Monthly Meeting Minutes

    October 13, 2021 General Membership Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
    October 13, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Special Program 

    6:50 – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair  

    Opening Ceremonies

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes 

    • Agenda: Ann Martin motioned to approve as amended; Chris Porter seconded. Approved with voice vote. 
    • Minutes: Ann Martin motioned to approve; Rachel Glass seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

    Budget and Membership Reports

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget, this month’s balance is slightly lower due to expected expenses on sample ballots and canvassing expenses.    
    • Membership is now at 553.   
    • Change Makes $ense!: 

    Announcements & Mark Your Calendar & Opportunities to Participate 

    • Participate on the Awards Committee
    • Bylaws/Endorsement Rules Committee
    • Sign Up to Canvas! Sign up for GOTV!   
    • Return to In-Person Meetings Still Uncertain
    • Resignations/Opportunities on the Exec Board:
      • 2nd Vice Chair
      • Platform/Legislative Action Committee Chair
      • State Party Rep (non-binary or female)
    • Monthly eBoard Meeting is Wednesday, Oct 20 at 6:30pm, register 
    • Next Member Meeting – Wednesday, Nov 10, 6:00pm
      • Environmental Program – more info soon!

    Nick Bonazza presenting PCO Appointments and Overview of GOTV Activities 

    • Nancy Kick – Burien 1059
    • Sam Mendez – Burien 1057 (won Hugo Garcia’s Sounder’s Game raffle for volunteers) 
    • Ann Martin motioned to appoint; Chris Porter seconded.  Approved by voice vote. 
    • Burien sample ballots printed this year for GOTV campaigns
    • Canvassing is happening every Saturday until the election 
      • Meet at Burien Press Coffee Shop 10am Saturdays and canvas with the candidates! 
      • New canvassers will be partnered with experienced canvassers to show them how it all works

    Candidate Spotlight 

    • Vivian Song Maritz – Seattle School Board Dir 4; daughter of immigrants, first women in her family to graduate from college, and is working to ensure the opportunities she had continue to the next generation  
    • Laura Marie Rivera – Seattle School Board Dir 4; parent and educator, not a politician, only candidate in her race that has been an educator, and has taught at many levels 
    • Michelle Sarju – Seattle School Board Dir 5 (not present) 

    Stephan Thomas presented “Prosecutors: The Most Powerful Elected Official That You’ve Never Held Accountable”

    • Formerly a prosecutor himself, with a varied and international family background, from Chicago, saw the “War on Drugs” growing up 
    • Prosecutors have a lot of discretion in carrying out their roles and majority are white men, lack diversity 
    • Democrats need to come together and address who is holding this power in our communities 
    • System is focused on punishment, not on mental illness, root cause problems, racism, etc. 
    • Learn more:

    Final Campaign Contributions 

    • Budgeted Campaign Contribution Balance = $500
      • Executive Board Recommended $100 each to: 
        • Brandon Hersey
        • Hugo Garcia – Burien City Council, position 1
        • Sarah Moore – Burien City Council, position 5
        • Krystal Marx – Burien City Council, position 7
        • Highline Schools Levy
      • Chris Porter motioned to disperse the funds as presented; Ann Martin seconded.  Chris Porter spoke for the motion.  Voice vote approval.  

    Redistricting Status 

    • Thanks to the members who testified in person and those who wrote in testimony 
    • 4 Commissioners have submitted LD and CD Maps: 
      • Sims: gain SODO, part of Georgetown, lose S. Burien/Lake Burien
      • Graves: northern WS goes to the 43rd, gain South Park, eastern Burien, Renton
      • Walkinshaw: Vashon to the 26th, lose southern Burien, gain South Park/Georgetown, Pioneer Square
      • Fain: Gain Pioneer Sq, lower First Hill, South Park and Boeing, lose most of Burien
    • Bunny Hatcher presented on 34th District efforts, including 8 people presenting testimony
    • The final maps will take affect in January 

    Executive Board Election 

    • Rachel Glass motioned and Nick Bonazza seconded to nominate Aaron Garcia as KCDCC Alternate Representative.  Rachel spoke in favor of Aaron’s nomination.  Voice vote in favor. 

    Good of the Order 

    Adjourned at 9:04 by Carla Rogers, Chair 

    Monthly Meeting

    09-8-21 General Membership Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
    September 8, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Special Program 

    Jen Nye ( of Whole Washington ( presented on Universal Healthcare and the organization is working to get it on the Washington state ballot.

    7:00 pm – Call to Order by Vice Chair Rachel Glass 

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass. 
    • Statement regarding Texas recent legislation surrounding abortion. 
    • Statement regarding September 11th twenty year anniversary.  
    • Special Guests and Elected Officials are invited to speak:
      • Kate Baumgartner,  Senator Murray’s political director.  Busy month in D.C. and Washington State, including Infrastructure Package, new funding for clean energy, salmon recovery, wildfire funding, and many other areas where the Senator continues to work.   
      • Seattle City Council Member Teresa Mosqueda, fighting for progressive revenue, and supporting families during Covid.  
      • King County Executive Dow Constantine, met with Senator Murry last week re: infrastructure bill, electrifying entire Metro Bus system, working on the right way to verify vaccines in public venues and gatherings to stay safe, working to re-house Afghan refugees as well as local homeless populations.  
      • King County Conservation Supervisor Chris Porter gave a reminder to leave grass clippings to support our pollinators.  
      • School Board Position 6, Leslie Harris, reminder to slow down in school zones, SPS Mtgs. Weds eves. Tele: 206.475.1000. 
    • Speak Up Survey Question: 
    • Zoom Tips and Protocols

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda (same for agenda and minutes) 

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Bunny Hatcher seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

    Approval of August Minutes

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Bunny Hatcher seconded. Approved with voice vote. 

    Announcements and Mark Your Calendar 

    • Picnic on 9/18 CANCELLED due to Covid-19
    • Congratulations to Joe Fitzgibbon for receiving Legislator of the Year
    • KCDCC Alternate election postponed to 10/11 meeting; Aaron Garcia is running. 
    • Oct. 13 Pre-Meeting Program: Homelessness Focus and Criminal Justice speaker

    Budget and Membership Report

    Endorsement Voting

    • Seattle School Board District 7: Leslie Harris endorsed Brandon Kyle Hersey; Steve Butts seconded.  Leslie Harris spoke on his behalf, and ceded the rest of her time to the candidate who spoke on his behalf.  Verbal approval, no opposition.  Brandon received the 34th’s endorsement. 
    • Highline Education Levy Renewal: Leah Griffin moved and Ann Martin seconded to endorse the Levy. Leah Griffin spoke in favor of the measure. No speaker in opposition.  Verbal approval, no opposition, endorsement passed. 


