May 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes

      May 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      May General Meeting Minutes

      May 8, 2019 – Hall at Fauntleroy

      6:30 Potluck Social

      7:01 Call to Order and Opening Ceremonies

      Rachel Glass led the Pledge of Allegiance

      7:04 VIP Acknowledgements

      Representative Cody was recognized and is on the agenda.

      Krystal Marx was recognized and described a recently approved, pilot program whereby homeless individuals are offered services. Councilwoman Marx suggested that anyone with comments email with comments.

      Jimmy Matta was recognized and discussed the vote at council around the services for those using the parks for a place to shelter.

      Joe Fitzgibbon was recognized and is on the agenda.

      Bill Tracy – Port Commissioner – shared that the Boys and Girls Club breakfast is this week. His campaign will begin soon.

      Senator Joe Nguyen was recognized and is on the agenda.

      Gina recognized new members and visitors.

      Approval of the Minutes

      Minutes are approved as written.

      Approval of Agenda

      Carla Rogers made a motion to the agenda to amend the agenda to include time in the NEW BUSINESS portion of the agenda for Representative Codey and Senator Nguyen to give us an update on the session which just closed out last month. The motion was seconded and passed.

      Marcee Stone-Vecich made a motion to remove the Fracking Resolution from the agenda as it has already passed and been signed by the governor.

      For Removal – Marcee noted that the effort is done and we have banned fracking in the State of Washington. The Governor came out with the statement to not build LNG and methanol plants in WA.

      Speaking Against Removal – Les Treall mentioned that the bill allows for fracked gas from other parts of the country. Would like to wait until after the Leg Update.

      Voice Vote failed to provide a decision. A hand count was called for by the chair. The motion failed by majority vote.

      Chair and Committee Reports

      Chair’s Report – Gina provided an update on recent board activities.

      Membership Report – 227 is the current membership.

      Treasurer’s Report was presented by Ben Reilly.

      PCO Report was provided by Nick Bonazza. PCO trainings will be held in May and June (all are on the calendar at

      Jacqui Morris provided an update on the annual fundraiser to be held on June 1. See the website, or our Facebook page for details and buy a ticket, donate an item and share the invite! Need donations of flowers, vases and  items for the auctions.

      7:40 New Business

      Legislative Update

      • Senator Joe Nguyen provided an update on the recent legislative session. Having the majority party, $47m was garnered for capital projects in the 34th. Bills supporting Mary’s Place in Burien, White Center projects, SSC, Madison Middle, Duwamish cleanup, and conservation funding for Maury/Vashon. Additional bills passed included ferry funding, pre-paid postage, graduated REETs, TANF reform, data breach, justice reform, Orca protection, mental health and more.
      • Representative Cody discussed wins in healthcare, particularly on the mental health front. The Opioid crisis drove a lot of change in attitude. A mental health training hospital will be built at the UW. Other bills with tobacco, immunization, medical debt, overtime for nurses and others were also passed.
      • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon labeled this session the most progressive in his 9 years. Criminal Justice reforms, higher ed, several environmental wins, education and other items were called out.
      • Joe Fitzgibbon discussed the details of the bill signed today by Gov Inslee around fracking. The bill does NOT address fracked gas being imported and used in WA.

      Appointment of Committee Chairs

      Dawn Raines was appointed at the Membership chair. Motion was moved and seconded appointing Dawn as Membership Chair.

      Appointment of PCOs

      Nick Bonazza introduced those who have applied to be PCOs –

      Carla Rogers and Jen Nye.  PCOs were approved by the voting PCOs. We now have 90 PCOs!

      Adopt-A-Street Awards

      Karen Richter and Steve Butts presented awards to Ted Barker, Bob Farrell, Bruce Bergman, Chris Porter, Laurence Redman. Steve Butts. Karen Richter, Chris Weiss, Melinda Grant., Jeryka Taft. Britnique Taft, Treina Aronson, Eric Cameron, Carol Aronson. Anna Orton. Ben Olsen for participating in the Adopt-a-Street clean up. Next clean up is May 18.

      Fracking Resolution

      Les Treall moved that we pass the fracking resolution as presented. The motion was seconded. Les ceded his time to Emily Hazelton of 350 Seattle.

      Marcee Stone spoke against the resolution as it was no longer timely and should be redone with labor and environmental caucus input. Local 52 is in our district and should be considered.

      A union staff-member urged passing the resolution.

      Chris Porter made a motion to table the consideration of this resolution until the October Monthly Meeting. Motion did not pass.

      Chris Porter spoke against this resolution.

      The voice vote failed to give a clear winner. A credential vote was held and the resolution passed as submitted.

      8:10 UFCW Local 21 – New Season’s Update

      Representatives from the UFCW 21 spoke about the New Seasons market situation in Seattle. They requested that the members of the 34th be aware of this and continue to support fair labor practices by all businesses.

      8:18 Burien City Council Candidate Forum

      Omaha Sternberg (position 2) and Sofia Aragon (position 6) engaged in the Burien candidate forum moderated by LAC Chair Jordan Crawley and 1st Vice Chair Rachel Glass.

      8:40 Good of the Order

      Tyrik Scott spoke about the session and the capital gain tax as submitted in last session.

      Art Chippendale spoke about a session on Vashon the June 3rd Town Hall.

      Gina shared dates:

      May 15 – next Exec Board meeting

      June 12 – next Membership Meeting where we will endorse candidates.

      100 guest goal for the June 1 fundraiser.

      8:49 Adjourn to Whiskey West