Monthly Meeting Minutes

    Monthly Meeting

    07-08-20 Virtual General Membership Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    July 8, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck

    Gina shared the rules and process for the endorsements portion of the agenda. Board members and members introduced themselves. 

    7:00pm – Call to Order

    • Opening Ceremonies – Gina began the meeting by acknowledging the land we live on as the home of the First People. Gina also noted that we stand in solidarity with the Duwamish tribe.  Gina discussed the structure of the endorsements meeting. The meeting was recorded. 
    • VIP Acknowledgements
      • Councilmember Joe McDermott addressed the attendees. Charter Amendments are under consideration. A town hall will be held this Monday at noon on Zoom.
      • Senator Joe Nguyen spoke about some of the issues being discussed at the capital. 
      • Representative Cody spoke about the possibility of a special session. Joe Fitzgibbon, Joe Nguyen, Joe McDermott and Rep Cody are working closely on the WS Bridge Task force.
      • Representative Fitzgibbon added that he’s been working hard to get more democrats elected. He has been working on the Unemployment (ESD) situation in the state, which has been overwhelming. 
    • Gina spoke about the 34th Phone Banking initiative and asked folks to sign up for shifts. 
    • Adoption of June Minutes – There was a motion to approve the minutes as submitted. Motion was seconded and the motion passed. Minutes are adopted.
    • Adoption of July Agenda – There was a motion to adopt the agenda as presented. Motion was seconded and the motion passed. Agenda is adopted.  

    7:10pm –  Precinct Committee Officer Appointments

    Nick presented 5 new PCOs for appointment. Votes were tallied and all PCOs were confirmed. 

    • SEA 34-1245  Jessie Culbert Boucher
    • SEA 34-1435  Jordan Crawley
    • SEA 34-1468  Richard O’Neill
    • SEA 34-1489  Kallie Ferguson
    • SEA 34-1246  John Murphy

    7:29pm – We heard from available candidates 

      • Don Rivers spoke as candidate for Governor. He spoke of inclusion and the importance of all people in the state.  
      • Gene Hart spoke as candidate for Governor. His written statement will be shared with the membership.
      • Michelle Jasmer spoke as a candidate for Lt. Governor. She shared her business/finance experience. 
      • Denny Heck spoke as a candidate for Lt. Governor. He discussed his endorsements and vision for governor. 
      • Mike Pellicciotti spoke as a candidate for Treasurer and discussed the importance of the role. He stressed the importance of taking the seat from a Republican who is not showing up in many of the committee meetings and is not using his voice in policy-making and financial oversight areas.  
      • Marko Liias spoke as a candidate for Lt. Governor. Marko wants to deliver bold change.
      • Joshua Casey spoke as candidate for Auditor.  He spoke about his experience and accredidation.
      • Pat McCarthy spoke as current State Auditor and candidate for re-election. Pat spoke of her past experience in Pierce county and in her current role. She spoke about the role of the Auditor.
      • Eileen Cody spoke as candidate for reelection as State Representative, running unopposed.
      • Joe Fitzgibbon spoke about his candidacy for reelection as State Representative, running unopposed.
      • Andrea Robertson spoke about her candidacy for KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 13.
      • Hillary Madsen spoke about her candidacy for KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 13. 
      • Doug North spoke about his candidacy for reelection as KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 30.
      • Carolyn Ladd spoke about her candidacy for KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 30.
      • Justice G Helen Whitener spoke about his candidacy for Supreme Court Justice, pos. 6.

    7:45pm – Endorsements (in the following order)

    Gina reviewed the process for endorsement and voting. 

    Ann Martin made a motion to endorse a slate of candidates. Jay Inslee, Pramila Jayapal, Gael Tarleton, Mike Pellicciotti, Bob Ferguson, Hilary Franz, Mike Kreidler, Eileen Cody and Joe Fitzgibbon. Motion was seconded by Chris Porter. Anne spoke in favor of her motion. 

    Donna Christianson made a motion to add state auditor Pat McCarthy to the slate. Art Chippendale seconded the motion. Jesse Greene spoke against Donna’s motion. Motion failed. Motion to amend the slate was suggested by Annie Phillips. The motion is to include on the slate only candidates who are incumbents and who are unopposed which would mean that only Joe Fitzgibbon and Eileen Cody would stay on the slate. Motion was seconded by Jesse Greene. Discussion for and against the motion was made. At 9:13 the group voted on the second amendment. This amendment failed. Next, the original slate was voted on and the slate passed with a 60% or more majority. 