    • Whole Health Washington Resolution 
        • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and motioned to support AND send to local media and local representatives; Richard Bartlett seconded. Jen Nye spoke in favor. No speakers against the resolution. 
    • The resolution passed by voice vote of acclamation.
    • Resolution in Support of a SELECT COMMITTEE FOR CLIMATE in the Seattle City Council
      • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and moved to support. Kathy Minch seconded. Bunny ceded her time to Annie Phillips who spoke for the resolution.  No speakers against the motion. 
      • Resolution   
      • The resolution passed by acclamation voice vote.

    PCO Update by Nick Bonazza

    • Remind everyone to vote!  Help GOTV! Burien democratic seats need our help in staying democratic. 
    • Walk pieces are in production & Canvassing activities planned.  

    During-Meeting Special Program 


    Good of the Order 

    • If you happen to know young adults ages 23-26 that were in foster care as teens, they may be eligible for $1,000 in federal pandemic relief for basic needs, education, employment and much more.. The deadline to apply is 9/24. 
    • Chris Porter is working on anti-racist language and process around endorsements and will have more information coming soon. 
    • Contact for a yard sign supporting Hugo. His opponent won the primary and had signs EVERYWHERE. 

    Adjourned at   9:07 by Vice Chair Rachel Glass 

    Monthly Meeting

    08-11-21 Membership Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Membership Meeting Minutes
    August 11, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    7:00 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass. 
    • Elected Officials are invited to speak:
      • Krystal Marx, Burien Vice Mayor
      • Chris Porter, King Conservation District Supervisor
      • Joe McDermott, King County Councilperson
      • Eileen Cody, State Representative
      • Joe Fitzgibbon, State Representative
      • Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Councilperson
    • Speak Up Survey Question:  Speak Up Survey –
    • Zoom Tips and Protocols.

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda

    • Jordan Crawley moved to amend to reconsider endorsements for Seattle City Council Position 9 and Seattle Mayor; seconded by Sarah Koch. Jordan spoke to his amendment. Motion passed with voice vote without objection.
    • Ann Martin moved to endorse amended agenda; Chris Porter seconded. Agenda is approved with voice vote.

    Approval of May Minutes

    • Voted to approve the minutes, Zoom approval vote, no opposition. 

    Budget and Membership Report

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget and this month finances.  Membership and Change Makes $ense donations added $900, Primary expenses were $6,100 leaving a month-end balance of nearly 36k.  
    • Membership is now at 551.

    Endorsement Rules and Voting Process

    • Candidates must be a declared Democrat.
    • 34th Voting Member by deadlines:
      • July 11 for new members, and
      • August 10 for renewing members
    • 34th voting members must reside in the district.
    • We have validated our member list and our tally team will be using that to validate all the votes this evening.
    • Alternative Voting Method, only for those having issues with the Zoom tool, or those with multiple eligible voters and only one device: text votes to 206-200-6526 (include email address and name with vote).
    • Chair Rogers reminded attendees about our cultural rules of order and to make this a good night. 


    • Seattle Mayor
      • James Williamson endorsed Bruce Harrell; Carolyn Ladd seconded. James spoke in favor.
      • Joe Fitzgibbon endorsed Lorena Gonzalez; Lisa Herbold seconded. Joe spoke in favor and ceded time to the candidate.
    • Lorena Gonzalez received the endorsement vote.
    • Highline School Board Position 2
      • Nancy Kick endorsed Jennifer Fichamba; Krystal Marx seconded. Nancy spoke for and ceded partial time to the candidate.
    • Jennifer Fichamba received the endorsement vote via “raised hand” in Zoom.
    • Seattle Charter Amendment 29 (Compassion Seattle)
        • A pre-meeting program featured former Seattle Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, who advocated for the city amendment. Tye Reed, from the opposing group House Our Neighbors, provided counterpoints against.
        • Julie Whitaker moved to endorse; Eileen Cody seconded. Julie spoke in favor. Roxanne Thayer spoke against and ceded some of her time to Krystal Marx.
    • A Reject Charter Amendment 29 position received the vote.
    • Seattle City Council Position 9
        • Jordan Crawley endorsed Sara Nelson; Chris Jensen seconded. Jordan spoke for and ceded time to the candidate. Elena Perez spoke against. Carolyn Ladd spoke in favor and ceded time to the candidate. Chris Porter spoke against.
    • A No Endorsement for City Council Position 9 received the vote.
    • Seattle City Attorney
        • Leah Griffin endorsed Nicole Thomas-Kennedy; Krystal Marx seconded. Leah spoke in favor. James Williamson spoke against. Roxanne Thayer spoke in favor and ceded time to Leah Griffin.
    • Nicole Thomas-Kennedy received the endorsement vote.

    Brandon Hersey spoke to his campaign for Seattle School Board Director for District 7

    Chair’s Remarks

    • Hospitality volunteers needed to help with the Reunion Picnic and other in-person future events.
    • KCDCC Alternate election was postponed to the September meeting.
    • A program on redistricting will be held August 17 at 7pm on Zoom.
    • The Reunion Picnic will be September 18 at 4pm until sunset.
    • Monthly executive board meeting was moved to August 25 at 6:30pm.
    • The next member meeting will be September 8 at 7pm.
      • A pre-meeting mini program will feature the Whole WA plan for universal healthcare at 6pm.
    • There will be a White Center Benefit Block Party on August 29 at 12 to 5pm. Proceeds go to assist businesses hurt in the Downtown White Center fire earlier this summer.
    • Burien City Council campaign issues and challenges for our slate of endorsees for the November Election. 

    Budget Updates

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker presented updates to the budget due to a previously planned review. Julie moved to approve; Chris Porter seconded.
    • A Revised Budget was passed by voice vote.

    Candidate Donations

      • Chris Porter moved that we evenly split $600 originally budgeted for the Seattle Council Pos. 9 race and give $150 to each of the four Burien City Council candidates. Ann Martin seconded. 
      • Norman Sigler moved that we give $150 to Jennifer Fichamba for her High School Board race. Chris Porter seconded.
    • Both donation motions were passed by voice vote.


