Resolution in Support of 2022 Climate Bills

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      Adopted by the membership on February 9, 2022 at the monthly membership meeting.

      Resolution in Support of Climate Bills Pending in the 2022 Washington State Legislature

      Whereas, our planet is warming faster than science projected even 10 years ago; and

      Whereas, climate change worsens and increases the frequency of freak storms and heat domes, wildfires and droughts, floods and fierce hurricanes around the world; and

      Whereas, Washington State is becoming a leader with legislation to control and mitigate these effects by reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and

      Whereas, fossil fuel energy used in buildings for heating and cooling, water heating and cooking is the fastest-growing contributor to greenhouse gases in this state; and

      Whereas, our laws need to be strengthened and timelines shortened to achieve a faster reduction in Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s) to meet this state’s net zero target by 2050; and

      Whereas, landfills are a top source of methane emissions, releasing 12 percent of the world’s total – equivalent to 800 million tons of carbon dioxide and methane has up to 34 times the greenhouse gas effect as carbon dioxide*; and

      Whereas, the following climate bills have been proposed to strengthen this state’s response to the climate crisis:

      • SB 5666 / HB 1767 – Allowing public electric utilities to reach out to customers and offer incentives to convert from fossil fuel to electric
      • SB 5722 / HB 1774 – Reducing GHGs in smaller existing commercial and multi-family buildings
      • SB 5669 / HB 1770 – Allowing cities to establish their own “reach code” – a stricter building energy code than the code established by the State
      • SB 5731 / HB 1799 – Reducing methane emissions from landfills through better management of organic materials 
      • HB 1619 – Concerning appliance efficiency standards

      Now therefore be it resolved that the 34th District Democratic Organization supports all the climate bills still pending as of February 9, 2022, including but not limited to those related to building standards and methane as described above.

      Be it further resolved that this resolution be sent to Governor Inslee, our legislative delegation and the committees considering the listed bills.

      Submitted by Randy Litzenberger and Annie Phillips, Environmental Energy and Land Use caucus of the 34th Legislative District Democrats

      “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming” edited by Paul Hawken in 2017