22-04-13 Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      April 13, 2022 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      Pre-Meeting Program: Choose 180 

      7:05 pm Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 

      Chair’s Remarks

      • Very successful Issues Caucus on March 26th 
      • Earned 4 additional delegates by meeting affirmative action goals 
      • Celebrating first black female confirmed to serve in the Supreme Court 

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass 
      • VIP Acknowledgements
        • Chris Porter spoke on the importance of conservation, farmers, and pollinators 
        • Eileen Cody spoke about looking forward to the upcoming race to fill her seat

      Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes 

      • Ann Martin moved and Eileen Cody seconded to approve the agenda. Approved with voice vote.
      • Rachel Glass moved and Ann Martin seconded to approve the minutes. Approved with voice vote. 

      Budget and Membership Reports

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker shared the March budget report.    
        • Budget increased due to membership renewals and beginning fundraiser ticket sales  
        • Current membership: 220, including 101 PCOs 
        • Renew (June 7) or join (May 11)  https://34dems.org/contribute/  to participate in endorsements! 
        • Donate to Change Makes $ense!:  

      Annual Fundraiser Spotlight

      Candidate Spotlight

      2022 Early Endorsements 

      • Leah Griffin moved and Rachel Glass seconded to endorse Senator Patty Murray. Leah Griffin spoke for Senator Murray’s endorsement.  
      • Rachel Glass moved and Chris Porter seconded to endorse Steve Hobbs interim secretary of state.  Rachel Glass spoke for Hobbs’ endorsement.  
      • Both nominations passed by unanimous consent.  

      Presentation Regarding Gondola Feasibility Study 

      Presentation Against Privation of Medicare 


      • Convention preparation is underway 
      • Met Affirmative Action Goals (only 5 districts in the state met goals) 
      • Deadlines – 
        • Submit Platform Amendments by Saturday 4/16, midnight   
        • Deadline for Resolution submission will be ~ May 6
      • Pop Up Social – April 22, 5:30 – 8, The Bridge (6301 California Ave.) 
      • Endorsements Committee needs volunteers for supporting technical needs, such as Zoom, Google 
      • Next meeting is May 11, 6:30pm pre-meeting program is the Bylaws and Endorsement Review
      • Next board meeting is April 20, 7-8:30 (Zoom)

      Presentation on Ranked Choice Voting

      Good of the Order

      Adjourned at 9:08 by Carla Rogers, Chair