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    Your voluntary contributions help keep the 34th District Democrats strong. We nurture great candidates and campaigns with contributions and other forms of support, and work to support progressive policies here in the 34th District and beyond.

    Running an organization like the 34th takes thousands of volunteer hours and tens of thousands of dollars. The suggested donation is $15 per month (recurring monthly donation) or $180. Please consider giving at that level, or higher if you’re able, though any amount helps and nobody is turned away from the 34th for inability to pay. A request to become a member of the 34th is honored regardless of the level of contribution, or lack thereof.

    NOTE that you may use the donation buttons below to make a one time donation at any time. This page is not only for memberships.

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    We enlisted a wonderful local artist Sarah Robbins – to illustrate a compelling message and design for t-shirts. They turned out beautifully – wear them with great pride!

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    Please note that membership is only Jan 1 – Dec 31 of any given year. There is not a concept of rolling over your membership or recurring donation beyond the December 31st date. You will have to renew your membership each January regardless of your recurring donation. Renewal is required each year due to Public Disclosure Commission Rules. Likewise, all recurring donations will end in December of each year.

    Membership: One-Time suggested donation
    per member = $180*

    Membership: Monthly suggested donation
    per member = $15 per month

    One-Time Donation of any amount, at any time

    *Again, any amount is accepted and you will be a full voting member regardless of the amount of your donation.