Resolution in Support of the Protecting the Right to Organize (“PRO”) Act

      1024 1024 34th Democrats

      Adopted by the membership at the August 11th, 2021 membership meeting.

      Whereas history shows that increased unionization has the power to dramatically decrease economic inequality and build broadly shared prosperity; and

      Whereas making the economy work for working people will restore faith in our economy and our democracy; and

      Whereas union contracts are the single best tool for closing racial and gender pay gaps while ensuring fair and dignified treatment of workers and protecting against discrimination in employment or the workplace; and

      Whereas the last significant federal labor legislation was the National Labor Relations Act (“Wagner Act”) of 1935, which has been weakened over time by Congress, by courts, and by legislation in many states; and

      Whereas the Protecting the Right to Organize (“PRO”) Act, which has passed the U.S. House of Representatives and attracted 47 co-sponsors in the Senate, would – among other needed reforms – override states’ so-called “right-to-work laws, end the ban on secondary boycotts, implement card check, ban captive-audience meetings, enable independent contractors to organize collectively, and impose monetary penalties on companies and executives that violate workers’ rights – thus contributing significantly to a leveling of the playing field between workers who want to form a union and employers who’ve been exploiting weaknesses in the current law by intimidating and interfering with workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively;

      Therefore, be it resolved that we thank Senators Murray and Cantwell for co-sponsoring the PRO Act, and encourage them to continue their efforts to rally support from 60 or more Democratic, Republican and Independent Senators in order to prevent a filibuster from being used to block its passage; and

      Be it further resolved that we will vocally support the PRO Act and encourage our members to publicize our support via electronic means, at meetings, in “Letters to the Editor,” on social media, and in their precincts, neighborhoods, and communities; and

      Be it further resolved that we will send copies of this resolution to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee, MLK Labor, the Washington State Labor Council, and the Washington State AFL-CIO. 

       Submitted by Ann Martin, member of the Resolutions & Endorsements Committee. Authored by Brent McFarland and Thom Garrard from the 32nd Legislative District Democrats.