    • WA Governor – Jay Inslee via slate
    • U.S. Representative District 7 – Pramila Jayapal via slate
    • WA Lieutenant Governor – Gina opened nominations for Lt. Gov. Joe McDermott nominated Denny Heck. Marcee Stone-Vecich seconded. Joe Fitzgibbon nominated Marko Liias and Brianna Thomas seconded. Joe McDermott spoke for Denny Heck. Joe Fitzgibbon spoke for Senator Liias. Marko Liias was endorsed by a 60.1% vote. This vote will be audited. 
    • WA Treasurer – Mike Pellicciotti via slate
    • WA Secretary of State – Gael Tarleton via slate
    • WA Attorney General – Bob Ferguson via slate
    • WA Commissioner of Public Lands – Hilary Franz via slate
    • WA Auditor – Kyle Wolfer nominated Joshua Casey. Jeff Sbaih seconded the nomination. Chris Porter nominated Pat McCarthy and Donna Christianson Salcedo seconded. Kyle Wolfer spoke in favor of Joshua Casey. Chris Porter spoke on behalf of Pat McCarthy. After the vote, Pat McKarthy was endorsed with 62% of the vote. This vote will be audited.
    • WA Insurance Commissioner – Mike Kreidler via slate
    • WA Representative, District 34 Position 1 – Eileen Cody via slate
    • WA Representative, District 34 Position 2 – Joe Fitzgibbon via slate
    • Judicial Candidates 
      • Hilary Madsen was nominated for Pos. 13 by Leah Griffin, with Neal Traven seconded. Steve Butts nominated Andrea Robertson, with Nick Bonazza seconded. Leah Griffin spoke on behalf of Hilary Madsen. Andrea Robertson spoke on her own behalf. Hilary Madsen was endorsed at 73%.
      • Marcee Stone-Vekich nominated Judge North for pos. 30. Second was made by Chris Porter. Jeff Sbaih nominated Carolyn Ladd, seconded by James Williams. Members spoke for and against Judge North. Stone-Vekich spoke for Judge North. Leah Griffin spoke against Judge North. Jeff Sbaih spoke in favor of Carolyn Ladd. Carolyn Ladd was endorsed by a 72% vote. 
      • Chris Porter nominated Justice Helen Whitener for WA Supreme Court pos. 6.  Nomination was seconded by Ann Martin. Chris spoke on behalf of the candidate. Justice Whitener was endorsed by a unanimous vote. 
    • WA Superintendent of Public Instruction – Heather Barker nominated Chris Reykdal. Ann Martin seconded the nomination. Heather spoke on behalf of Reykdal. Endorsement was granted. 

    Leah Griffin requested to suspend the rules to consider an endorsement of referendum I-90. Moti Krauthamer spoke against the suspension of the rules. Leslie Harris spoke in favor of suspending the rules. Steve Butts spoke against. After the vote, we did not get to the required 80% to suspend the rules. Endorsement request was not considered but will be on the agenda for August.

    11:02 pm – The remaining attendees considered Resolution Whereby the 34th Legislative District Democrats Join Local Efforts to Support the Green New Deal at the Federal Level. Karen Richter made a motion to approve the resolution as submitted. Ann Martin seconded. Roxanne Thayer made a motion to add ‘state and’ to the content of the resolution. Danny Pinsker seconded. Thayer spoke in favor of the amendment. Marcee Stone-Vecich spoke against. Amendment was rejected by a majority. Karen Richter spoke in favor of the resolution. Resolution was approved. 

    11:17pm– Confirmation of Diversity and Inclusion Chair  Chris Porter made a motion to approve appointment of Jeff Sbaih as the Diversity and Inclusion Chair. Ann Seconded. Jeff was approved as the 34th LD Diversity and Inclusion Chair. 

    11:19pm – Adjourn


    Executive Board Meeting

    06-17-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Board Meeting Minutes

    Held via conference call due to COVID-19.

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Karen Richter, DeLancey Lane, Max Brown, Dawn Rains, Nick Bonazza, Jordan Crawley, Art Chippendale, Ted Barker, Jesse Greene, Jeff Sbaih, Ben Reilly, Chris Porter

    7:07 Gina called the meeting to order. Each board member shared their goals for the rest of our term. 

    7:48 Committee Reports

    Ben Reilly shared the Treasurer’s Report. We are running flat for expenses vs. income. The latest lawsuit has been closed out. We paid a $450 penalty. 

    Carla Rogers shared the Communications Committee report. A new volunteer has stepped up to take Instagram. Sheila Ghaibi has some awesome ideas for content that will help us engage in the Instagram community, which trends younger. The website has been upgraded and several other advanced tasks are also in progress with the freelancer who is now helping us. Facebook activities will ramp up again now that we are starting to reopen as a community. 

    Chris and Ann gave a report on the recent State Committee activities.. The state convention was held this past Saturday. The various committees worked hard to prepare for convention, despite the difficulty remote planning required. The convention went very well overall. There were over a 1000 amendments submitted, more than ever before! 375 were incorporated and became a part of the platform. 9 had a majority and minority report. The platform was universally adopted. Chris was elected as a national delegate. Not sure how the national convention will be handled yet. Chris noted that it might be a blended convention – both virtual and in-person. We fell short on youth and Hispanic goals. The convention was recorded and will be made available. There were several inspiring speeches made.