    • Resolution in Support of the Protecting the Right to Organize (“PRO”) Act
        • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and moved to support; Ann Martin seconded and spoke in favor.
    • The resolution passed by voice vote.

    • Resolution on Sustainable Mobility
      • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution and moved to support. Ann Martin seconded.
      • Resolution maker Annie Phillips moved to amend; seconded by Ann Martin. Annie spoke to the change. Elena Perez spoke against. The amendment was passed by voice vote.
      • The amended resolution passed by voice vote.

    Adjourned at 9:40 by Chair Rogers. 

    07-14-21 General Membership Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    June 14, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Program – National Infrastructure Bank (NIB)

    • 1st Vice Chair Rachel Glass introduced Senator Bob Hasegawa, Alphecca Muttardy and Julie Olsen
    • HR 3339, 
    • Historical broad bi-cameral support for National Banks like this; 6 former presidents supported, 3 Rep and 3 Dem
    • Works similar to commercial banks in taking deposits and creating loans; charges treasury bond rate for interest, so very competitive 
    • State and local govts own 90% of nations infrastructure – they would be primary users
    • Will improve affordable housing across the country 
    • Big number for the bank, but huge need for infrastructure
    • Could potentially issue bonds, as well, and even a green bond possibly
    • Go to our website to see the meeting presentation deck and visit our Youtube channel for the full recorded presentation.\
    • Questions?

    6:47 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass 
    • Jake Garcia spoke in support of the Best Start for Kids Levy: Investment in Child Care Subsidy and Workers Living Wage
    • Carla shared the Speak Up Survey Question which was about our September Reunion picnic – 
    • Carla reviewed Zoom Tips 

    VIP Acknowledgements

    • Representative Eileen Cody 
    • Schoolboard Director Leslie Harris 
    • King County Executive Dow Constantine

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda

    • Leah Griffin proposed to adopt the agenda, Rachel Glass seconded, verbal approval, no opposition. 

    Approval of June Minutes

    • Robert Williams motioned and Tamsen Spangler seconded to approve the June minutes, verbal approval, no opposition. 

    Budget Report

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget and this month’s finances.  Budget report was emailed to all members. Balance is over $41k.

    Membership Report

    • Memberships are now at 549!

    Announcements and Review of Endorsement Process

    • The Reunion Picnic will be held at Lincoln Park in Shelter #3 on Sept 17 4-sunset. It will be very casual, lots of 1:1 conversations. 
    • Please help GOTV for the Burien elections to maintain Democratic seats. 
    • New volunteer coordinator representing our organization: Zach Ramels
    • Contact Carla if interested in the recently available role of King County Dems Alternate
    • Two upcoming programs: 
      • July 27th from 7-8:30 KCCouncil candidate Ubax Gardheere will present Redlining in Seattle.
      • August 17th at 7 – Redistricting program presented by Alison Mcaffree from the League of Women Voters 
    • Review of Voting Procedures


    Port Commissioner position #1

    • Bunny Hatcher nominated Norman Sigler and Rachel Glass seconded.  Bunny ceded her time to Norman, who spoke for his nomination. 
    • Shauna Causey nominated Ryan Calkins and Leslie Harris seconded. Shauna spoke for Ryan briefly and ceded the rest of her time to Ryan.  Ryan spoke on his behalf.  
    • Ballot received split support. 
    • Nick Bonazza moved and Ann Martin seconded Dual Endorsement for Position #1.  Ann Martin spoke in favor of the motion. 
    • Dual endorsement passed. 

    Port Commissioner position #3

    • Leah Griffin motioned to endorse Hamdi Mohamed, Nick Bonazza seconded. Leah yielded her time to Hamdi who spoke for her nomination. 
    • Joe McDermott endorsed Stephanie Bowman and Leslie Harris seconded. Joe spoke briefly on behalf of Stephanie, and then ceded the rest of his time.  Stephanie spoke on her behalf. 
    • Leah Griffin spoke against Stephanie Bowman’s endorsement. 
    • Leslie Harris spoke in favor of Stephanie’s endorsement. 
    • Nick Bonazza spoke against. 
    • Motion for endorsement of Hamdi Mohamed passed. 

    Port Commissioner position #4

    • BJ Bullert nominated Peter Steinbreuck and Eileen Cody seconded.  BJ spoke on behalf of Peter, then ceded the rest of her time.  Peter spoke on his behalf and provided his website: 
    • Nicole Lutomoski nominated Toshiko Hasegawa and Leslie Harris seconded. Nicole ceded her time to Toshiko Hasegawa.; 206-992-7156;   
    • Toshiko Hasegawa received the endorsement. 

    Candidate Spotlight 

    PCO Appointments/Announcements

    • PCO chair Nick Bonazza introduced Michele Frix and confirmed she is a Democrat.   
    • Ann Martin motioned to appoint Michele as PCO and Joe McDermott seconded. Verbal approval, no opposition. 
    • Nick also reminded the 34th to support Best Start for Kids across the 34th District. 

    Resolution in Support of Eliminating the Senate Filibuster 

    • Bunny Hatcher presented the Resolution in Support of Eliminating the Senate Filibuster., which was sponsored by Bunny Hatcher and authored  by Camille Gix, Policy & Advocacy Committee Chair, 43rd LD Democrats and co-chair Bunny Hatcher. 
    • Bunny Hatcher motioned to support the resolution and Sara Smith seconded. Bunny Hatcher spoke in support of the motion.  Verbal approval  to adopt the resolution, with one person in opposition. 

    Resolution in Support of National Infrastructure Bank    

    • Bunny Hatcher motioned to endorse the NIB resolution. 
    • Marty Talarico spoke in favor of the resolution. 
    • Kate Richardson spoke against the resolution. 
    • Randy Litzenberger spoke in favor. 
    • Verbal vote to adopt passed, no opposition. 

