June 12,2019 Monthly Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      General Meeting Minutes

      June 12, 2019 – Hall at Fauntleroy

      6:30 Potluck Social

      7:04 Call to Order and Opening Ceremonies

      Carla Rogers led the Pledge of Allegiance

      VIP Acknowledgements


      Recognition of New Members

      7:06 Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

      • Approval of the Minutes – The minutes were approved as submitted.
      • Adoption of the Agenda – Joe McDermott moved to add School Board District 6 to the endorsements, at the end of the current list. Motion was seconded and passed with no opposition.

      7:00 Report of Officers and Standing Committees

      • Chair’s Report
        • Annual Fundraiser Results – We met our goal of raising $17K.
        • Upcoming Events – Burien Strawberry Days 6/17
        • Overview of the Evening – Budget Approval, Ballot Issues, Endorsements.
      • Membership and Treasurer’s Report
        • On-hand balance is $43,057.82. $20K is reserved for caucuses.
        • $18,364 was raised at the event.
        • 262 members

      7:19 Seattle Libraries Levy Overview

      Mike McQuaide spoke on behalf of the Seattle Libraries Levy and shared a presentations.

      7:24 King County Parks Levy Overview  

      Kristi True spoke on behalf of the King County Parks Levy.

      7:30 New Business

      • 2019 Budget Approval
        • Ben Reilly provided an executive summary of the 2019 budget.
        • Ann Martin made a motion to approve the budget as submitted.
        • Budget passed with no opposition.
      • Appointment of PCOs
        • PCO Chair Nick Bonazza swore in 2 new PCOs – Lawrence and Colleen.  bringing the total to 92. Motion was made and the PCOs were approved.
      • 7:35 – Endorsements

      Gina shared an overview of the rules for endorsement, as stated in our current bylaws (available online).

      • King County Council, Council District No. 8
        • David Ginsberg nominated Joe McDermott.
        • David motioned to vote by affirmation. Motion passed.
        • Joe McDermott was endorsed.
      • City of Burien, Council Position 2
        • A motion was made to nominate Cydney Moore.
        • The nomination was overruled because Cydney Moore is not a pledged Democrat.
        • No endorsement
      • City of Burien, Council Position 4
        • Martha Koester nominated Omaha Sternberg. Nomination was seconded.
        • Motion was made to nominate Kevin Shilling. Nomination was seconded.
          • Comments were made in favor of both candidates.
          • Kevin Schilling was endorsed.

      7:56 Good of the Order

      Joe McDermott thanked the 35th for his endorsement and invited everyone to a Monday, June 17 campaign kick off party being held at the Rasmussen-Lewis home located at 3822 Boyd Place SW. Information was just posted on his Facebook page.

      Martha Koester announced the White Center Jubilee and Kiwanis events coming up.

      Susie spoke about the importance of getting the word out about the upcoming races. She encouraged everyone to use their voices and offered professional services for anyone who wanted support.

      Gina Topp promoted Dow Constantine’s Debate Watch party at Endolyne Joes on June 27 (tickets are $20.20) and the Swanky Cocktail Party tickets July 25th at Eileen Cody’s house.

      Mayor Matta gave a report from the North American Mayors Conference held recently in Mexico.

      Announcement made about the Burien Strawberry Festival being held this weekend.

      Deborah Alderman made an announcement about the Alki Point Lighthouse tour season beginning. Open most Sundays from 1-4.

      • City of Burien, Council Position 6
        • David Ginsberg nominated Sophia Aragon, motion was seconded.
        • No further nominations.
        • Sophia Aragon was endorsed.
      • Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 2
        • Jimmy Matta made a motion to nominate Nina Martinez. Motion was seconded.
        • Sam Cho was nominated and the motion was seconded.
        • Speeches in favor of both candidates were made.
        • No one cleared the 60% threshold on the
        • Endorsement made for Sam Cho receiving 66% of the vote.
      • Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 5
        • Grace Stiller nominated Fred Felleman, motion was seconded.
        • No other nominations were made.
        • Fred spoke on his own behalf after Grace ceded her time.
        • Fred Felleman was unanimously endorsed by the membership.
      • Seattle Libraries Levy
        • Hand Vote motion made, seconded and Passed
        • Levy was endorsed
      • King County Proposition 1, Parks Levy
        • Motion was made and seconded to endorse.
        • Levy was endorsed
      • City of Seattle, Council District 1
        • Lisa Herbold was nominated and seconded
        • Phil Tavel was nominated and seconded
        • Brendon Kolding was nominated and seconded
        • Speeches were made in support of candidates
        • Speeches were made against candidates
        • Ballot 1 results – Lisa Herbold wins endorsement with 73.8% of the vote.
      • School Board District 7
        • Nomination made for Leslie Harris, motion was seconded.
        • Molly Mitchell was nominated and seconded.
        • Leslie Harris spoke on her own behalf via video after time was ceded.
        • The nominator spoke on behalf of Molly Mitchell.
        • Ballot 1 results: Leslie Harris wins endorsement with a 68.3% vote.

      Good of the Order (continued)

      Thanks to Governor Inslee for putting together a campaign that highlights climate.

      9:36 Adjourn to Whiskey West