    The King County Dems report was provided by Leah and Max. Their monthly meeting is next week, their latest report was provided in the newsletter. 

    Steve and Karen provided updates on the Outreach Committee front. All events are cancelled through August. September events are not yet cancelled. Karen mentioned an idea about a voter registration webinar. 

    DeLancey gave the Fundraising Committee report. Our big fundraiser is cancelled but the committee is working on some smaller fundraisers for the fall. More info to come when plans are in place. 

    Nick was absent but submitted a PCO report to the board. Carla reported about the 34th LD Phone Bank which will start on July 9. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up at

    The Bylaws report was submitted by Art. Art has concerns about the endorsement process for next month’s meeting. Jesse mentioned that there was a process committee for endorsements convened in February but they paused work when COVID hit. That committee will have a process to consider later this year. Gina shared the plans for the endorsements meeting in July.

    Dawn gave the Membership report. We have 221 current members, just shy of where we were last year. We have had lots of new faces join our meetings the past 2 months. Dawn will reach out to them to encourage them to join. An effort to call past members was suggested.

    The new Diversity/Inclusion Committee Chair Jeff Sbaih reported on his immediate plans to gear up the committee. 

    Leadership Development Chair Les shared his goal to reach out to new faces and wants to be able to have things they can do to contribute. He is planning to have a meeting soon to share ideas and form plans. 

    Rachel provided some final points about Caucus. She also encouraged us to sign the BIPOC petition. 

    The Legislative Action Committee report was made by Jordan. Activities have been dormant since we are out of session. Jordan has been working with the WS Bridge task force. 

    July Endorsement Meeting

    Gina shared a proposed agenda for the July meeting. The group discussed whether to include  resolutions or code of conduct in the agenda.


    The group debated the format of the meeting. Carla made a motion to table all business other than the endorsements for the July meeting, given that there are so many in play. Motion was seconded by Ted. Ann suggested we amend the motion as she wanted the climate resolution brought by Karen on the agenda. Chris Porter seconded. More discussion. July Agenda was voted on and approved by a majority – agenda will include endorsements and GND committee resolution only. 

    • The voting process for the endorsements was shared by Gina.
    • We will be working to help those who haven’t been getting the Zoom emails with link into the meeting
    • Lt. Governor candidate Michelle Jasmer was not given time to speak at our last meeting. She was contacted but didn’t respond until just before the meeting. She will get time to speak at the July meeting.
    • We will not solicit a replacement Events chair given that we are not doing events for the near term. 
    • We will get the call out by June 29 for the July meeting. Art will support Gina in this task. 

    9:38 Adjourn

    06-10-20 General Membership Virtual Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    June 10, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck

    7:03 pm – Gina called the meeting to order. She explained the voting  process and highlighted the agenda topics. 

    Opening Ceremonies

    VIP Acknowledgements

    • Representative Eileen Cody shared that there are plans for a special session in August after the Primary. Budget cuts are on the table, more news next week. Cuts and taxes will be needed. This session and next year will be tough sessions. 
    • KC Councilmember Joe McDermott met with the WS Bridge Advisory group today. He also chaired the Board of Health meeting today as well, for the first time. The department will be recognizing racism as a public health crisis. 
    • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon spoke about the recent BLM marches and events. The indicators are that this election could have positive results due to the climate currently. Joe has been working to look for ways to protect services and is looking at capital gains taxes to help cushion the effect of the recession.

    Commissioner Chris Porter provided his reflections on the Killing of George Floyd and led a Moment of Silence.

    Adoption of January Minutes  – Carla moved for adoption of the meeting agenda as presented. Anne Martin seconded. Motion passed by acclamation.

    Adoption of Agenda – Leah Griffin moved adoption of the meeting agenda as presented. Anne Martin seconded. Motion passed by acclamation.

    7:20 pm – Program:  The Movement for Police Reform –  Andre’ Taylor, founder of Not This Time and an organizer of Seattle rallies.

    7:55 pm – How to Get Out the Vote in 2020

    Nick Bonazza welcomed PCOs and members and talked about our precinct and 34th LD phone banking programs in conjunction with the WA Coordinated Campaign. 

    Cat Floate, Regional field director from the Coordinated Campaign talked about the various ways folks can help with phone banking in both the 34th and statewide. Phone banks will be held Mon-Thurs, Sat-Sunday every week. Cat shared information about the hot races in the state and the strategy to win. CC’s mission is to get out the vote with voter contact. Anyone interested will be trained. Sign up at

    Representative Joe Fitzgibbon talked about the races in the 26th Legislative District which is a flippable seat this year.  Joy Stanford pos. 2, Carrie Hesch pos. 1 are the two candidates for the House seats. 

