August 8, 2019 Special Board Meeting Minutes

      August 8, 2019 Special Board Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Board Meeting Minutes


      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Karen Richter, Les Treall, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Jordan Crawley, Steve Butts, Chris Porter, Ted Barker, David Ginsburg (left early), Gina Topp

      7:05 Gina started the meeting with an exercise for the group.

      The group shared their goals for this meeting. Also each member provided their goals for the year.

      Goals for the rest of the year:

      Improved Resolution Process
      Bylaws Updated
      Glen Morgan matter settled
      Finalize Code of Conduct
      Plan for Caucus Cycle (financial and logistical)
      Begin Monthly Socials (like debate parties) to help us expand membership
      Increase PCOs in preparation for next year
      GOTV for this election cycle
      Increase members who are working with committees to help chairs accomplish all their goals/responsibilities

      7:13 Issues unresolved from June Endorsement Meeting

      Response to Lou Frillmans Letter
      Reaction or response to David and Lou’s letters to Westside Herald
      Response to Marcee Stone-Vecich’s letter
      The component of our resolution regarding David and Lou’s unrepaired relationship not being fulfilled

      Board agreed to remove the 4th item.

      Members of the board asked David Ginsberg to leave the meeting for the remainder of the discussion. David departed.

      Lou’s Letter to the Board

      Carla read Lou’s letter to the board
      Board stands firm in our decision to make the 34th a safe place, and it will not revisit the consequences from our July executive board meeting.
      Reviewed the area of the Code of Conduct which were broken by Lou’s behavior
      Must separate the incidents: letter in Westside vs. board meeting incident
      It was resolved that Gina will respond to Lou’s email.

      Marcee’s Letter to the Board

      Carla read Marcee’s letter to the Board
      Chris shared Marcee’s main concern regarding David and Marcee’s relationship
      Les stated that our job is to elect democrats, not to govern or repair relationships between members
      Marcee needs to decide if she is going to bring Code of Conduct violations against David
      It was resolved that Gina will respond to Marcee’s email

      David and Lou’s letter to Westside Seattle

      Carla read both David’s and Lou’s Westside Seattle letters
      Beyond an intrapersonal fight; letters were in the public domain
      Chris wants the chair to regain control of being the voice for the organization
      Jordan read a written statement referencing David’s code of conduct violations
      Jesse shared his position regarding the code of conduct violation
      Ben shared that he felt that both letters violate the code of conduct
      Les provided his take on the letters
      Carla shared that Lou had already been punished and didn’t believe we should add another set of consequences for his letter to the paper. David however, should be considered differently as he is a chair/executive board member, higher standard of behavior.
      Jesse wants to make sure that whatever we decide, we speak as a board and back Gina as chair 100%.
      Gina stated that David has been a significant help to her during the transition.
      Rachel is concerned about how this reflects on the board and how David remaining on the board might have adverse effects.
      Dawn feels a lack of trust in David, given the events and how they transpired.
      Several members of the board shared that they had a trust issue with David and some felt uncomfortable working with him.
      Chris suggested that the next chair’s message include clarification that the chair is the only person able to speak for the board.
      Karen and Ted stated the need to not make this a further public issue that makes the 34th look badly.

      After everyone had time to state their position on the matter, Gina made a suggestion for how to move forward:

      Gina will include mention of the chair having the voice of the 34th in the next Chair’s message, calling out the Bylaw which speaks to that point
      Gina will find someone to take over as co-chair of the Bylaws committee so that the work on bylaws can be voted on and finalized by the end of the year.
      David will be suspended from attending events and activities of the 34th District Democrats until the November 2019 Election. This will allow for the Executive Board to do some work to try and repair working relationships.
      Gina is going to have conversations with board members who have concerns about David’s behavior
      Gina to speak with David about his behavior and how members of the board feel about working with him.

      Board voted 10-2 to move forward with the above proposal.

      Gina mentioned that Glen Morgan has offered a settlement in the lawsuit. This will be discussed in full at the August board meeting.

      Chris shared the Affirmative Action Resolution regarding Referendum 88. Members approved the motion to take the resolution to the membership in the August meeting, as written.

      9:20 Adjourned