2022-5-18 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      34th Dems Board Meeting Minutes

      May 18, 2022 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      7:02 pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 


      xCarla RogersxJulie WhitakerxSarah Koch
      Aaron Garcia VirgenKaren RichterxSoleil Lewis
      Annie PhillipsLeah GriffinxSteven Butts
      xBunny HatcherxNick BonazzaxTed Barker
      xChris PorterxRachel GlassxTrey Lykins
      Deena LedgerxRoxanne Thayer
      xGina ToppxSara Smith

      Welcome & Introductions & Reminder of Social Contract

      Review of Agenda and Minutes 

      • Last month’s minutes approved by unanimous consent 
      • Agenda for tonight approved by unanimous consent

      Endorsement Slate

      Below are all races this cycle. Candidates in italics have spoken at a 34Th meeting.     Number in bold indicate a contested race. 

      • King County Superior Court
        • Haydee Eneryda Vargas 12
        • Kristen Ballinger* 2
        • Matthew Segal 3
        • Jason Holloway 44
        • Adrienne McCoy 54
        • Jason Poydras 18
        • Matthew Lapin 8
      • King County District Court West
        • Rebecca Robertson* 3
        • Kristin Shotwell 5
        • Kuljinder Dhillon* 2
        • Gregg Hirakawa 4
        • Lisa Paglisotti* 1
      • State Supreme Court
        • Mary Yu* 1
        • Helen Whitener* 6
        • Barbara Madsen 5
      • King County District Court SW
        • Brian Todd* 1
        • Andrea Jarmon* 2
        • Susan Mahoney 2
        • Laurel Gibson 3
        • Fa’amomoi P. Masaniai, Jr. 4
        • Elizabeth Stephenson 5
      • Seattle Municipal Judge
        • Faye Chess* 2
        • Catherine McDowell 1
        • Anita Crawford-Willis 4
        • Adam Eisenberg 3
        • Andrea Chin 2
        • Willie Gregory* 5
        • Damon Shadid* 7
      • Seattle Appeals Court
        • Janet Chung 7
        • Ian Burk 1
      • US Senator
        • Patty Murray – endorsed
      • US Representative 34th 
        • Pramila Jayapal
      • WA Secretary of State
        • Steve Hobbs – endorsed
      • WA Senator 34th 
        • Joe Nguyen
      • WA Representative 34th
        • Leah Griffin
        • Emily Alvarado
      • WA Representative 34th
        • Joe Fitzgibbon
      • King County Prosecutor
        • Jim Ferrell
        • Leesa Manion
      • Rachel Glass moved to add Pramila Jayapal to the slate, and there was unanimous consent.
      • Nick Bonazza moved that Helen Whitener, Barbara Madsen, all judges in italics, Joe Nguyen, and Joe Fitzgibbon be added to the slate, and there was unanimous consent. 
        • King County District Court SW, no slate needed for this slide (with the bold #2’s) 
        • US Senator – already endorsed 
      • The Slate will be presented to membership for endorsement. 

      Endorsement Meeting

      • Will be held on June 8, at 6:30pm, via Zoom
      • Donations will be made AFTER the Primary
      • GOTV Initiatives will come later in the summer
      • Volunteers: 
        • Offline ballot manager and meeting support – Soleil Lewis 
        • Credentials — Trey Lykins
        • Tally manager – Chris Porter and Ann Martin
      • To vote, you must join the 34th at least the night before 

      Candidate Debate 

      • Chris Porter and Ted Barker have been working with West Seattle Democratic Women on a 90-minute debate to be held between Leah Griffin and Emily Alvarado on May 26th at 6:30 pm 

      PCO Recruiting/Filing

      • Online filing is going on now 24/7 for PCOs through Friday at 4pm, this will be for the presidential election, and we all know what’s going on, and if you’re concerned about democracy, help GOTV! 

      2022 Convention Update re: Resolutions

      • Resolutions Workshop held Sunday
      • 5 Resolutions submitted:
        • Calling for a Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Deaths of Tribal Children
        • Calling for Passage of the Local Journalism Sustainability Act
        • Declaring and Responding to a Climate Emergency
        • In Favor of Publicly-Owned Utilities (PUDs) Replacing Privately-Owned Utilities and in Favor of PUDS’ Incentivizing their Users to Go Green
        • In Support of the Keep Our Care Act
      • Delegation is rank voting. Submissions due May 25. 
        • Working with other LDs to share resolutions, if possible, and avoid duplicates
      • Carla sent email to the delegates to rank vote via email

      Fundraising Update 

      • Next meeting is Monday May 23 at 7pm at Arthur’s Restaurant, please volunteer and attend! 

      Upcoming Outreach Events 

      Plan to attend and/or volunteer for at least one: 

      • Adopt-a-Street – Saturday, May 21, 1pm
      • Burien Pride – Saturday, June 4
      • Burien Wild Strawberry Festival – Saturday, June 18 & Sunday, June 19
      • Morgan Junction Festival – Saturday, June 18
      • Burien Independence Day Parade – Monday, July 4
      • West Seattle Grand Parade – Saturday, July 23
      • Boulevard Park Block Party – Saturday August 13
      • B-Town Fiesta – Saturday, September 24

      Announcements & Upcoming Dates

      • General inquiry about interest in a small advocacy event to support Roe V. Wade?  Yes, agreed to plan offline. 
      • Discussion about pros and cons of in-person versus zoom meetings, and reasonable cadence.  Decided October and December will be in person. 
      • May Pop Up Social at Georgetown Liquor Company, May 20 – 5:30-8pm, Dow Constantine will be there. 
      • June 15 Board meeting is at Carla’s home, light agenda and hors d’oeuvres 
      • NO July membership meeting or board meeting

      Good of the Order 

      • Chris Porter SERIOUSLY outfitting for “Paint the Night Blue” so come prepared with your own festive outfit! 

      9:15 Adjourned by Carla Rogers, Chair