    Colleen Hinton shared information about work she is doing in North Carolina through the Common Purpose organization. There are 2 candidates – Brian Farkas and Francis Jackson. More information will be made available as plans come together. 

    8:45 pm – Meet the Democratic Candidates for Lt. Governor

    • Marco Liias
    • Denny Heck

    Both candidates gave remarks, took questions and asked for endorsement in July. 

    9:02 pm – 16 new Precinct Committee Officers were introduced and confirmed. Nick read the oath and requested an affirmation vote. Chris Porter made a motion  and Ann Martin seconded. Vote was done via Zoom. PCOs were appointed and approved. 

    Announcements: July 8 is our endorsement meeting. 

    9:11 pm – Adjourn

    June 20 General Meeting Power Point

    05-20-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    Board Meeting Minutes = 5/20/20

    Held via conference call due to COVID-19.

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Ann Martin, Art Chippendale, Leah Griffin, DeLancey Lane, Max Brown, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Nick Bonazza, Chris Porter, Jordan Crawley,  Jesse Greene

    7:00 Gina called the meeting to order and those attending gave personal high and low points from the last month. Quorum reached.

    We have sent our donations to the food banks. $352.50 each to 4 food banks.

    The Budget Report was shared by Ben Reilly. Total membership has increased to 208. We are in good financial shape for the year, even without the ability to hold our largest fundraiser.

    Committee Reports

    Caucus report will be filed via email by Rachel Glass, absent this evening.

    The State Committee report was provided by Chris Porter and Ann Martin. The diversity goal was not met with Delegate selection. The State Convention will be virtual and may have 2000 attendees! The Rules committee is developing rules. Many of the activities will be held ahead of time (from the convention) to handle certain tasks. No changes to the platform will be made from the floor. Amendments will be sent in prior to the platform discussion. Trying to work out plans to deal with people who don’t have stable wifi, have technology-phobia or have disabilities. Lastly, LDs are allowed to use Zoom/technology to hold meetings and take votes. Additional Q&A on the Delegate and Convention process was held. 

    Max Brown and Leah Griffin provided a King County Dems report. 

    The Outreach committee report was provided by Steve Butts. We have sent any refunds from events which have been cancelled to food banks as donations. We haven’t done a street clean up yet this year. 

    Art Chippendale provided updates from the Bylaws Committee. There is a committee meeting next week. They will review the state updates and see how they will impact our bylaws. We need to plan for how we will handle endorsements during a virtual meeting.. 

    PCO Committee – Nick shared that we had 115 PCOs filed last week. In 2021 we will have 105 elected PCOs! 25 have applied for unfilled PCO positions.   

    Communications Committee – Carla gave the communications committee updates. We have hired a freelancer to help us with some intense updates on our website. We continue to sell t-shirts. Messaging has mainly been around the Delegate selection process and PCO Filings. 

    Hospitality Committee – Jesse Greene reported that we have saved a lot of money this year on hospitality. 

    Membership and Finance Committee – Dawn Rains shared news that we have many more members than in February. A group will meet to create a “welcome package” for new members. Group will be led by Jesse and Chris, Art and Dawn  will meet on Monday to put together a plan. The state budget will see a $7b shortfall over the next 3 years. 15% cuts are predicted for the upcoming fiscal year.

    The Fundraising Committee Report was provided by Carla. Nothing new to report but we will start planning some small fundraisers in June.  She will hold a meeting and anyone can send in ideas. Swanky Cocktail Party is still available for this year. 

    We are looking for a chair for the Events and Diversity/Inclusion Committees

    Jordan Crawley provided a report from the Legislative Action Committee. Jordan is sitting on the WS Bridge Now group and has no current LAC activities.

    Steve noted that the June Newsletter deadline is May 29th. 

    Gina talked briefly about the June Program. We will hold a zoom meeting with virtual phone bank training led by the Coordinated Campaign. The group discussed different ideas for programs for the June meeting. We will have a contested LG race this year (3 candidates). Dawn agreed with splitting up the endorsements. Nick would like to split up the endorsements between June and July. Ann suggested that we use closed captioning for our zoom meetings. Ted suggested we do uncontested races in June. Gina asked for some help with running the next/future online meetings. 

    Gina shared the rest of the calendar of events/meetings and discussion was held. 

    Good of the Order

    • Today is Happy Bee Day! – Chris Porter

    9:08 Adjourn

    05-13-20 Virtual General Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    May 13, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    7:04 Call to Order

    • Gina welcomed the attendees and shared that we will likely use this type of meeting for the next few months. 

    Program – Elected Official Updates

    The following elected officials provided updates for the audience. 