    Platform Approval 

    • Jordan Crawley presented the Platform and recommended amendments
    • Jordan Crawley motioned and Dawn Rains seconded to include all 11 amendments in the Platform.  
    • During discussion amendments 5 & 7 were removed from the vote to be addressed seperately 
    • Bunny Hatcher moved and Hannah Cameron seconded voting on adopting all 11 amendments EXCEPT 7 AND 5.  Verbal approval, none opposed. 
    • Jordan amended # 7 and # 5 as follows: 
      • Comprehensive care, including mental and behavioral health, physical health, rehabilitation, treatment for substance use disorders, hearing, dental, vision, nutrition services, and reproductive health.
      • Ann Martin spoke to the 5th amendment re: gerrymandering to simply state “oppose gerrymandering”
    • Michael Parker seconded the motion. 
    • Verbal approval, no opposition. 
    • Dawn Rains motioned and seconded by Michael Parker to revise language on 7 to state; Comprehensive care, including physical, mental, dental, vision, reproductive and behavioral health, including treatment and recovery support for substance use disorder.
    • Verbal approval, no opposition. 
    • Hannah Cameron motioned and Bunny Hatcher seconded to adopt the whole platform including the revised language.  Verbal approval, one person opposed. 

    Good of the Order

    • Ann Martin highlighted the redistricting discussion coming up soon.  

    Adjourned at 8:58 PM by Carla Rogers, chair. 


    Monthly Meeting

    06-09-21 General Membership Meeting Minutes (2021 Endorsements)

    400 300 34th Democrats

    34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
    June 9, 2021

    Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM


    6:32 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass 
    • Jake Garcia spoke on behalf of the Best Start for Kids Levy: Investment in Child Care Subsidy and Workers Living Wage
    • Speak Up Survey Question: Speak Up Survey – 
    • Chair Rogers provided Zoom Tips 

    Approval of Tonight’s Agenda

    • Voted to approve the agenda, Zoom approval vote, no opposition. 

    Approval of May Minutes

    • Voted to approve the minutes, Zoom approval vote, no opposition. 

    Budget Report

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker provided a  report on the budget and this month finances.  This month had a large increase due to Membership and Change Makes $ense, with a month end balance over $40k.   

    Membership Report

    • Memberships are now at 548!! 

    So Now That You’re a Member

    • Chair Rogers provided a plea for all new members who joined to do the endorsement to engage and stay involved with the organization. 
    • Rachel Glass presented on Programming for the 34th and the benefits it provides
    • Jordan Crawley presented on Policy Caucuses and how they help forward 34th goals
    • Jeff Sbaih presented on the  Social Justice & Equity committee, a key focus of 34th Dems
    • Dawn Rains presented on the 34th Committees and organization 

    Endorsement Process Explanation and Voting Reminders

    • 34th Member by deadlines (May 12, new members and June 8, renewing members)
    • Reside in the district
    • We have validated our member list and our tally team will be using that to validate all the votes this evening
    • Alternative Voting Method, only for those having issues with the Zoom tool, or those with multiple eligible voters and only one device: text votes to 206-200-6526 (include email address and name with vote)
    • Chair Rogers reminded attendees about our cultural rules of order and to make this a good night. 


    • 34th Board Block Vote
      Only include candidates with no democrat challenger or are running unopposed. 
      • Best Starts for Kids Levy
      • Superior Court Judge – Andrea Robertson
      • Hugo Garcia – Burien City Council position 1
      • Krystal Marx – Burien City Council position 7
        • Krystal Marx was removed from the block vote due to member request.  
      • Amended slate passed unanimously. 
    • Burien City Council Position #3 
      • Dow Constantine endorsed Jimmy Matta and spoke for his endorsement. Jesse Scott-Kandall seconded. 
      • Grace Stiller endorsed Charles Schafer; Krystal Marx seconded.  Grace Stiller spoke briefly in support and then yielded her time to Charles Schafer. Charles spoke for his endorsement. 
      • Jimmy Matta received the endorsement vote. See Tally Report for results.
    • Resolution to Consider “Resolution urging Governor Inslee to Sign “EQUITY NOW!” Executive Order”
      • Chris Porter briefed the resolution and moved to endorse. Ann Martin seconded. 
      • Zoom vote achieved over 60% in support, therefore it passed. 
      • Chair Rogers will forward the resolution to the Governor’s office.
    • Burien City Council Position #5  
        • Krystal Marx endorsed Sarah Moore; Annie Phillips seconded. Krystal Marx ceded her time to Sarah Moore, who spoke for her endorsement. 
        • Elmer Reyes Hernandez nominated Georgette Reyes; Nancy Tosta seconded. Elmer ceded his time to Georgette, who spoke for her endorsement.  Nancy Kick spoke in opposition to her endorsement. Nancy Tosta spoke in support of her endorsement. Ivan Weiss spoke in opposition of her endorsement.
        • Sarah Moore received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.
      • Burien City Council Position #7 
        • Jeff Sbaih nominated and Chris Weiss seconded Krystal Marx. Jeff Sbaih ceded his time to Krystal Marx who spoke to her endorsement.   No members rose to speak against the nomination.
        • Krystal Marx received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.


