October 13, 2021 General Membership Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
      October 13, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      Pre-Meeting Special Program 

      6:50 – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair  

      Opening Ceremonies

      Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes 

      • Agenda: Ann Martin motioned to approve as amended; Chris Porter seconded. Approved with voice vote. 
      • Minutes: Ann Martin motioned to approve; Rachel Glass seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

      Budget and Membership Reports

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget, this month’s balance is slightly lower due to expected expenses on sample ballots and canvassing expenses.    
      • Membership is now at 553.   
      • Change Makes $ense!: https://bit.ly/change-makes-sense 

      Announcements & Mark Your Calendar & Opportunities to Participate 

      • Participate on the Awards Committee
      • Bylaws/Endorsement Rules Committee
      • Sign Up to Canvas! Sign up for GOTV!  https://bit.ly/2021GOTV-34   
      • Return to In-Person Meetings Still Uncertain
      • Resignations/Opportunities on the Exec Board:
        • 2nd Vice Chair
        • Platform/Legislative Action Committee Chair
        • State Party Rep (non-binary or female)
      • Monthly eBoard Meeting is Wednesday, Oct 20 at 6:30pm, register https://bit.ly/Nov-Mtg-Reg-2021 
      • Next Member Meeting – Wednesday, Nov 10, 6:00pm
        • Environmental Program – more info soon!

      Nick Bonazza presenting PCO Appointments and Overview of GOTV Activities 

      • Nancy Kick – Burien 1059
      • Sam Mendez – Burien 1057 (won Hugo Garcia’s Sounder’s Game raffle for volunteers) 
      • Ann Martin motioned to appoint; Chris Porter seconded.  Approved by voice vote. 
      • Burien sample ballots printed this year for GOTV campaigns
      • Canvassing is happening every Saturday until the election 
        • Meet at Burien Press Coffee Shop 10am Saturdays and canvas with the candidates! 
        • New canvassers will be partnered with experienced canvassers to show them how it all works

      Candidate Spotlight 

      • Vivian Song Maritz – Seattle School Board Dir 4; daughter of immigrants, first women in her family to graduate from college, and is working to ensure the opportunities she had continue to the next generation  
      • Laura Marie Rivera – Seattle School Board Dir 4; parent and educator, not a politician, only candidate in her race that has been an educator, and has taught at many levels 
      • Michelle Sarju – Seattle School Board Dir 5 (not present) 

      Stephan Thomas presented “Prosecutors: The Most Powerful Elected Official That You’ve Never Held Accountable”

      • Formerly a prosecutor himself, with a varied and international family background, from Chicago, saw the “War on Drugs” growing up 
      • Prosecutors have a lot of discretion in carrying out their roles and majority are white men, lack diversity 
      • Democrats need to come together and address who is holding this power in our communities 
      • System is focused on punishment, not on mental illness, root cause problems, racism, etc. 
      • Learn more: https://www.patpwa.com/

      Final Campaign Contributions 

      • Budgeted Campaign Contribution Balance = $500
        • Executive Board Recommended $100 each to: 
          • Brandon Hersey
          • Hugo Garcia – Burien City Council, position 1
          • Sarah Moore – Burien City Council, position 5
          • Krystal Marx – Burien City Council, position 7
          • Highline Schools Levy
        • Chris Porter motioned to disperse the funds as presented; Ann Martin seconded.  Chris Porter spoke for the motion.  Voice vote approval.  

      Redistricting Status 

      • Thanks to the members who testified in person and those who wrote in testimony 
      • 4 Commissioners have submitted LD and CD Maps: https://bit.ly/34-redistricting 
        • Sims: gain SODO, part of Georgetown, lose S. Burien/Lake Burien
        • Graves: northern WS goes to the 43rd, gain South Park, eastern Burien, Renton
        • Walkinshaw: Vashon to the 26th, lose southern Burien, gain South Park/Georgetown, Pioneer Square
        • Fain: Gain Pioneer Sq, lower First Hill, South Park and Boeing, lose most of Burien
      • Bunny Hatcher presented on 34th District efforts, including 8 people presenting testimony
      • The final maps will take affect in January 

      Executive Board Election 

      • Rachel Glass motioned and Nick Bonazza seconded to nominate Aaron Garcia as KCDCC Alternate Representative.  Rachel spoke in favor of Aaron’s nomination.  Voice vote in favor. 

      Good of the Order 

      Adjourned at 9:04 by Carla Rogers, Chair