2022-9-14 Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      September 14, 2022 Membership Meeting  Minutes

      The Hall at Fauntleroy

      6:30pm Pre-meeting Program

      • A 9-11 remembrance was given by Annabel Quintero, a survivor of the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. She is the author of Step Step Jump, a book inspired by that event.
      • A presentation about the advocacy group, the Northwest Progressive Institute was given by its founder Andrew Villeneuve.

      7:30pm Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Chair Rogers thanked those who helped with organizing the meeting, our first in-person since February 2020.
      • Land & First Peoples Acknowledgment – 1st Vice Chair Rachel Glass

      VIP Acknowledgements:

      • Leslie Harris – discussed the tentative agreement between the Seattle School District and the Seattle Education Association.
      • Joe Nguyen – chose not to speak.
      • Chris Porter – will be seeking reelection to the board of the King Conservation District.
      • Speak Up Survey question for September – Is there interest in attending an informational meeting about 34th Executive Board Roles for 2023/2024?

      Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes

      • Ann Martin moved, and Bunny Hatcher seconded to approve the agenda. Passed by unanimous consent.
      • Ann Martin moved, and Chris Porter seconded to approve minutes from August meeting. Passed by unanimous consent.

      Budget and Membership Report

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the financials since the last meeting.
      • Outsized spending for August includes printing of PCO doorbelling material
      • Current membership stands at 273, including 94 PCOs.

      Chair’s Announcements

      • Pop Up Social – September 24 at Ounces
      • The October membership meeting will be on Zoom, Lisa Herbold will be speaking.
      • The Executive Board meeting will be on Wednesday September 21 on Zoom.
      • Adopt-A-Street work party will be on Saturday September 17th.
      • The Awards Committee needs additional Volunteers.
      • The Outreach Committee will have a booth at the B-Town Fiesta on Saturday September 24
      • The November meeting will be in person and will feature “Cheers” to retiring Eileen Cody.
      • Reorganization will take place on January 11, 2023, when officers will be elected, and committee chairs are seated.

      PCO Appointment and Campaign Activities

      • Preston Anderson introduces Graham Murphy who volunteers to become PCO for SEA 34-1410.
      • Chris Porter moves and Michael Parker seconds to appoint Graham as PCO.
      • Graham is appointed by a voice vote to his new role.
      • Two Coordinated Campaign Organizers speak about campaign volunteer opportunities. Ryan O’Connor will serve as the Organizer for the 34th LD.
      • Leesa Manion’s campaign manager CS Wright speaks on her behalf.
      • Candidates for 34th LD Representative Emily Alvarado and Leah Griffin speak in turn.
      • Doorhangers were distributed to PCOs present at the meeting.
      • Chair Rogers described the September 10th canvassing trip to Covington to doorbell for Kim Schrier.
      • The next trip will be on Sunday, September 25. More will be planned for October.
      • A short video of the story behind Barack Obama’s campaign cry “Fired up, Ready to go!” is shown.

      Highline Schools Levy

      • Lois Schipper describes the levy. Tyee and Evergreen High Schools, and Pacific Middle School will be rebuilt.
      • Joe Nguyen moves and Chris Porter seconds to endorse the levy.
      • Joe speaks in favor.
      • Membership votes to endorse unanimously by show of credentials.

      Seattle Proposition 1A and 1B – Approval and Ranked Choice Voting

      Troy Logan from the group Seattle Approves describes Prop 1A – Approval Voting.

      Two representatives from the group FairVote Washington describes Prob 1B – Ranked Choice Voting.

      The ballot measure voting procedure is explained. It will be in two parts: Question 1 is a YES or NO vote to change the Seattle voting process. Question 2 is a choice between the two voting methods. Voters may choose 1A or 1B, regardless of their vote for Question 1. If YES prevails in the Question 1 vote, the majority winner between Prop 1A or Prop 1B prevails.

      • Ann Martin moves and Richard Bartlett seconds to endorse Prop 1B.
      • Ann speaks for. Ted Barker Speaks against.
      • Members vote on Prop 1B:
      • First Ballot: YES – 11, NO – 7, NO POSITION – 5. NO POSITION is dropped.
      • Second Ballot: YES – 16, NO – 6
      • Prop 1B is endorsed.
      • Martha Koester moves and Daniel Pinsker seconds to endorse Prop 1A.
      • Martha speaks for. Chris Lampkin speaks against.
      • Members vote on Prop 1A:
      • YES – 2, NO – 15, NO POSITION – 7.
      • No Endorsement for Prop 1A.

      General Election Contributions

      • The Executive Board proposes these donation amounts:

      $2,000 – Leesa Manion, King County Prosecutor.

      $1,000 – Steve Hobbs, Secretary of State.

      $1,000 – King County Proposition 1 – Conservation Futures Levy.

      $1,000 – Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, he will share in tight legislative district races.

      • Chris Porter moves, and Preston Anderson seconds to donate to Sen. Joe Nguyen, who also will put his contribution to work in more competitive LDs. To stay within the $5000 total Chris proposes this allocation:

      $2,000 – Leesa Manion, King County Prosecutor

      $ 750 – Steve Hobbs, Secretary of State.

      $ 750 – King County Proposition 1 – Conservation Futures Levy.

      $ 750 – Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

      $ 750 – Sen. Joe Nguyen

      • Chris speaks for his motion.
      • Membership votes to Approve unanimously via show of credentials.
      • Art Chippendale moves and Daniel Pinsker seconds that we contribute $500 to Leah Griffin’s campaign.
      • Art speaks for his motion
      • Chris Porter speaks against
      • Membership votes on Art’s motion. YES – 2, NO – 15. Motion Fails 

      Good of the Order

      • Ann Martin – West Seattle Democratic Meeting on September 22 will feature a speaker on the recent Dodd Decision on Abortion.
      • Chris Porter – Covid is still a problem. Vaccinate, mask, and test.

      The meeting is adjourned at 9:35pm by Chair Rogers.