, 2021 General Membership Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
    October 13, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Special Program 

    6:50 – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair  

    Opening Ceremonies

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes 

    • Agenda: Ann Martin motioned to approve as amended; Chris Porter seconded. Approved with voice vote. 
    • Minutes: Ann Martin motioned to approve; Rachel Glass seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

    Budget and Membership Reports

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget, this month’s balance is slightly lower due to expected expenses on sample ballots and canvassing expenses.    
    • Membership is now at 553.   
    • Change Makes $ense!:  

    Announcements & Mark Your Calendar & Opportunities to Participate 

    • Participate on the Awards Committee
    • Bylaws/Endorsement Rules Committee
    • Sign Up to Canvas! Sign up for GOTV!     
    • Return to In-Person Meetings Still Uncertain
    • Resignations/Opportunities on the Exec Board:
      • 2nd Vice Chair
      • Platform/Legislative Action Committee Chair
      • State Party Rep (non-binary or female)
    • Monthly eBoard Meeting is Wednesday, Oct 20 at 6:30pm, register  
    • Next Member Meeting – Wednesday, Nov 10, 6:00pm
      • Environmental Program – more info soon!

    Nick Bonazza presenting PCO Appointments and Overview of GOTV Activities 

    • Nancy Kick – Burien 1059
    • Sam Mendez – Burien 1057 (won Hugo Garcia’s Sounder’s Game raffle for volunteers) 
    • Ann Martin motioned to appoint; Chris Porter seconded.  Approved by voice vote. 
    • Burien sample ballots printed this year for GOTV campaigns
    • Canvassing is happening every Saturday until the election 
      • Meet at Burien Press Coffee Shop 10am Saturdays and canvas with the candidates! 
      • New canvassers will be partnered with experienced canvassers to show them how it all works

    Candidate Spotlight 

    • Vivian Song Maritz – Seattle School Board Dir 4; daughter of immigrants, first women in her family to graduate from college, and is working to ensure the opportunities she had continue to the next generation  
    • Laura Marie Rivera – Seattle School Board Dir 4; parent and educator, not a politician, only candidate in her race that has been an educator, and has taught at many levels 
    • Michelle Sarju – Seattle School Board Dir 5 (not present) 

    Stephan Thomas presented “Prosecutors: The Most Powerful Elected Official That You’ve Never Held Accountable”

    • Formerly a prosecutor himself, with a varied and international family background, from Chicago, saw the “War on Drugs” growing up 
    • Prosecutors have a lot of discretion in carrying out their roles and majority are white men, lack diversity 
    • Democrats need to come together and address who is holding this power in our communities 
    • System is focused on punishment, not on mental illness, root cause problems, racism, etc. 
    • Learn more:

    Final Campaign Contributions 

    • Budgeted Campaign Contribution Balance = $500
      • Executive Board Recommended $100 each to: 
        • Brandon Hersey
        • Hugo Garcia – Burien City Council, position 1
        • Sarah Moore – Burien City Council, position 5
        • Krystal Marx – Burien City Council, position 7
        • Highline Schools Levy
      • Chris Porter motioned to disperse the funds as presented; Ann Martin seconded.  Chris Porter spoke for the motion.  Voice vote approval.  

    Redistricting Status 

    • Thanks to the members who testified in person and those who wrote in testimony 
    • 4 Commissioners have submitted LD and CD Maps: 
      • Sims: gain SODO, part of Georgetown, lose S. Burien/Lake Burien
      • Graves: northern WS goes to the 43rd, gain South Park, eastern Burien, Renton
      • Walkinshaw: Vashon to the 26th, lose southern Burien, gain South Park/Georgetown, Pioneer Square
      • Fain: Gain Pioneer Sq, lower First Hill, South Park and Boeing, lose most of Burien
    • Bunny Hatcher presented on 34th District efforts, including 8 people presenting testimony
    • The final maps will take affect in January 

    Executive Board Election 

    • Rachel Glass motioned and Nick Bonazza seconded to nominate Aaron Garcia as KCDCC Alternate Representative.  Rachel spoke in favor of Aaron’s nomination.  Voice vote in favor. 

    Good of the Order 

    Adjourned at 9:04 by Carla Rogers, Chair 

    Monthly Meeting

    09-8-21 General Membership Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
    September 8, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Special Program 

    Jen Nye ( of Whole Washington ( presented on Universal Healthcare and the organization is working to get it on the Washington state ballot.

