08/21/19 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      08/21/19 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Board Meeting Minutes


      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Karen Richter, Les Treall, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Jordan Crawley, Steve Butts, Ted Barker, Gina Topp, Jesse Greene, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass

      7:07 Gina called the meeting to order. 

      Glen Morgan Lawsuit

      Gina shared the Possinger Law Group memo regarding the State of Washington ex rel. Morgan v. 24th Legislative District Democrats. This memo is a settlement offer in the lawsuit. 

      The group discussed the offer as communicated in the letter. 

      Our attorney Laura Ewan shared options with the board and answered questions.

      The board agreed to the following response to be provided by Gina to our attorney.

      • No admission of violation
      • Public Disclosure Commission Training
      • Civil Penalty Payment of $3000
      • Suspension of $1500
      • 34th will pay no attorney’s fees
      • Probation to the end of the current board term, November 30, 2020

      8:00 Committee Reports

      • Treasurer’s Report – Ben Reilly presented the treasurer’s report. 
      • September Program – Sofia Aragon is organizing the program
        • Homelessness program, 2 speakers
        • Seattle School District candidates speak and potential endorsements
        • Highline School District School Board 
      • State Committee
        • State committee meeting is end of September and will be taking up the code of conduct
      • Communications
        • Sponsorship of Joe Nguyen’s Town Hall
          • Carla will get more details about the nature of our involvement. Who’s paying, nature of sponsorship – official state event or a Joe campaign event
        • Communications Committee is growing. 3 interested members have connected and we are working out how they can support the committee. 
        • Tai Yang will be working as Technology Special Projects Lead going forward and will be first working on the Donations page.
      • Outreach – Steve and Karen gave updates. 
        • 2 events upcoming
        • Goal is 175 registered voters. Need 20 more to make the goal. 
      • LAC
        • Jordan has been working on the Code of Conduct with Chris. 
      • PCO
        • Nick submitted a written report prior to the meeting. 
        • Nick is asking our electeds to provide names of potential PCOs. 
        • Also in communication with One America to help find volunteers or PCOs.
        • With the September meeting we will have 100 PCOs (207)
      • Bylaws 
        • Art Chippendale will be nominated at the next meeting to be the chair of the Bylaws committee. Jordan, Chris and others expressed interest in being on the committee.
      • Hospitality
        • Jesse stated he talked 5 folks (visitors) who had not signed in at the last meeting. 
      • Caucus
        • Sunday, April 26 is the Legislative District Caucus
        • Locations have been contacted
      • Events
        • Gina received and email about the picnic. The group agreed that we will not have a picnic this year due to lack of time for planning and other initiatives that are more important. 
        • Gina shared and email from Delancey regarding event planning questions. Comments should go into Slack.

      8:53 Resolution in Support of Seattle Urban Forestry Commission’s Draft Tree and Urban Forest Protection Ordinance

      • Ann Martin presented a resolution to consider. Discussion was held about the resolution. 
      • There was a motion and a second to send the resolution to the membership for consideration with no recommendation.
      • Discussion of the resolution process was held. 
      • The motion passed unanimously.

      9:07 Good of the Order

      Brunch Fundraiser for Lisa Herbold, 11-12:30 Sept 7 at the Public House 

      September agenda will include a proposal for how to spend funds in the budget for campaign contributions.

      Les shared his experience canvassing. Lesson – be careful canvassing!

      WSDC Picnic is Aug 22 (3-7pm) at Ann’s home. 

      9:15 Adjourn