08-11-21 Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      Membership Meeting Minutes
      August 11, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      7:00 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass. 
      • Elected Officials are invited to speak:
        • Krystal Marx, Burien Vice Mayor
        • Chris Porter, King Conservation District Supervisor
        • Joe McDermott, King County Councilperson
        • Eileen Cody, State Representative
        • Joe Fitzgibbon, State Representative
        • Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Councilperson
      • Speak Up Survey Question:  Speak Up Survey – https://bit.ly/August-2021-Speak-Up-Survey
      • Zoom Tips and Protocols.

      Approval of Tonight’s Agenda

      • Jordan Crawley moved to amend to reconsider endorsements for Seattle City Council Position 9 and Seattle Mayor; seconded by Sarah Koch. Jordan spoke to his amendment. Motion passed with voice vote without objection.
      • Ann Martin moved to endorse amended agenda; Chris Porter seconded. Agenda is approved with voice vote.

      Approval of May Minutes

      • Voted to approve the minutes, Zoom approval vote, no opposition. 

      Budget and Membership Report

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget and this month finances.  Membership and Change Makes $ense donations added $900, Primary expenses were $6,100 leaving a month-end balance of nearly 36k.  
      • Membership is now at 551.

      Endorsement Rules and Voting Process

      • Candidates must be a declared Democrat.
      • 34th Voting Member by deadlines:
        • July 11 for new members, and
        • August 10 for renewing members
      • 34th voting members must reside in the district.
      • We have validated our member list and our tally team will be using that to validate all the votes this evening.
      • Alternative Voting Method, only for those having issues with the Zoom tool, or those with multiple eligible voters and only one device: text votes to 206-200-6526 (include email address and name with vote).
      • Chair Rogers reminded attendees about our cultural rules of order and to make this a good night. 


      • Seattle Mayor
        • James Williamson endorsed Bruce Harrell; Carolyn Ladd seconded. James spoke in favor.
        • Joe Fitzgibbon endorsed Lorena Gonzalez; Lisa Herbold seconded. Joe spoke in favor and ceded time to the candidate.
      • Lorena Gonzalez received the endorsement vote.
      • Highline School Board Position 2
        • Nancy Kick endorsed Jennifer Fichamba; Krystal Marx seconded. Nancy spoke for and ceded partial time to the candidate.
      • Jennifer Fichamba received the endorsement vote via “raised hand” in Zoom.
      • Seattle Charter Amendment 29 (Compassion Seattle)
          • A pre-meeting program featured former Seattle Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, who advocated for the city amendment. Tye Reed, from the opposing group House Our Neighbors, provided counterpoints against.
          • Julie Whitaker moved to endorse; Eileen Cody seconded. Julie spoke in favor. Roxanne Thayer spoke against and ceded some of her time to Krystal Marx.
      • A Reject Charter Amendment 29 position received the vote.
      • Seattle City Council Position 9
          • Jordan Crawley endorsed Sara Nelson; Chris Jensen seconded. Jordan spoke for and ceded time to the candidate. Elena Perez spoke against. Carolyn Ladd spoke in favor and ceded time to the candidate. Chris Porter spoke against.
      • A No Endorsement for City Council Position 9 received the vote.
      • Seattle City Attorney
          • Leah Griffin endorsed Nicole Thomas-Kennedy; Krystal Marx seconded. Leah spoke in favor. James Williamson spoke against. Roxanne Thayer spoke in favor and ceded time to Leah Griffin.
      • Nicole Thomas-Kennedy received the endorsement vote.

      Brandon Hersey spoke to his campaign for Seattle School Board Director for District 7

      Chair’s Remarks

      • Hospitality volunteers needed to help with the Reunion Picnic and other in-person future events.
      • KCDCC Alternate election was postponed to the September meeting.
      • A program on redistricting will be held August 17 at 7pm on Zoom.
      • The Reunion Picnic will be September 18 at 4pm until sunset.
      • Monthly executive board meeting was moved to August 25 at 6:30pm.
      • The next member meeting will be September 8 at 7pm.
        • A pre-meeting mini program will feature the Whole WA plan for universal healthcare at 6pm.
      • There will be a White Center Benefit Block Party on August 29 at 12 to 5pm. Proceeds go to assist businesses hurt in the Downtown White Center fire earlier this summer.
      • Burien City Council campaign issues and challenges for our slate of endorsees for the November Election. 

      Budget Updates

        • Treasurer Julie Whitaker presented updates to the budget due to a previously planned review. Julie moved to approve; Chris Porter seconded.
      • A Revised Budget was passed by voice vote.

      Candidate Donations

        • Chris Porter moved that we evenly split $600 originally budgeted for the Seattle Council Pos. 9 race and give $150 to each of the four Burien City Council candidates. Ann Martin seconded. 
        • Norman Sigler moved that we give $150 to Jennifer Fichamba for her High School Board race. Chris Porter seconded.
      • Both donation motions were passed by voice vote.


      • Resolution in Support of the Protecting the Right to Organize (“PRO”) Act
          • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and moved to support; Ann Martin seconded and spoke in favor.
      • The resolution passed by voice vote.


      • Resolution on Sustainable Mobility
        • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and moved to support. Ann Martin seconded.
        • Resolution maker Annie Phillips moved to amend; seconded by Ann Martin. Annie spoke to the change. Elena Perez spoke against. The amendment was passed by voice vote.
        • The amended resolution passed by voice vote.


      Adjourned at 9:40 by Chair Rogers.