    • City Attorney 
      • Lisa Herbold endorsed Pete Holmes. Phillip Tavel seconded. Lisa Herbold spoke briefly in support of Pete’s endorsement, and ceded the rest of her time to Pete.  Pete Holmes spoke to his endorsement. 
      • Leah Griffin endorsed Nicole Thomas-Kennedy. David Toledo seconded. Leah Griffin ceded her time to Nicole, who spoke in favor of her endorsement. 
      • Pete Holmes received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.
    • King County Council District 5   
      • Dawn Rains moved to endorse Dr. Shukri Olow, Krystal Marx seconded. Dawn ceded her time to Dr. Olow, who spoke in favor of her endorsement. 
      • EJ Juarez endorsed Dave Upthegrove. Sofia Aragon seconded. EJ Juarez spoke in favor of Upthegrove’s endorsement. 
      • First and second ballots did not reach the required 60% for endorsement. 
      • Julie Whitaker moved for dual endorsement. Les Treall seconded.  Julie spoke for dual endorsement.
      • Dual endorsement passed. See Tally Report for results. 
    • Seattle City Council Pos. 8 
      • Joe Fitzgibbon endorsed and spoke for Teresa Mosquda’s endorsement.  Katie Garrow seconded. 
      • David Toledo endorsed Kate Martin. James Williams seconded. David Toledo spoke briefly in favor of Kate and ceded the rest of his time to Kate. 
      • Joe Fitzgibbon spoke in favor of Teresa Mosqueda’s endorsement. 
      • Teresa Mosqueda received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.
    • Seattle City Council Pos. 9 
      • Chris Porter nominated and spoke in favor of Brianna Thomas; Max Brown seconded.  
      • Jordan Crawley nominated and spoke in favor of Sarah Nelson. Kathy Minsch seconded. Elena Perez spoke against the nomination of Sara Nelson.  Kathy Minsch spoke in favor of Sara Nelson, and ceded the rest of her time to Sara, who also spoke in favor of her nomination. 
      • Brianna Thomas received the endorsement vote  See Tally Report for results.
    • Mayor 
      • Lisa Herbold endorsed Lorena Gonzalez and Christopher Lampkin seconded.
      • Chris Weiss endorsed Bruce Harrell, James Williams seconded. Chris Weiss ceded his time to Bruce Harrell. Bruce Harrell spoke for his nomination. James Williams spoke for his endorsement. 
      • Michele Frix endorsed Colleen Echohawk, Catherine Richards seconded. Michelle Frix spoke briefly in favor of Colleen Echohawk and then ceded her time; Colleen spoke on behalf of her endorsement. 
      • Michael Epton endorsed and spoke in favor of Jessen Farrell, Ann Martin seconded. No member spoke in opposition. 
      • David Toledo nominated and spoke in favor of Lance Randall, Phillip Tavel seconded and spoke in favor. No member spoke in opposition. 
      • Tai Yan nominated Andrew Grant Houston, Jack Eby seconded. Tai Yan ceded her time to Andrew Grant Houston, who spoke in favor of his nomination. No member spoke in opposition. 
      • The first ballot’s top 2 candidates (Lorena Gonzales and Bruce Harrell) moved to the second ballot, where neither candidate received 60% of the vote. 
      • Tia Hallberg motioned for dual endorsement and James Williams seconded. Christopher Lampkin spoke in opposition to a dual endorsement. James Williams spoke in favor of a dual endorsement. Paul Fischburg spoke against dual endorsement.   
      • Third and final ballot had voting split between dual endorsement and no endorsement. 
      • The 34th will have no endorsement in the Mayor’s race for the Primary. See Tally Report for results.
    • King County Executive 
      • Jeff Sbaih nominated Senator Joe Nguyen and Janine Anzalota seconded, James Williams also seconded. Jeff Sbaih ceded his time to Joe Nguyen who spoke for his nomination. Grace Stiller spoke against it. Janine Anzalota spoke in favor of Joe Nguyen and Chris Porter spoke against. 
      • Jimmy Matta nominated Dow Constantine.  Joe Fitzgibbon seconded. Jimmy Matta ceded his time to Dow Constantine, who spoke in favor of his nomination. Jessie Boucher spoke in opposition to Dow’s nomination. Joe Fitzgibbon spoke in favor of Dow’s nomination. Marlene Allbright spoke in opposition of Dow’s nomination.  
      • Dow Constantine received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.
    • Port of Seattle Commissioner 1
    • Port of Seattle Commissioner 3
    • Port of Seattle Commissioner 4

    Roxanne Thayer motioned and James Williams seconded to defer Port of Seattle commissioners to July.  The body voted to approve deferral.  

    Adjourned at 11:20 by Carla Rogers, Chair. 

    Monthly Meeting

    05-12-21 Monthly Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    34th Democrats General Meeting Minutes

    May 12, 2021 –  Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Presentation   

    6:58 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

    Reminder about registration and using personalized links in meeting confirmations. Thank you for your patience. 

    Opening Ceremonies

    Land & People Acknowledgement presented by First Vice Chair Rachel Glass

    VIP Acknowledgements/Statements 

    • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
    • Burien City Council Member Nancy Tosta 
    • King Co Executive Dow Constantine: The King County Coalition Against Hate and Bias includes CISC and many other organizations. Mentioned my proposed $5 million investment into anti-hate and bias. This coalition is the primary recipient of those funds, to reach out as trusted community partners collect information on and report hate based bias and violence. 
    • Port Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck: Attended the 19th meeting of West Seattle Bridge today; bids are going out today, and selection made by end of month, bridge completion goal is in 2022.  Access permits available for lower bridge application: 
    • King County Councilmember Joe McDermott: Work to ban fireworks sales in unincorporated King County. Working to renew August ballot Levy for Best Starts for Kids. Budget update includes economic development of BIPOC youth in Unincorporated King County. Lowest rate of infection and death in the largest counties in the country.; 206 755 8893 
    • King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove: King County Council taking up a COVID budget right now including rental assistance. 206-390-3332 personal cell or 
    • Chris Porter made a brief pitch for greening our region.

    Approval of Agenda

    • Colleen Hinton motioned, Ann Martin seconded to approve the agenda, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 

    Approval of April Minutes

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Sarah Koch seconded, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 

    Budget Report

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget and this month’s finances.  The month’s budget ended slightly below where it began.  Reminder that the fiscal year now begins May 1. 

    Membership Report

    • Membership Chair Trey Lykins reported  28 renewals due to dedicated volunteers contacting existing members.  As of tonight, 110 PCOs and 450 members! 

    Meet the Candidates 


    • Colleen Echohawk,, first time running as a candidate, born and raised in Alaska, been in Seattle over 24 years, and believes it is ready for change.  Currently building over $180M  in affordable housing.  Time to end this humanitarian crisis, and wants to serve Seattle. Police arrest black people at 6x more than white people in Seattle.  Consulted the elders before running.  
    • Jessyn Farrell,, running for Mayor so this can be a city we are proud of, ready to tackle affordable housing and infrastructure problems, and childcare.  
    • Lorena Gonzales,, first generation American, daughter of immigrants, started by working in the orchards with her family. First Latinx person elected to Seattle City Council. Ongoing advocate for police accountability and public safety. Has the experience, relationships and track record to make changes, and wants to build livable, connected, safe neighborhoods with affordable housing.  
    • Bruce Harrell,, the city is defining who it will be right now, advocated for ‘ban the box’ initiative, and advocated for policy review through equity lens, and bodycam for police. Advocates for Health Care for All and no falling through the cracks, create Seattle job center, and trackable homeless assistance and police reform. Half African American and half Asian, very focused on race and social justice. 

    Seattle City Council position 9 

    • Corey Eichner,, an educator, served for 18 years in public schools here, advocates for equity and social justice in accessing public education and anti-racist students. Need leaders committed to working together and in education, you learn working together every day. 