    • Representative Pramila Jayapal
    • State Senator Joe Nguyen
    • Representative Eileen Cody
    • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
    • King County Executive Dow Constantine
    • King County Councilmember Joe McDermott
    • Councilmember Lisa Herbold
    • Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta

    After the official gave their comments, Chair Gina top provided some announcements: 

    • Precinct Committee Officer filing week is this week. Closes on Friday. If you filing on Monday or Tuesday, you will need to refile due to a glitch in the form.
    • We did not have an in-person caucus but we did elect delegates. Delegates will be announced on the website very soon. 
    • The State Convention will be held virtually this year. 
    • June 10 membership meeting will be virtual and will be about Virtual Canvassing. 
    • The annual fundraiser has been cancelled this year. Please consider giving a donation. 
    • Endorsements will be done in July in a virtual meeting. 

    8:35 Good of the Order 

    Carla Rogers announced that our IGNITE CHANGE T-shirts are on sale on the website and on NGP. They are $25 each and will be personally delivered to WS, Burien, White Center.  

    8:38 Adjourn 

    05-06-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    5/6/20 – Held via conference call due to COVID-19.

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Karen Richter, DeLancey Lane, Max Brown, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Nick Bonazza, Chris Porter 

    7:10 Gina called the meeting to order and those attending gave personal high and low points from the last month. Quorum reached.


    Gina presented the draft Calendar. The Call for the May meeting included a link to register for the May Program. Gina would like to do a phone back to reach out to members who have not joined this year. The calendar included a suggested Virtual Phone Bank Training in June. July 8 would be a general meeting for Endorsements. 

    The group discussed canvassing and phone banking for GOTV. 

    Electronic Voting Bylaw Change

    Gina shared an electronic voting/by-laws amendment that she is proposing. Guidance came from the state party. Gina shared a document from the state party which offered a potential amendment to the bylaws. Debate was held. 

    Ann moved that we take the action electronically and ratify it at the next in-person meeting.. Leah seconded. Discussion was held. A vote was held and the motion passed unanimously (15).


    Gina and Ben presented the updated budget for the balance of the year, considering the changes required by the pandemic. The outreach events are being cancelled. Chris moved that we donate our fees from cancelled events to designated charities (Vashon Food Bank, WS Food Bank and Burien Food Bank). Chris amended his motion to be that initial funds ($235) to be divided between Vashon Food Bank and Burien Food Bank and future returned funds would be sent to local food banks. Chris withdrew his motion. Art made a motion for how to handle Outreach funds. For event funds already distributed where the event is cancelled the e-board will discuss how to handle the funds at a later time. Additionally, any money budgeted for outreach events but not distributed would go to our area food banks (3) if the event gets cancelled. Motion was seconded and passed. 

    Carla made a motion that we spend the $500 budget item by donating to the 3 area food banks. Motion was seconded. Motion passed. 

    Ann made a motion and DeLancey seconded to approve the revised budget as amended. 

    PCO Committee 

    Nick gave a report on PCO activities in the past month. Nick is in touch with new PCO leads. Some of the PCOs will be making calls to PCOs to remind them to file, starting May 11. Nick has submitted a plan for how we will work with the coordinated campaign. 

    Delegate Selection Process

    Rachel gave an update on the Delegate Selection process. Audit package arrived today. We had 16 spoiled ballots. Audit committee will be working their tasks Thurs/Friday. Elected delegates will be contacted Saturday. Alternate spots are still open and we have been encouraged to find people willing to be an alternate.

    Fundraiser Update

    Carla gave an update on the July Fundraiser. 

    Events Committee

    Jacqui and Wes will be moving to Lacey and have resigned their roles. A big loss for the organization. We will need a new Events Committee Chair and help with sound at meetings when we start having them again.

    State Party Update

    Chris shared info about the State Party conference call that was held tonight. It has been confirmed that State Convention will be virtual. Details unknown at this time. A PLEOS and AT-LARGE discussion was held, minimum of 2 candidates per slot will be solicited. 

    Good of the Order

    • Chris is getting sworn in virtually as KC Conservation Supervisor!

    9:05 Adjourn

    04-08-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    Executive Board Meeting Minutes – 4/8/20

    Held via conference call due to COVID-19.

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Jesse Greene, Karen Richter, Martha Koester, Ted Barker, Max Brown 

    7:04 Gina called the meeting to order. 

    Nick attended a training for how to communicate with voters without going door to door. 

    New Delegate Selection Process 

    Gina provided an overview of the delegate selection process which has been agreed upon by the state party. The state party adopted an emergency plan which allowed them to create a new process by which we will select our delegates. The Affirmative Action plan was also updated. We will use online voting for this process. Candidates will nominate themselves for delegate via the online registration tool owned by the state. This is the same tool we were using for Caucus Pre-Registration. You may go online and see who has registered. PCOs will vote on the delegates, only elected/appointed PCOs qualify. Communication to PCOs has been sent by Gina. The audit (tally) committee will verify the votes. 