    7:00 pm – Call to Order by Vice Chair Rachel Glass 

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass. 
    • Statement regarding Texas recent legislation surrounding abortion. 
    • Statement regarding September 11th twenty year anniversary.  
    • Special Guests and Elected Officials are invited to speak:
      • Kate Baumgartner,  Senator Murray’s political director.  Busy month in D.C. and Washington State, including Infrastructure Package, new funding for clean energy, salmon recovery, wildfire funding, and many other areas where the Senator continues to work.   
      • Seattle City Council Member Teresa Mosqueda, fighting for progressive revenue, and supporting families during Covid.  
      • King County Executive Dow Constantine, met with Senator Murry last week re: infrastructure bill, electrifying entire Metro Bus system, working on the right way to verify vaccines in public venues and gatherings to stay safe, working to re-house Afghan refugees as well as local homeless populations.  
      • King County Conservation Supervisor Chris Porter gave a reminder to leave grass clippings to support our pollinators.  
      • School Board Position 6, Leslie Harris, reminder to slow down in school zones, SPS Mtgs. Weds eves. Tele: 206.475.1000. 
    • Speak Up Survey Question:   
    • Zoom Tips and Protocols

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda (same for agenda and minutes) 

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Bunny Hatcher seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

    Approval of August Minutes

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Bunny Hatcher seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

    Announcements and Mark Your Calendar 

    • Picnic on 9/18 CANCELLED due to Covid-19
    • Congratulations to Joe Fitzgibbon for receiving Legislator of the Year
    • KCDCC Alternate election postponed to 10/11 meeting; Aaron Garcia is running. 
    • Oct. 13 Pre-Meeting Program: Homelessness Focus and Criminal Justice speaker

    Budget and Membership Report

    Endorsement Voting

    • Seattle School Board District 7: Leslie Harris endorsed Brandon Kyle Hersey; Steve Butts seconded.  Leslie Harris spoke on his behalf, and ceded the rest of her time to the candidate who spoke on his behalf.  Verbal approval, no opposition.  Brandon received the 34th’s endorsement. 
    • Highline Education Levy Renewal: Leah Griffin moved and Ann Martin seconded to endorse the Levy. Leah Griffin spoke in favor of the measure. No speaker in opposition.  Verbal approval, no opposition, endorsement passed. 


    • Whole Health Washington Resolution 
        • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and motioned to support AND send to local media and local representatives; Richard Bartlett seconded. Jen Nye spoke in favor. No speakers against the resolution. 
    • The resolution passed by voice vote of acclamation.
    • Resolution in Support of a SELECT COMMITTEE FOR CLIMATE in the Seattle City Council
      • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and moved to support. Kathy Minch seconded. Bunny ceded her time to Annie Phillips who spoke for the resolution.  No speakers against the motion. 
      • Resolution   
      • The resolution passed by acclamation voice vote.

    PCO Update by Nick Bonazza

    • Remind everyone to vote!  Help GOTV! Burien democratic seats need our help in staying democratic. 
    • Walk pieces are in production & Canvassing activities planned.  

    During-Meeting Special Program 


    Good of the Order 

    • If you happen to know young adults ages 23-26 that were in foster care as teens, they may be eligible for $1,000 in federal pandemic relief for basic needs, education, employment and much more.. The deadline to apply is 9/24. 
    • Chris Porter is working on anti-racist language and process around endorsements and will have more information coming soon. 
    • Contact for a yard sign supporting Hugo. His opponent won the primary and had signs EVERYWHERE. 

    Adjourned at   9:07 by Vice Chair Rachel Glass 

    Monthly Meeting

    08-11-21 Membership Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Membership Meeting Minutes
    August 11, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    7:00 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass. 
    • Elected Officials are invited to speak:
      • Krystal Marx, Burien Vice Mayor
      • Chris Porter, King Conservation District Supervisor
      • Joe McDermott, King County Councilperson
      • Eileen Cody, State Representative
      • Joe Fitzgibbon, State Representative
      • Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Councilperson
    • Speak Up Survey Question:  Speak Up Survey –
    • Zoom Tips and Protocols.

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda

    • Jordan Crawley moved to amend to reconsider endorsements for Seattle City Council Position 9 and Seattle Mayor; seconded by Sarah Koch. Jordan spoke to his amendment. Motion passed with voice vote without objection.
    • Ann Martin moved to endorse amended agenda; Chris Porter seconded. Agenda is approved with voice vote.

    Approval of May Minutes

    • Voted to approve the minutes, Zoom approval vote, no opposition. 

