11-10-21 Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      34th Dems Nov Membership Meeting Minutes

      November 10, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      Pre-Meeting Mini-program, 6:30pm 

      • Randy Litzenberger – 34th Dems Energy, Environment & Land Use Caucus Co-Chair, presented “Climate Policy 101”
      • Randy’s slides can be found on 34dems.org Programs Hub page
      • Randy can be contacted at litzenbergerrandy@gmail.com for any questions

      7:16pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair


      Carla congratulated winners of the General Election, thanked all who stepped up to help with getting out the vote in the 34th.  Next year there will be a Coordinated Campaign for the congressional mid-term elections, and 34th members will be called upon once again.  

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Land Acknowledgement – 1st Vice Chair, Rachel Glass
      • VIP recognitions – Chair Carla Rogers invited elected officials in attendance to say a few words
      • Speak Up Survey: What 34th Dems Activities/Programs did you value most?  https://bit.ly/11-21-SpeakUpSurvey 
      • Zoom tips

      Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes

      Agenda: Aaron Garcia motioned to approve, Leah Griffin seconded.  Approved by voice vote.

      Minutes: Sarah Koch motioned to approve, Ann Martin seconded.   Approved by voice vote.


      Budget and Membership Reports

      • Treasurer Julie Whittaker reported on our budget.  There were further expenses in October on candidate donations, PCO walk pieces, and canvass expenses. Budget report is emailed to all members the Sunday prior to the membership meeting.
      • Membership total this month is 553.
      • Everyone’s membership expires end of year; all will need to renew in January.  
      • Spare change can be donated anytime to the 34th’s ongoing Change Makes $ense fundraiser: https://bit.ly/change-makes-sense

      Acknowledgment of Election work

      • Carla Rogers acknowledged PCOs and other volunteers who door-knocked, phone and text banked, as well as donors to our local candidates.  
      • Caucus/Elections Chair Colleen Hinton thanked all who came out to canvas in Burien in particular, and spoke of her experiences while door knocking in Burien.  
      • PCO Chair Nick Bonazza reported that our 20 Burien PCOs together with other 34th PCOs and volunteers, covered 24 (out of 34) precincts and about 3500 doors.  Voter turnout in the 34th was 52.37%, significantly higher than King County (43.96%).  The role of PCOs is crucial to helping Dems get elected – Nick asks all 34th members to consider becoming a PCO, or ask friends and family.

      Upcoming Seattle School levies

      • Jake Ewart from Schools First, which works to inform and advocate for levy funding to support Seattle Public Schools, presented information about the upcoming school levies which will be on a special ballot in January and February.  Please spread the word about the importance of these levies, please endorse them, and most importantly, please vote for them!  
      • Rachel Glass motioned to endorse both levies; Ann Martin seconded.  No speakers against.  Approved by voice vote.
      • Ann Martin asks if we can make a donation to help pass the levies.  Carla Rogers and Julie Whittaker responded that they will need to look at the budget and see if we can donate in January, as we have used all our donation budget for 2021.  


      • Pop-up Social Opportunities:  Carla has been meeting 1:1 with Board Members to review 34th activities and progress in 2021 – one idea that came up (thank you, Leah Griffin!) was to have more spontaneous social activities.  Carla initiated the first of these this past Friday following Election Day, to debrief the election results – at Beer Star in White Center – and 20 people came at short notice.  Look out for, and join, more of these in the future!
      • We will have an election for a State Party Representative (WA State Dems) (female/non-binary) in January, to replace the rep who recently retired (Janine Anzalota).  If interested in being a candidate, contact Carla.  
      • We also have two opportunities due to two resignations on the 34th Executive Board: 2nd Vice Chair, and Platform/Legislative Action Committee Chair (this role drives the membership policy caucuses).  
      • The Awards Nominations Committee is also looking for new members – Ann Martin is leading that committee and additional members are requested.  
      • Please nominate members for our Annual Awards!  Nominations due by December 15.  Criteria and past recipients can be viewed here.
      • Holiday Service Project:  this was an idea put forward by our newest Board member, Aaron Garcia, instead of the canceled 34th Holiday Party.  We have chosen Camp Second Chance, one of ten city-sanctioned homeless encampments run by its residents.  We will provide a meal along with some needed items on Sunday, December 12.  Please sign up to contribute to this effort in one of three ways: buy and cook food, donate items, or donate dollars.  Sign up here.
      • Next Executive Board Meeting will be Wednesday, November 17 at 7PM.  Open to anyone, contact Carla Rogers to request the Zoom link to attend.
      • Next General Membership meeting will be Wednesday, January 12, 6PM.  
      • New Year Pop Up Social to be announced. 

      Pre-Legislative Session Town Hall

      Our 34th LD Representatives Joe Fitzgibbon and Eileen Cody, and State Senator Joe Nguyen presented on achievements from the 2021 session and what they hope to accomplish in the 2022 session, which will be a short session, probably again conducted via Zoom, creating an additional time crunch to pass much needed bills.  Questions were taken from members in attendance.  Contact legislators directly for additional questions:  Joe.fitzgibbon@leg.wa.gov; Eileen.cody@leg.wa.gov; Joe.Nguyen@leg.wa.gov.


      Resolution to Consider
      Bunny Hatcher introduced a Resolution on Recovery of Endangered Salmon, Steelhead and Southern Resident Orcas, brought to us by Annie Phillips, Co-Chair of our Energy, Environment and Land Use Caucus.  The Board recommends that this be passed by the members.  Resolution proposes removal of the four lower Snake River Dams for environmental reasons, an action strongly supported by Northwest Tribes.  Annie Phillips spoke for the resolution.  No speakers against.  Ann Martin motioned that we adopt the resolution, seconded by Annie Phillips.  Resolution was adopted by voice vote.


      Redistricting Status

      • Congressional Redistricting: most maps have Burien going to the 9th or 10th district; 2 maps have White Center going to the 9thhttps://www.redistricting.wa.gov
      • Legislative Redistricting: the four Commissioners (2 R, 2 D) will submit their final agreed-upon map on Nov. 15;  Complete redistricting plans will go to County Auditors by Dec 31.  Check out the details at https://bit.ly/34-redistricting
      • King County Districting: the 34th is currently split into two districts, District 8 (Joe McDermott) and District 5 (Dave Upthegrove).  Elizabeth Heath encouraged members to weigh in with comments – there are significant changes being proposed to District 8 in particular and we have real chance to impact the decision.  Go to https://www.kingcounty.gov/independent/districting.aspx

      Good of the Order

        • Carla reminds everyone to sign up for our Holiday Service Project Dec. 12
      • Rachel Glass relays news of the sudden death of former 34th member Robert Fuentes, who died Oct 22 from a heart attack – there will be an article in our December newsletter.  Join with Rachel in mourning the loss of a really great Democrat, strong Union member, and advocate of working people.  

      Meeting Adjourned 8:53 pm by Carla Rogers.  Happy Thanksgiving!