    Gina shared the timeline. Nominations are due by April 24th. Voting will be April 26th – May 3rd. Gina will send out the ballots on the 26th. Delegates will be notified on May 5th.

    Carla shared the Communication plan: We will have a FB event and page on our event for the new process, directing those interested to the 34th Registration page on WA Dems Registration page. The Executive Board should share this info within their personal channels. Blog has been contacted, as well as the Herald and B-Town Blog. Nick will cover Vashon press.

    Recruitment and Diversity plan updates were shared by Rachel. Even though Bernie has officially dropped out of the race we still need to fill slots based on the primary vote results. Rachel is working hard to recruit people to fill the 73 slots. There are multiple virtual trainings available online on the WA Dems site.  

    In preparation for the upcoming election of delegates, we have to determine if we will release our PCO list to those who are running for delegate. Gina is proposing that we send out the PCO list proactively to nominees. Debate was held.  

    • Ann made a motion to provide the PCO list and contact information to candidates for delegate to CD and State Convention to all candidates after the registration has closed. Les seconded. Rachel wants to clarify what contact information will be provided – info publicly available. Ted spoke against the motion. Art spoke against the motion. Motion failed. 
    • Ted moved to release the PCO list to delegate candidates upon request. Withdrawn. 
    • Ted moved that Gina sends the PCO list and contact information to anyone who submits their candidacy for delegate. Nick seconded. (On Demand) Les requested an amendment to include ‘how to use’ instructions from Gina. Motion passed with majority. 


    Ben was absent so the budget was not reviewed. Gina asked the members to review it and provide feedback. 

    T-Shirt Sales

    Carla is going to put up a page on the site where we can sell our new t-shirts. Carla will deliver in West Seattle! 

    July fundraiser

    Carla provided updates about the fundraiser planning. There is great concern that we can pull off a fundraiser in July if we are still on Stay Home order in May. The concern is procurement and event publicity. We will make a call around May 12. If we postpone the event, we will aim at just prior to Labor Day or just after Labor Day to reschedule. We may also consider doing an online only fundraiser.  

    The next General Meeting will be held via Conference Call on May 13th. Gina is creating a program with electeds. No business will be done, it will be ‘lite’. 

    Good of the Order

    • Next eBoard meeting will be via conference call on May 20. 
    • PCO filings and endorsements are around the corner in May. 
    • Karen reminded us that we have 3 resolutions and a bylaws change on the table that need to be addressed.
    • PCO business is continuing. Nick and team will be getting contact lists out to PCOs, along with the filings. 

    9:02 Adjourn

    03-18-20 Executive Board Meeting

    150 150 34th Democrats

    Executive Board Meeting Minutes – 3/18/20

    Held via conference call due to COVID-19.

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Ted Barker, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Jesse Greene, Jordan Crawley, Karen Richter, Dawn Rains, Chris Porter, Max Brown, Jacqui Morris

    7:05 Meeting was called to order.

    Gina called roll. 

    Caucus Committee report provided by Rachel. Rachel is in touch with WA State Dems. Update will be provided between April 1-3 as to how we will proceed to elect our delegates. There will be no in-person caucus but delegates will be chosen with a new system. We need to continue to encourage people to Register for Delegate if they are interested. 

    Financial Update was provided by Ben Reilly. Glen Morgan’s latest accusations have been responded to and fixed. There is a fundraising concern now due to the cancellation of the caucus where we would have raised a lot of funds. 

    April “Meeting” or “Program” – We need to determine what to do about the April meeting. Virtual meeting, program only virtual gathering or hold a meeting, amend bylaws for an in-person meeting > we have 4 options.  PCO appointment and resolutions are two items that were on the agenda for April. Ann moved to skip the April meeting altogether. Les seconded. Rachel spoke against cancelling. Majority voted in favor of cancelling the April meeting. 

    The Communications Committee report was given by Carla Rogers. We have received a few negative pieces of feedback on our social media posts and mailed letter. We will be cautious about what we communicate going forward. 

    State Committee report was provided by Ann and Chris.  An email has been sent to us outlining the new process. Rules for Delegate selection will be sent out between April 1-3.  April and May LD and Congressional caucuses are cancelled. State convention is the next meeting.

    King County Committee all planned activities are cancelled due to Coronavirus. Board members were elected. Platform committee has been convened but the convention may be cancelled. 

    Outreach Committee report was provided by Steve. Lots of events are being cancelled. Voter Registration training event was in the works but may be cancelled. We got into WS Summerfest!

    Fundraising Committee report was provided by Carla Rogers. Carla has taken on the role of managing the fundraiser in July. Most of the help needed will be for procurement of donations and experiences. Meeting to brainstorm will be in early May pending the virus status. The event will be held at TAF Bethaday Community Resource Center in White Center on July 25.  