    Budget and Membership Report

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget and this month finances.  Membership and Change Makes $ense donations added $900, Primary expenses were $6,100 leaving a month-end balance of nearly 36k.  
    • Membership is now at 551.

    Endorsement Rules and Voting Process

    • Candidates must be a declared Democrat.
    • 34th Voting Member by deadlines:
      • July 11 for new members, and
      • August 10 for renewing members
    • 34th voting members must reside in the district.
    • We have validated our member list and our tally team will be using that to validate all the votes this evening.
    • Alternative Voting Method, only for those having issues with the Zoom tool, or those with multiple eligible voters and only one device: text votes to 206-200-6526 (include email address and name with vote).
    • Chair Rogers reminded attendees about our cultural rules of order and to make this a good night. 


    • Seattle Mayor
      • James Williamson endorsed Bruce Harrell; Carolyn Ladd seconded. James spoke in favor.
      • Joe Fitzgibbon endorsed Lorena Gonzalez; Lisa Herbold seconded. Joe spoke in favor and ceded time to the candidate.
    • Lorena Gonzalez received the endorsement vote.
    • Highline School Board Position 2
      • Nancy Kick endorsed Jennifer Fichamba; Krystal Marx seconded. Nancy spoke for and ceded partial time to the candidate.
    • Jennifer Fichamba received the endorsement vote via “raised hand” in Zoom.
    • Seattle Charter Amendment 29 (Compassion Seattle)
        • A pre-meeting program featured former Seattle Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, who advocated for the city amendment. Tye Reed, from the opposing group House Our Neighbors, provided counterpoints against.
        • Julie Whitaker moved to endorse; Eileen Cody seconded. Julie spoke in favor. Roxanne Thayer spoke against and ceded some of her time to Krystal Marx.
    • A Reject Charter Amendment 29 position received the vote.
    • Seattle City Council Position 9
        • Jordan Crawley endorsed Sara Nelson; Chris Jensen seconded. Jordan spoke for and ceded time to the candidate. Elena Perez spoke against. Carolyn Ladd spoke in favor and ceded time to the candidate. Chris Porter spoke against.
    • A No Endorsement for City Council Position 9 received the vote.
    • Seattle City Attorney
        • Leah Griffin endorsed Nicole Thomas-Kennedy; Krystal Marx seconded. Leah spoke in favor. James Williamson spoke against. Roxanne Thayer spoke in favor and ceded time to Leah Griffin.
    • Nicole Thomas-Kennedy received the endorsement vote.

    Brandon Hersey spoke to his campaign for Seattle School Board Director for District 7

    Chair’s Remarks

    • Hospitality volunteers needed to help with the Reunion Picnic and other in-person future events.
    • KCDCC Alternate election was postponed to the September meeting.
    • A program on redistricting will be held August 17 at 7pm on Zoom.
    • The Reunion Picnic will be September 18 at 4pm until sunset.
    • Monthly executive board meeting was moved to August 25 at 6:30pm.
    • The next member meeting will be September 8 at 7pm.
      • A pre-meeting mini program will feature the Whole WA plan for universal healthcare at 6pm.
    • There will be a White Center Benefit Block Party on August 29 at 12 to 5pm. Proceeds go to assist businesses hurt in the Downtown White Center fire earlier this summer.
    • Burien City Council campaign issues and challenges for our slate of endorsees for the November Election. 

    Budget Updates

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker presented updates to the budget due to a previously planned review. Julie moved to approve; Chris Porter seconded.
    • A Revised Budget was passed by voice vote.

    Candidate Donations

      • Chris Porter moved that we evenly split $600 originally budgeted for the Seattle Council Pos. 9 race and give $150 to each of the four Burien City Council candidates. Ann Martin seconded. 
      • Norman Sigler moved that we give $150 to Jennifer Fichamba for her High School Board race. Chris Porter seconded.
    • Both donation motions were passed by voice vote.


    • Resolution in Support of the Protecting the Right to Organize (“PRO”) Act
        • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and moved to support; Ann Martin seconded and spoke in favor.
    • The resolution passed by voice vote.

    • Resolution on Sustainable Mobility
      • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and moved to support. Ann Martin seconded.
      • Resolution maker Annie Phillips moved to amend; seconded by Ann Martin. Annie spoke to the change. Elena Perez spoke against. The amendment was passed by voice vote.
      • The amended resolution passed by voice vote.

    Adjourned at 9:40 by Chair Rogers.