    Port Commissioner position 3 (incumbent) 

    • Stephanie Bowman,, continued port construction projects safely during the pandemic to preserve jobs, created covid vaccination clinic for airport workers and gave 6,000 vaccines, created over 600 jobs for youth from underserved communities, put a tiny home village on port property. 

    Port Commissioner position 4

    • Toshiko Hasegawa,, port of Seattle is a connector and has tremendous impact on our communities, port is number 1 polluter in our state, healthy green communities and power sources invigorates our region. 

    Burien City Council Position 1 

    • Hugo Garcia,, immigrant from Mexico, came as a child in the 80’s, family ran a small business restaurant in the sports arena here, worked in a bank through 2009, then joined a non-profit supporting small business, in 2016 saw an increase in hate crimes which motivated him to become politically involved.  Immigrants take care of business. 

    King County Executive

    • Senator Joe Nguyen, tough year, but heartwarming seeing the outpouring of support.  Made 1.1 billion in rental relief this last year. Transformative capital budget. Most diverse legislature in the history of WA state. Invest in people, be anti-racist, work towards corporations not being recognized as people. 

    What’s Next for PCOs?

    • Nick Bonazza: discussed the plan for GOTV and help in precincts that may not have a PCO, door hangers for Primary coming soon, talking directly to voters is the best way to inspire action.  Civility is key and there will be candidates across the Democratic spectrum, representing the diverse communities we live in. 


    Burien Focus 

    • Councilmember Kevin Schilling: Over 80 local businesses addressed concerns with public safety in the business core, individuals experiencing homelessness and issues of housing availability continue to be concerns, discussing a proposal for a 96 unit permanent housing facility. 
    • Mayor Jimmy Matta talked about the importance of drug treatment, and mental health, and saving local jobs.  Has been working on safety for Burien for many years and it has  improved significantly.  American guns are moving into Latin American countries and are fueling the unrest and motivating the unrest which causes people to flee the violence. Some individuals in Burien have a very privileged mindset and it is not limited to one color!  We have to work hard and maintain our momentum.  Kickoff for election is tomorrow! 

    Resolution for Consideration

    • Bunny Hatcher spoke for the resolution and the tremendous increase in hate crimes.  This resolution is presented to the membership with a recommendation from the board of Do Pass.
    • Julie Whitaker motioned, Rachel Glass seconded, verbal approval, no opposition. 

    Social Justice & Equity Committee 

    •  Jeff Sbaih, chair, shared that the committee provided COVID vaccines in High Point and plans to host  the second one for follow up vaccines very soon. Next COVID clinic for the second vaccine is May 23 in High Point!

    Executive Board Committee Chair

    Carla Rogers presented Sarah Koch as Bylaws and Rules Committee Chair. 

    • Ann Martin moved, and Dawn Rains seconded to confirm Sarah Koch as Bylaws and Rules chair. Verbal approval no opposition. 

    Good of the Order

    •   Colleen Hinton discussed climate advocacy during Burien City Council  meetings.  

    Adjourned at 8:57  by Carla Rogers, Chair. 

    April 14, 2021 General Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
    April 14, 2021 –  Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    Pre-Meeting Presentation: Sexual Assault Awareness Month Program  

     7:02 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Land & People Acknowledgement – 1st Vice Chair Rachel Glass 
    • VIP Acknowledgements/Statements 
      • King County Executive Dow Constantine: Spoke about his concern regarding the recent news of the Johnson and Johnson vaccination pause, and had to rearrange some schedules.  Over 500,000 people are vaccinated; please continue to be vigilant, wear your mask, avoid crowds, stay home if you are sick.  There are currently disagreements in the public with discipline handed down to some local police. He encouraged the Sheriff to retire and wants to restructure the office.  Additionally, there is work being done on a film stage here in King County to regain filming business, and are strongly encouraging filmmakers to use local talent.  
      • King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove: Discussed representing the south tip of the 34th in Burien, and running for re-election.  He discussed coming of age in a time when he could face litigation simply for being a gay man. His focus is on health, jobs, and justice.  More information is here:  
      • Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta: Discussed filing to re-run for council position #3 and talked about the impact of vaccinations in Burien right now. 
      • King Conservation District Supervisor Chris Porter: opted not to speak in the interest of time. 
    • Speak Up Survey Question: ideas for new venues: 

    Approval of Agenda

    • Ann Martin motioned, Sarah Koch seconded to approve the minutes, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 

    Approval of Minutes

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Julie Whitaker seconded, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 

    Budget Report

    • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget and this month finances increased several hundred dollars. Fiscal year ends on April 30.

    Membership Report

    • Membership Chair Trey Lykins reported current membership is 207. Members benefit from regularly hearing from our elected officials plus the ability to vote on resolutions and endorsements.   To vote at the June Endorsement Meeting, must be a new member by the end of the May 12th  meeting (9pm) or renew membership by 9pm the night before the June 9 meeting.  There is a suggested donation, however, money will never be a barrier for entry:  Questions? Contact Trey at 

    Appointment of PCOs 

      • Nick Bonazza introduced two new PCOs, confirmed they were democrats, and officially swore them in.  Ann Martin so moved, Rachel Glass seconded, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 
      • Preston Anderson   SEA 34-3839  
    • Martin Strelecky   SEA 34-1467   


    • End of Session Legislative Town Hall on Sunday, May 2 from 1-2:30pm on zoom, featuring Rep Jayapal, Rep Cody, Rep Fitzgibbon and Senator Nguyen who will all attend and fill you in on the results of the session.  The meeting link is on the 34th Dems website and Facebook page.  Submit advance questions here:
    • Former Treasurer and current Bylaws & Rules Chair Ben Reilly has given his resignation. Thank you to Ben for his excellent service.  This leaves the Bylaws and Rules Chair open. Bylaws updates will begin later in the year. Please contact  Carla Rogers if interested. 
    • Reminder to review weekly email for important information and upcoming documents for meetings. It helps our meetings move smoothly and keep us on time. 
    • We are shifting to a new method of meeting and voting. Please be patient as we move to this new format. We will have a practice run at the May meeting in preparation for the June endorsements meeting.  
    • Our next Board Meeting is on Wednesday, April 21 and as always, it is an open meeting. If you would like to attend, please email Carla Rogers. 