    PCO Committee was provided by Nick. Great meeting of PCOs on February 22. Trainings have continued up until the Virus lock down. Canvassing was done prior to the Primary and we will start a no-data canvass effort in April-May and into the summer. Calls are also encouraged. PCO Filings are coming up. 

    Legislative Action Committee was provided by Jordan. Very successful session, albeit short. The final report is on the website. 

    Endorsement Process committee (Max, Ben, Jordan, Chris)  is meeting on this and we will hopefully have a proposal for the board to consider in May. 

    We have 3 Outstanding Resolutions to take to the membership. All are on the website.

    Good of the Order

    Restaurants are hit very hard. Please support local businesses during this lock down. 

    Maggie Awards moved to August 8. Update this on the calendar.

    The April board meeting will be virtual and via ZOOM.

    9:06 Adjourn

    02-19-2020 Executive Board Meeting

    150 150 34th Democrats

    2/19/20 Puget Ridge Common House

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Ben Reilly, Ted Barker, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Jesse Greene, Jordan Crawley, Karen Richter, Dawn Rains, Chris Porter

    7:05 Meeting was called to order.

    7:06  J Street U Presentation

    Representatives from J Street U (from UW) provided a short presentation about a resolution which they are requesting the 34th consider. Representative Pramila Jayapal has pledged support.. 

    • Ben moved and Anne seconded that we bring this to the membership with a recommendation to pass.
    • Les moved to amend the resolution to remove a statement from the final Therefore. Remove “each in their own viable state”. 
    • Art, Jordan, Nick and Ann spoke against the amendment.
    • The amendment did not pass. 
    • The vote on the original motion was held and passed unanimously. 
    • Jordan will create the overview and it will be presented at the March meeting.

    7:41 Committee Reports

    • Gina asked the members to spread unity in the party as we head into the coming months. Promote a positive message to friends and neighbors.
    • Treasurer’s Report was provided by Ben Reilly. All invoices need to be sent to Ben immediately after receiving them. Ben will confirm receipt. 
    • Communications – Carla Rogers provided a report covering the possible need for technical support on the website, the need to share on Facebook to promote the party and unite the party.  The Caucus mailer copy needs review and this will be shared on Slack. We must get the mailer to press by Monday in order to have them in mailboxes by March 4. Carla announced that new t-shirts will be sold at the March meeting. We are also looking to create buttons for sale.
    • State Committee report was provided by Ann Martin and Chris Porter.
    • King County – Leah’s report is in the newsletter.
    • Fundraising – DeLancey will not be able to handle the fundraiser due to her new work contract. We need a volunteer to pull off the event in July. 
    • Bylaws – Art provided a report on the work of the committee which is undertaking a full review of the bylaws. 
    • Code of Conduct – Chris shared the plan to glean more input on the Code of Conduct. We will submit a new version taking any comments into consideration for review and vote at the March meeting. 

    8:17 Events and Activities

    • Caucus – Rachel provided the Caucus report. There will be a full caucus committee meeting on February 27.  A second meeting will be held to plan the day of activities.
    • Legislative Action Committee – today was the final day to get bills out of committee. Jordan updates the Legislative Tracker daily. See it on our website homepage (google doc).
    • Outreach – Karen and Steve provided a recap of their first meeting of the year.  They have started to form their outreach calendar and will work with comms to get the events on the website. New people have joined the committee!  They also have a truck for use in parades.
    • PCO – Saturday is the PCO meeting at Kenyon Hall. Nick sent out the packets for the Primary doorbelling. Nick is working to build a bench with the PCO committee so that leadership carries forward. Nick has Chris Carter from the coordinated campaign speaking at the meeting along with Michael Fertakis who will speak about the  Fill Every Seat initiative. 
    • Fundraising – Gina mentioned again that DeLancey will be unable to coordinate the fundraiser this summer. Our first event is in July and it will be important to get started with coordination soon. 
    • Membership – Dawn shared that she has run the unrenewed members report and we will call all of them. 97 members have paid/renewed (not including PCOs). 
    • We need a new Diversity/Inclusion Chair since Sofia resigned.
    • The Endorsement Process sub-committee is meeting next week to begin forming a proposal. The goal is to bring something to the next meeting for discussion.

    8:53 March Program

    • Gina recapped the plan for the program in March. Julie will lead a program to share information about the election process and Caucus. 
    • The group discussed making early endorsements for Governor, Atty General, Representative and Public Lands. After discussion, we decided that we will not do early endorsements. 

