22-03-16 Board Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      March 16, 2022, – In-person meeting held at Youngstown Arts Center

      7:05 pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 


      xCarla RogersxBunny HatcherxKaren Richter, by phone
      xSteven ButtsxColleen HintonxRoxanne Thatcher
      Aaron Garcia, by phonexSarah KochxNick Bonazza
      xRachel GlassChris PorterxGina Topp
      xLeah GriffinxDeena Ledger, by phonexTrey Lykins
      xSoleil Lewis

      Welcome & Reminder of Our Social Contract

      Introduction of New Board Members

      Carla introduced Soleil Lewis, new Social Justice and Equity Chair.  Soleil described her background and current activities.

      Carla introduced David Toledo, 34th member for about 10 years, as a guest to the meeting.  He is interested in filling the 2nd Vice Chair (vacant since Jordan Crawley resigned) and/or Elections & Caucus Chair role (vacated by Colleen Hinton being redistricted to the 33rd) and is here to learn more about being on the Board.  Board members introduced themselves to David.    

      Gina Topp suggested the Board invest in technology so that people attending Board meetings by phone can hear the meeting better.  

      Review of Agenda and Minutes 

      • February’s minutes approved
      • Agenda for tonight approved

      Fundraiser Update

      Gina announced 30 people have signed up – we have a deal on the space and the food and we will be able to cancel if needed.  The goal is 100 tickets sold.  Arthur’s Restaurant on 2311 California Ave. is the venue.  Next planning meeting is March 24 6:0 pm, at the restaurant – please join on Gina’s tab!  Please attend the fundraiser and bring an interested friend – Gina plans to bring a friend who has attended some 34th meetings in the past and Gina wants her to get more involved.  Carla points out that we have not had a fundraiser in 2 years, so we are starting small, easing into in-person events again.  

      We are in good shape financially but it would still be nice to have a really successful fundraiser.  

      Carla stated that the Board is expected to attend events like this.  Gina stated that board members who do not want to attend can volunteer instead (day of event or prior).


      Redistricting process is complete even though there are lawsuits outstanding. We are gaining 5 PCOs and losing 14. We are gaining 23 precincts from Georgetown, Pioneer Square, SODO, High Point. We will do a pop up social in Georgetown in May. 

      2022 Delegate Caucus 

      The Caucus is Saturday and we are prepared with script, attendees and ballots. Immediate action will be needed post-Caucus and Convention planning activities will be going through May. Convention is June 24-26 in Tacoma.

      Bylaws and Endorsement Rule Changes/Updates 

      Each person received a printout of the section of the bylaws – Section VIII onward.  We focused mostly on material changes and debated any changes accordingly. After reviewing all sections, the board agreed to proceed to membership review. Move to approve as amended Leah moved to approve as amended and Rachel seconded. Motion passed with all members in agreement.

      Carla will give notice to membership that we intend to change the bylaws and we will review them at the May meeting. The endorsement rules will become an addendum to the Bylaws. The current rules of endorsement will be used this cycle. 


      Budget committee member needed – does anybody know anyone with some financial skills?

      We are being asked to do early endorsements in April – US Senate and WA SoS, the others will be in June.  

      Good of the Order 

      • Karen Richter has a request on behalf of Puget Sound Association of Retired Activists – this will be a resolution which we will vote on in Slack and take to the membership in April. 
      • Colleen bade farewell to the Board, thanks Carla and Nick in particular for great mentoring and learning.  Hopes to continue to work with the 34th in partner projects with the 33rd.   

      8:45 Adjourned by Carla Rogers, Chair