08/14/19 Monthly Meeting Minutes

      08/14/19 Monthly Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      General Meeting Minutes

      August 14, 2019 – Hall at Fauntleroy

      6:30 Potluck Social 

      7:01 Call to Order and Opening Ceremonies

      Gina led the Pledge of Allegiance

      VIP Acknowledgements

      • Krystal Marx was acknowledged and gave a few updates about tenant protections, just-cause ordinances and funding for a housing ombudsman. She stated that these topics/goals came from speaking with constituents. 
      • Kevin Schilling thanked the room for their support and endorsement then mentioned that GOTV is super important. 31% turnout in Burien vs. 35% in Seattle. 
      • Leslie Harris (School Board District 6, president) requested continued support for  her re-election campaign. Mentioned that Collective Bargaining will happen this year during the election cycle. She mentioned that the last school board vote was about a new district dress code. 
      • Lisa Herbold thanked the 34th for helping deliver a victory in the Primary. She needs continued support to fight big business influence in the election. She needs help with GOTV.

      Recognition of Visitors 

      • Eric Blumhagen spoke about his run for District 1 School Board and requested support in the district-wide election.

      Code of Conduct Reminders and announcements from Chris Porter 

      7:22 Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda

      The July meeting minutes were presented. Motion and second was made to approve as presented.  Minutes were approved. 

      It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda as presented by the chair. Motion passed and agenda was approved. 

      7:27 Report of Officers and Standing Committees

      • Chair’s Report – Gina thanked those who worked in support of the Primary. 
      • Ben Reilly presented the Membership and Treasurer’s Reports. We are ahead of goal for carry over to 2020. Membership is at 290 as of this evening.

      7:29 Program

      Leah Griffin (King County Representative) made a presentation about the state of legislation regarding sexual assault. 

      7:50 New Business

      Appointment of PCOs

      • Nick Bonazza introduced 2 new PCOs. Jesse and Wendy shared their stories. A motion was made and seconded to affirm the new PCOs.

      Family Separation Resolution

      • A motion and second was made to adopt the resolution.
      • Ben Reilly spoke in favor of the resolution.
      • A vote was held and the resolution passed unanimously.

      Affirmative Action Resolution

      • A motion and second was made to adopt the resolution.
      • Ann Martin presented a motion to amend. The amendment was to substitute “the 34th District Democrats” for “the WA State Central Committee”. 
      • A vote was held to include the replacement of language. Motion passed unanimously.
      • Ivan Weiss spoke in favor of the resolution.
      • Resolution passed unanimously, as amended. 

      8:05 Good of the Order

      Les Treal announced the Postcards to Voters meeting at C&P coffee 10-12 on Thursday. Les also is going to host a fundraiser for Lisa Herbold on Sept 7 at the Public House where he lives. 

      Ann Martin announced a WSDW picnic on August 27th from 3-7 at her home to celebrate the birthday of founding member Georgia Kunkel. 

      Peggy Abbie reiterated the Postcards for Voters effort which will also be done at the Senior Center. 

      Max Brown announced a panel about the census to be held on Tuesday, August 27 6-8pm at El Centro De La Raza. 

      Marcelle Johnsen promoted attendance of the “Between the Lines” presentation at the Log House Museum starting August 19 (general public). 

      Keith Weir spoke about IRAP (Apprenticeships) and  HR397. 

      8:25 Adjourn to Whiskey West