    8:30-8:45 Misc Items

    • Immigration Resolution – Chris made a motion and Jesse seconded it to take the Immigration resolution Jordan and Ben wrote to the membership at the March meeting.. 
    • We are planning to send out a mailer to a list of 3000. Gina shared the draft of the letter and will accept any feedback by EOD Friday. 
    • Karen shared a movement to get the Green New Deal passed. Jayapal has signed on. Karen suggested that we write a resolution for consideration at our next meeting. Ann will share it and we will evaluate it  in Slack.
    • Magnuson Awards – Dow has donated 5 tickets to the dinner. 
    • Women’s March – March 8 – we will promote it as an event for the 34th LD. 
    • VIP/Judges – We have 50 judges up for reelection. They will be allowed to speak during good of the order and Gina will include some time at the beginning of the agenda as is possible.

    9:07 Good of the Order 

    Chris spoke about HB602. 

    Ann invited folks to attend the WSDW meeting. 

    9:17 Adjourn

    02-12-2020 Membership Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    February 12, 2020 – Hall at Fauntleroy

    6:30 Potluck Social Time

    7:02 Call to Order

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Gina welcomed the attendees and reminded everyone of our code of conduct and our goal of being a safe and welcoming place. 
    • The Pledge of Allegiance was led by 1st Vice Chair Rachel Glass.

    VIP Acknowledgements

    • Councilwoman Herbold was recognized and provided updates on council activities and goals for the year. 
    • Superior Court Judge David Keenan was recognized and announced he is running for reelection. 
    • Joe McDermott was recognized and spoke about the low income bus passes program. There is a newly adopted no-income fare. There will be a free fare for those who are at 80% of poverty. Program will be implemented by summer. 
    • Natasha Scarupa – field director for Pramila Jayapal – was recognized and spoke about the Canadian border issues of the past weeks. A lot has been accomplished in the House since Democrats won the majority in 2018. 
    • Gina recognized newcomers in the room.

    7:20 Program: Eyes on Immigrations, organized by Ben Reilly, treasurer.

    Rich Stolz of OneAmerica, Joanne Kalas of Foster Garvey PC, Louise Bush from the Seattle Clemency Project. Maria Kolby-Wolfe  of NWIRP (NW Immigrant Rights Project) and Bunthay Cheam of the Khmer Anti-Deportation Advocacy Group provided updates on the immigration and refugee crisis in Washington and beyond. Discussion points included highlighting the Trump administration’s tactics for punishing immigrants, the deportations that are happening in our own communities, and state legislation aimed at stopping the targeting of our immigrant communities. 

    8:20  Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

    Approval of the Minutes – a motion to approve the minutes was made and seconded, and the minutes were unanimously approved as submitted.

    Adoption of the Agenda – a motion to approve the agenda was made and seconded, and the agenda was unanimously approved as submitted.

    8:22 Report of Officers and Standing Committees

    Communication Committee – Carla made 4 announcements. Check out our new 2020 Election Headquarters page on the website found at We are also looking for the button-maker once used by the 34th. We also would like to get in touch with the Biden and Klobochar campaigns for Caucus purposes. We are also looking for a technical resource to help with a problem on the wordpress site. Contact Carla at       

    Treasurer’s Report and  2020 Budget – Ben provided the treasurer’s report and proposed budget for 2020. The proposed budget was shared and questions were answered. An error was made on the printed copy, it should be the 2020 budget. A motion was made and seconded to approve the budget with non-substantive corrections. Budget was approved unanimously. 

    Legislative Action Committee – Jordan presented his Legislative Tracker, which can be found on the website home page.  

    Ann Martin provided a quick update from the state committee meeting. 

    Bunny Hatcher ( provided an update on the King County Platform committee. She requested that anyone with input on the platform send her an email with details. 

    PCO Committee – Nick introduced 7 new PCO chair candidates. All candidates were approved by PCO vote. Nick also shared a PCO committee update regarding the upcoming Primary canvassing efforts. He also reminded PCOs of the February 22 meeting at Kenyon Hall. 

    8:42 New Business

             Election of Second Vice Chair – Due to the resignation of Councilmember Sofia Aragon (2nd Vice Chair), we held an election for her open position. Ben Reilly nominated Jesse Greene for 2nd Vice Chair. Ann Martin made a motion for an affirmation vote. Jesse was elected unanimously. 

             Code of Conduct Discussion – Chris shared the history of our Code of Conduct. The remaining attendees discussed the current and proposed CoC. A motion was made and seconded to consider the proposed code of conduct but table reviewing of the substance of the proposed code of conduct until the next membership meeting. This will allow for amendments to be written for submission. The motion passed by the majority.

    Bylaws Discussion and Proposed Update – Gina presented the Bylaws changes. A motion was made to approve the changes as submitted. The Bylaws were approved unanimously.

    9:14 Good of the Order 

    Chris Porter thanked everyone for supporting him in his election for KC Conservation. 

    Marcee Stone-Vecich and David Bartlett gave shout outs to our legislators.

    Rachel Glass announced the Organizing Academy on Feb 22. Info on our website. 

    Jesse Greene recognized Jordan Crawley for his Legislative Tracker.. 

    9:18 Adjourn to Endolyne Joe’s