    Meet the Candidates

    • Mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston: Hosting SIFF right now, grew up here, has  years of Project Management experience with multimillion dollar projects. 
    • Seattle City Attorney candidate Pete Holmes:  Asked for support for his re-election campaign by signing my democracy vouchers qualifying petition at  Very excited today to be here, and to have received a second vaccine.  Wants to continue making progress and not roll back the gains we’ve made. 
    • Port of Seattle Position #3 Candidate Hamdi Mohamed Plans to make Port Operations more accessible and transparent, serves on Maritime High School Board, advocates for youth to be prepared for the workforce. Knows how to manage large budgets and ensure equitable distribution. Questions? Contact 206.377.9182 or
    • Port of Seattle Position #1 Candidate Ryan Caulkins  Focused on creating jobs and sharing prosperity, making Port of Seattle an economic leader and responding to climate change; most aggressive environmental agenda in the nation. .
    • Port of Seattle Position # 4 Candidate Peter Steinbrueck  Driving for living wage and equitable wages, created a community equity fund for youth and communities of color, greening cities that have a dearth of forest canopy.  Sees the Seattle port as the port of the future and aims to be the highly progressive commissioner he believes the port needs:


    Party Unity Presentation 
    State Party Chair Tina Podlodowski & Ken Martin, Chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

    Tina Podlodowski discussed how “Contest Every Race” is helping ensure we have Democrats running in every race across the state. Democratic party is the only party that truly believes in democracy – every voice is heard, every voice is valued. Diversity brings strength, and we do this with respect. Exchange ideas with a sense of decency.  

    Ken Martin reflected on his community crying out for justice.  Racial justice work is never ending.  We need police reform and accountability.  Recent local legislation to prevent police from being members in far-right hate groups was defeated on party lines.  Grateful to have servant leadership in the White House now, putting forward the American Rescue Plan, which will create millions of union jobs and focus on improving the lives of all Americans.  We have unprecedented energy in our party today.  Our young people are carrying us forward.  Politics is about improving people’s lives, and doing well for the people.  We need a variety of lived experiences in power.   We have strong women and women of color representing now, and have created a pipeline to support them and set them  up for success.  Need to walk with them intentionally and supportively to ensure their success. 

    Tina stated we now have the most diverse legislature in history, and said that every cycle and we continue to become more diverse.  The majority of diversity is coming from the Democratic side.   Biden’s new deal and fair deal, as underrepresented communities are NOT left behind. Many states have seen rural communities increasing their democratic percentage of votes by 4% to 16%.  We need to be the champion of everyone, including in rural communities, to make sure they do not feel forgotten and left behind.  Patti Murray supports our rural communities and we need to support her in the 2022 race.  

    Change Makes $ense

    Rachel Glass presented on and emphasized donating small change is painless and pretty much unnoticeable, especially with COVID, which makes participation much more difficult. 

    Confirmation for New Board Members (carry over from last month when we ran out of time) 

    • Coalitions Chair: Dawn Rains
    • Resolutions & Endorsement Co-Chairs: Richard O’Neill and Bunny Hatcher
    • Membership Chair: Trey Lykins Ann Martin moved, Karen Richter seconded, verbal approval, no opposed.

    Proposed 2021 Endorsement Rules 

    • Jordan Crawley reviewed a summary of changes. 
    • Janine Anzalota motioned, Bunny Hatcher seconded,  verbal approval, no opposed. Endorsement Rules are approved and will be shared with all campaigns/candidates.

    Resolution for Consideration

    • Resolution Calling for the King County Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Task Force of the Executive Branch to Adopt a Gender Transition Policy for Employees 
    • Bunny Hatcher spoke for the resolution and noted that the Board recommended Do Pass.
    • Janine Anzalota motioned, Chris Porter seconded, verbal approval, no opposed. Resolution approved.

    Good of the Order

    • Chris Porter: Transgender and other minorities have often been left behind and we need to continue advocating for our gender non-conforming friends and LGBTQIA community.  
    • Ann Martin: West Seattle Democratic Women Meeting Thursday 4/22 regarding public defenders association. Visit the 34th Dems Calendar for more information: 

    Adjourned at 8:52 by Carla Rogers, Chair. 

    Executive Board Meeting

    03-06-21 Executive Board Retreat Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Julie Whitaker, Karen Richter, Sara Smith, Rachel Glass, Trey Lykins, Dawn Rains, Norman Sigler, Estey Chen, Bunny Hatcher, Nick Bonazza, Gina Topp, Richard O’Neill, Leah Griffin, Jordan Crawley, Jeff Sbaih, Steven Butts, Colleen Hinton, Janine Anzalota 

    12:30pm Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes

    • Verbal approval of minutes and agenda, no opposition. 

    Resolutions – Review Board Process

    • Carla reviewed the Slack review/approval process for Resolutions and asked for feedback or concerns. Board agreed to pilot the process in April and May, then decide Yes/No in the June meeting.  Carla will text members notifying them that resolutions are in Slack for their review.

    Endorsement Rules – Review, Discuss, Vote

    • Jordan Crawley motioned to recommend the membership adopt the proposed endorsement rules which is a clarification and update of the 2009 documents. Leah Griffin seconded.  Verbal approval, none opposed.

    Budget May 2021 – April 2022 – Review, Discuss, Vote

    • Julie Whitaker presented the budget report and explained the need for an extended budget period this year to align the fiscal year. Modeling fiscal year after King County gives incoming leadership time to make a budget rather than starting in January. The current fiscal year will end on April 30. Fiscal year 2020 will be a total of 16 months. The 2021 fiscal year will start on May 1, 2021 and end on April 30, 2022.
    • Membership is still Jan 1 – Dec 31. 
    • The budget will be revisited in August or September when we know more about the impact of COVID. 
    • Adding speaker fees for quality presentations in zoom meetings. 
    • Not planning in-person meetings until December, the holiday party.
    • No fundraiser at this point in time; will revisit when we have a fundraising chair. 
    • Per bylaws, we only donate funds to campaigns of endorsed candidates. 
    • Outreach expenses will be in a general line item given that we do not know what events will take place this year. 
    • Changes are always open to discussion throughout the year.  
    • Gina Topp made a motion to add $500 for postage to the PCO Budget. Julie Whitaker increased to $1000 and Leah Griffin seconded. Motion passed.
    • Julie Whitaker motioned to take the amended 2021 interim budget to take to membership for approval by the body, Rachel Glass seconded. Verbal approval, no opposed.

