Special Meeting of the Executive Board – 6/24/19

      Special Meeting of the Executive Board – 6/24/19

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Board Meeting Notes Minutes


      Attendees: Gina Topp, Carla Rogers, Karen Richter, Les Treall, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Rachel Glass, Jordan Crawley, Ann Martin, David Ginsberg, Marcee Stone-Vecich, Nick Bonazza, Lou Frillman via phone, Chris Porter

      7:35 Call to Order

      Gina started the meeting requesting that everyone state their goals for the current meeting. 

      7:42 Outstanding Items

      1. Marcee Stone-Vecich’s code of conduct violation 
      2. Discuss the suspensions levels (2-4)
      3. Who initiated the behavior
      4. Jordan’s Draft Resolution “Resolution Rejecting Hate Speech”
      5. Social Media/Communication around the events and our response

      7:46 Code of Conduct Violation

      David apologized to Marcee and the executive board made the commitment  to review and revise the code of conduct.

      Chris will lead a task force for the Code of Conduct (Jordan, Marcee will be on the committee).

      7:48 Discussion of suspensions

      • Rachel expressed concern about the differing consequences. Feels they should be the same.
      • Jesse explained the thought behind his amendment which led to the judgements.
        • Both broke the code of conduct.
        • One person also made a physical action.
      • Additional members shared their points of view

      Gina motioned that we decide whether to review the months of suspension. Motioned was seconded. It was decided that we would not reopen the suspension levels. 

      Gina will also open the meetings by pointing out the code of conduct and introducing the sergeant of arms (Les). 

      8:29 Discussion around who initiated the altercation. 

      Lou believes that the initiation of the altercation needs to be known. 

      NOTE: Code of Conduct violation doesn’t have to come from one of the people involved. 

      David and Lou both gave statements on the initiation of the events. 

      A suggestion was made to ask both parties to meet to discuss the event and apologize. 

      8:45 Resolution Rejecting Hate Speech

      Jordan Crawley wrote the resolution. 

      • Members discussed their input on the resolution.
      • Marcee wants more mention of “safe space”.
      • Review WA State language around gender inequality and add language to our resolution
      • Recognizing that we may have different political beliefs in the resolution
      • Jordan and Chris will finalize and put in Slack 

      8:55 Social Media Communication about the event

      Board members should not speak on behalf of the 34th. Only Gina as Chair can do that.