2022 Delegate Caucus Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      Minutes from the 34th Legislative District Democratic Caucus

      March 26, 2022

      The caucus was called to order at 10am.

      Chair Carla Rogers greeted the participants and thanked Caucus and Elections Committee Chair Colleen Hinton, Vice Chair Rachel Glass, and member Ann Martin for their help on caucus planning.

      Rachel Glass gave the Land Acknowledgement and read the Welcome Message from State Party Chair Tina Podlodowski. 

      Chair Rogers appointed persons to fill caucus roles:

      • Steve Butts as Secretary
      • Elizabeth Heath as Parliamentarian
      • Ann Martin as Caucus Credentials and Rules Chair
      • Leah Griffin as Tally Chair.

      Chair Rogers then stated the purpose of the caucus.

      Elected officials spoke:

      • State Sen. Joe Nguyen
      • State Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon
      • Burien City Councilmember Sarah Moore
      • County Councilmember Joe McDermott

      Chris Porter and Roxanne Thayer, 34th’s State Party Committeepersons, also spoke.

      Ann Martin gave the Credentials Report:

      • 169 members of the 34th were eligible to be caucus voters.
      • Of those members, 39 people registered and were credentialed to vote.
      • 35 individuals registered and were eligible to be candidates for delegate.
      • 33 persons were present at the time of the report, and it was determined that the quorum was met.

      The Credentials Report was adopted without objection.

      Ann Martin presented the Caucus Rules as approved by the Board and Membership of the 34th District Democrats at the March 9, 2022, meeting. Ann moved for adoption of the Rules, seconded by Bunny Hatcher. The Rules were approved unanimously.

      Chair Rogers explained the voting rules to select 32 Delegates and 16 Alternates to the Washington State Convention. Vice Chair Glass reviewed the affirmative action goals laid out by the state party and the results of the district’s candidate recruitment effort.

      Delegate aspirants were given the opportunity to speak to their candidacy.

      Chair Rogers read the rules for voting. She noted of particular importance that to avoid a spoiled ballot, the balance between Male/Female votes must not differ by more than one, while any number of Gender Non-Binary could be chosen. Voters would be given a chance to correct their ballot should they make an error. A link to the online ballot was placed in the Zoom Chat section and would also be sent to voters via email. Ballots were to be submitted no later than 5pm. The results were to be announced via email the evening of March 27.

      Chair Rogers will be contacting Delegates after the election to coordinate the times for two meetings prior to the State Convention to answer questions and pick our representatives to the Convention Committees. Our delegation can submit up to 32 amendments to the State Platform and submit up to two resolutions to the Convention. Delegates can attend the Convention, which will be June 25th, either in person or virtually.

      An opportunity was given to speak at Good of the Order.

      The caucus adjourned at 11:30.