Monthly Meeting Minutes

    DigComm Meeting Notes – January

    150 150 34th Democrats

    DigComm Agenda – January

    1. Social media crew who tweets, instagrams, etc from their OWN accounts and tags #34dems or @34dems etc
    2. Get a volunteer to make a video of member stories, PCO stories
    3. Map for PCO – who’s going to do it, what will it look like, what does it need
    4. Contact your rep via Indivisible
    5. Robert’s Rules of Order simplified
    6. Legislation in everyday terms
    7. Who gets what permissions
    8. What is the best way to display volunteer events
    9. Member suggested things for agendas
    10. Bus for Lobby Day

    Attendance: Zoey, John, Carrie, David, Kyle, Ted, Jake, John, and Heather

    Discussion of Points

    1. Members use accounts they have already, and tag or share 34th social media accounts to get more traffic to them
      1. Instagram – John (Photography)
      2. Committee reports during, share something at each meeting about how digcomm works, eg how Facebook algorithm works, why we have different accounts, what they do, ect.
      3. Zoey really connected
      4. Message goes out to what accounts we have
      5. Get list of hashtags for events, in general, to members so they can use them too
    2. Ann Martin – First female member, first member story
      1. Member stories only
      2. Reach out and ask anyone who wants to share their story
      3. Bring up if they are a PCO in the videos
    3. Address finder
      1. Interactive map
      2. What precincts, if there is a PCO, contact pro
      3. Show nearby PCO, somehow know if there is no PCO there, contact PCO chair directly
      4. Also show area coordinators
      5. PCO form on the website
    4. David main contact
      1. Another committee or caucus for it
      2. Focus on congressional action with other legislative districts in congressional district
      3. Page on website
      4. BY FEB 8th meeting, email to go out to membership, summary of who, what, and why and how to contact, photos of people coming
      5. Back of agenda for meetings
        1. Chair explains, don’t fear to interrupt
        2. Website – Carrie
      6. Reps give blurb
        1. Talk with LAC and facilitate
        2. Need both TLDR (too long, didn’t read) and long version
        3. How to impact
    5. Website: Editor – Committee Chairs
      1. Other social media, Chair, first & second chair, other at discretion of chair
    6. Treina keeps track or volunteers, Jake asks for
      1. Put volunteers on certain events
      2. Make page for onetime and recurring events
      3. Signup – volunteer; Get Involved
      4. Mailing list – mailing list; Get Informed
    7. Better explanation of how meetings go
      1. One page about how meetings works
      2. Maybe put on back of agenda
      3. Maybe coordinate with Joy as a welcome packet
    8. Has to come from students
      1. When to reserve busses, shop around
    9. Move from paper membership signing
    10. Goals: Half day retreat with E-Board to set goals for the 34th
      1. If we can increase voter turnout by 10%, we can deny Republicans the governor
      2. Do something engaging in the committee
      3. Get together

    Meeting Minutes January 11, 2017

    150 150 34th Democrats

    34th District Democrats

    District Reorganization Meeting


    The Hall at Fauntleroy

    Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Temporary Meeting Chair Bailey Stober, KCDCC Chair.

    Flag Salute, led by Bailey Stober.

    Appointment of temporary officers for the reorganization meeting.

    Secretary: Chris Porter

    Parliamentarian: Marcee Stone-Vekich

    Sergeant at Arms: Ivan Weiss

    Tally Committee: Steven Jamison

    Adoption of Agenda and Meeting Rules.

    Moved and seconded and passed by acclamation.

    First Credentials Report: 62 PCOs signed in and eligible to vote.

    Reading of Rules

    Adoption of District Organization Bylaws and Standing Rules

    Moved and seconded and passed by acclamation.

    Election of 2017 District Chair:

    David Ginsberg nominated by Marcee Stone-Vekich. Ivan Weiss spoke in support of David’s nomination. David delivers speech asking for membership’s vote.

    David Ginsberg is elected by unanimous acclamation.

    David Ginsberg is installed as chair and takes up the gavel of the 34th District Democrats. New Chair

    makes a plea for unity after a divisive primary and general election season.

    Election of District Officers by PCOs:

    First Vice Chair: Treina Aronson by unanimous acclamation.

    Second vice Chair: Michael Taylor-Judd by unanimous acclamation.

    State Committeewoman: Lisa Plymate by unanimous acclamation.

    State Committeeman: Chris Porter by paper ballot.

    KCDCC Female Delegate: Carrie Alexander by unanimous acclamation.

    KCDCC Male Delegate: Les Treall by paper ballot.

    KCDCC Female Alternate: Martha Koester by unanimous acclamation.

    KCDCC Male Alternate: Ted Barker by unanimous acclamation.

    Appointment of District Credentials Committee is moved, seconded and passed by unanimous acclamation.

    Second District Credentials Report regarding Non PCO members. 31 present. 68 PCOs signed in and

    eligible to vote.

    Election of Secretary: Jason Cheung nominated by Steven Butts, seconded by Gina Topp.

    Elected by unanimous acclamation.

    Election of Treasurer: Gina Topp nominated by Karen Chilcutt , seconded by Jason Cheung.

    Elected by unanimous acclamation.

    Committee Chair Slate submitted to the membership. Each candidate made a short

    introductory speech before the vote was taken.

    Finance: Michael Taylor-Judd

    Digital Communications: Carrie Alexander

    Diversity and Inclusion: Sean Riley

    Finance: TBD

    Fundraising: Elisabeth Atwood

    Hospitality: Kate Riley

    Legislative Action: Ann Martin

    Membership: Joy Pakuluk

    Outreach: Karen Richter and Steven Butts, Co-chairs.

    PCO: Kathy Marshall

    Program: David Ginsberg

    Event Planning: Jacob Holt

    Volunteer: Treina Aronson

    Web Editor: Nick Bohall

    Newsletter Editor: Steven Butts

    Parliamentarian: Jacob Holt

    Data and Technology: TBD

    Old Business:


    New Business:

    Martha Koester (?) submitted a resolution to oppose Medicare Privatization. ________________ spoke against, Chris Porter spoke for. Moved, seconded and passed

    by acclamation.

    Nick Bohall unveiled new 34th District Website.

    New PCOs appointed:

    Chris Langeler in Precinct 1511

    Ryan Kuehn in Precinct 1499

    Lynn Randal in Precinct 1047

    Good of the Order:

    Rachel Glass spoke about the Women’s March and the West Seattle Democratic Women and Hate Free Delridge sign making party on Sunday, 1/15 at Treina’s house, running from 11am-2pm.

    Lisa Plymate spoke about the Health Care Rally at Westlake Park, also on 1/15

    Ann Martin spoke about the 34ths volunteer efforts at the White Center Food bank, every fourth Wednesday evening.

    Chris Langeler spoke about the benefit concert for the West Seattle Helpline on 1/13 at Alki United Church of Christ.

    Chris Porter spoke again in favor of the Medicare resolution. Warned of a dilution of benefits by incoming administration.

    9:04 Meeting adjourned to Elliott Bay Brewery