09-8-21 General Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
      September 8, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      Pre-Meeting Special Program 

      Jen Nye (jen@wholewashington.org) of Whole Washington (https://wholewashington.org/) presented on Universal Healthcare and the organization is working to get it on the Washington state ballot.

      7:00 pm – Call to Order by Vice Chair Rachel Glass 

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass. 
      • Statement regarding Texas recent legislation surrounding abortion. 
      • Statement regarding September 11th twenty year anniversary.  
      • Special Guests and Elected Officials are invited to speak:
        • Kate Baumgartner, kate@pattymurray.com  Senator Murray’s political director.  Busy month in D.C. and Washington State, including Infrastructure Package, new funding for clean energy, salmon recovery, wildfire funding, and many other areas where the Senator continues to work.   
        • Seattle City Council Member Teresa Mosqueda, fighting for progressive revenue, and supporting families during Covid.  
        • King County Executive Dow Constantine, met with Senator Murry last week re: infrastructure bill, electrifying entire Metro Bus system, working on the right way to verify vaccines in public venues and gatherings to stay safe, working to re-house Afghan refugees as well as local homeless populations.  
        • King County Conservation Supervisor Chris Porter gave a reminder to leave grass clippings to support our pollinators.  
        • School Board Position 6, Leslie Harris, reminder to slow down in school zones, SPS Mtgs. Weds eves.   Leslie.harris@seattleschools.org Tele: 206.475.1000. 
      • Speak Up Survey Question:  https://bit.ly/Sept2021-Survey 
      • Zoom Tips and Protocols

      Approval of Tonight’s Agenda (same for agenda and minutes) 

      • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Bunny Hatcher seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

      Approval of August Minutes

      • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Bunny Hatcher seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

      Announcements and Mark Your Calendar 

      • Picnic on 9/18 CANCELLED due to Covid-19
      • Congratulations to Joe Fitzgibbon for receiving Legislator of the Year
      • KCDCC Alternate election postponed to 10/11 meeting; Aaron Garcia is running. 
      • Oct. 13 Pre-Meeting Program: Homelessness Focus and Criminal Justice speaker

      Budget and Membership Report

      Endorsement Voting

      • Seattle School Board District 7: Leslie Harris endorsed Brandon Kyle Hersey; Steve Butts seconded.  Leslie Harris spoke on his behalf, and ceded the rest of her time to the candidate who spoke on his behalf.  Verbal approval, no opposition.  Brandon received the 34th’s endorsement. 
      • Highline Education Levy Renewal: Leah Griffin moved and Ann Martin seconded to endorse the Levy. Leah Griffin spoke in favor of the measure. No speaker in opposition.  Verbal approval, no opposition, endorsement passed. 


      • Whole Health Washington Resolution 
          • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and motioned to support AND send to local media and local representatives; Richard Bartlett seconded. Jen Nye spoke in favor. No speakers against the resolution. 
      • The resolution passed by voice vote of acclamation.
      • Resolution in Support of a SELECT COMMITTEE FOR CLIMATE in the Seattle City Council
        • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and moved to support. Kathy Minch seconded. Bunny ceded her time to Annie Phillips who spoke for the resolution.  No speakers against the motion. 
        • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HXtKLfrpcA7vaE2JaCnkX7wjX_U6bMBK/edit Resolution   
        • The resolution passed by acclamation voice vote.

      PCO Update by Nick Bonazza

      • Remind everyone to vote!  Help GOTV! Burien democratic seats need our help in staying democratic. 
      • Walk pieces are in production & Canvassing activities planned.  

      During-Meeting Special Program 


      Good of the Order 

      • If you happen to know young adults ages 23-26 that were in foster care as teens, they may be eligible for $1,000 in federal pandemic relief for basic needs, education, employment and much more.. The deadline to apply is 9/24. https://www.treehouseforkids.org/pandemic-aid/ 
      • Chris Porter is working on anti-racist language and process around endorsements and will have more information coming soon. 
      • Contact Annie@soundviewcottage.com for a yard sign supporting Hugo. His opponent won the primary and had signs EVERYWHERE. 

      Adjourned at   9:07 by Vice Chair Rachel Glass