    Anti-Racist Leadership Training by Olgy Diaz 

    • Gained foundational knowledge around anti-racism and learned leadership tools to help govern the 34th as a more welcoming and inclusive organization. 

    What’s Going on In Burien? 

    • Mayor Jimmy Matta and Council Member Sofia Aragon presenting (highlights)

    Discussed bringing in Mary’s Place, addressing rent, downtown restroom facilities, and holding landlords accountable. Burien is much safer than several years ago and is highly cognizant of its low tax base.  Other cities come to see what Burien is doing since it is going well. Shooting and gang violence has dropped a lot. Still have issues with drug addiction.  The 34th can help with campaigning by partnering BIPOC and Caucasian individuals to go door-to-door campaigning and providing financial assistance.  Winning the 34th is a ground game and door-to-door in next election cycle will be crucial. Burien has a different capacity to respond to issues and support its governance than Seattle, yet many issues are the same.  Annexing White Center brought support systems that cannot scale up in density (i.e. septic as opposed to sewers). SEA-TAC airport is run by Port of Seattle and is the 8th largest airport in the US.  Noise pollution lowers math and reading scores. Examining a proposal to split up cargo flights and sending them elsewhere.

    Burien Focus Sub-Committee for 2021 Election

    • Report on Burien issues during 34th membership meetings
    • Committees to consider ways to be inclusive of Burien and White Center
    • Consider rotating in-person meeting locations to include Burien and White Center
    • Mayor Matta and Councilmember Aragon to present at May 12 meeting

    Goals, Committee Plans 

    • Carla reminded the group of the 34th LD Purpose: This organization is dedicated to increasing participation of the citizens of the 34th District in governmental affairs, increasing the efficiency of government and implementing the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party in order to provide for all of the people, the highest degree of justice, opportunity, and general welfare. 
    • Carla shared her goals for this term: 
      • Expand and diversify our membership, creating a welcoming environment for young Democrats, who are the future of the part
      • Establish Political Voice/Authority within the State while building our voice in policymaking
      • Build LD and Partner Organization Coalitions across the Region
    • Committee Chairs are encouraged to review how their Committees support these goals, and map their Committee goals to the larger organizational goals
    • We will do additional committee goal work in future meetings. 


    • Chris Porter has served the 34th Executive Board for 15 years, the longest serving POC in its history. 
    • Use the Google Calendar for committee meetings
    • Role Descriptions will be discussion at Mar 17 meeting
    • Membership Meeting – March 10 
    • Next Board meeting March 17
    • Modern Monetary Theory Program – April 5
    • Tina Podlodowski and Jane Kleeb will be special guests at April 14 Membership meeting
    • Town Hall/Session Overview (Jayapal, Nguyen, Cody, Fitzgibbon) – May 2
    • Candidate Forums – May 22, May 25, June 5
    • Endorsement Meeting – June 9

    5:00pm Adjourn by Carla Rogers, Chair


    Executive Board Meeting

    03-17-21 Virtual Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    March 17, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    7:00pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Bunny Hatcher, Chris Porter, Colleen Hinton, Dawn Rains, Gina Topp, Janine Anzalota, Jeff Sbaih, Jordan Crawley, Julie Whitaker, Nick Bonazza, Norman Sigler, Richard O’Neill, Sara Smith, Steven Butts, Trey Lykins

    • Welcome & Reminder of our social contract
    • Review/Approval of agenda and Minutes, Budget Actuals 
        • Agenda and Minutes were approved by the majority.
        • Julie Whitaker presented the budget report
        • March balance as of 3/17 is $26,178.80  
        • About $3,000 in income last month 
        • Retaining Andy Lo to maintain compliance, due to previous issues with lawsuits. 
    • Review of March Membership Meeting
      • Carla shared ideas for improvement, such as fewer agenda items to allow more discussion, and moving PCO Appointments and guest speakers to the beginning of the meeting so guest presenters may leave early if they wish. Resolutions will be pushed to the end of future agendas.
      • Board discussed options for sharing financial information while remaining confidential, the importance of maintaining orderly discussion, and punctuality with start and end times. 
      • Trey checked member email distribution and added some missing members.  He added including members emails in the onboarding process, so no one is missed. 
    • Committee Spotlight
        • Nick – Burien PCO Meeting & PCO Doorhanger – Nick Bonazza; PCOs requested a ‘getting to know you ‘ meeting, to discuss duties and getting comfortable with responsibilities. The Q1 doorhanger will have space for PCO contact info for when they go knock on doors, plus info on 34th District Dems, and a QR code linking to an issues survey. Also beginning to meet with 33rd LD PCOs in Burien, our neighbors.  
    • Jordan – Duwamish Tribe Meeting – wants to partner meaningfully with Duwamish and have begun conversation with tribal elders. Gina Topp mentioned bringing in Puyallup and Muckleshoot who also have treaty rights here. 
    • Carla shared Change Makes $ense (since Rachel is absent) which will be a year-long fundraiser to help support our fundraising goals.
    • April Meeting Program (Sexual Violence Awareness Month) – We have invited a major voice in this policy area for the April meeting. Program will start at 6:15! Theme will  weave in the equity theme.  
    • Voting Discussion (prep for Endorsements) 
      • Registration process will change. Current process is difficult to manage.  Will practice voting in April’s board meeting and May’s membership meeting. 
    • In-person Meeting
      • Will continue member Speak Up surveys to get input.
      • Locations – tasked Sara Smith to look around neighborhoods for new meeting venues. Looking for variety in our respective neighborhoods and will use The Hall at Fauntleroy for Holiday Party and Endorsement meeting.  
      • Holiday Celebration and Events.  Potential outdoor fundraiser in the fall.  Standard in-person fundraiser next year Feb/March. Timing of in-person events is still uncertain. 
      • Discussion regarding pros and cons of Zoom and various venues, and concerns about giving equal time to zoom and in-person attendees in the hybrid option.  
    • Resolution to Consider: Bunny Hatcher &  Janine Anzalota presented
      • Gina Topp made a motion to amend the title to “Resolution Calling for the King County Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation  Task Force of the Executive Branch to Adopt a Gender Transition Policy for Employees”  and amend the document “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the 34th District Democrats support King County’s efforts to create gender identity and sexual orientation inclusion strategies and the creation of a gender transition policy for its employees by September 1, 2021”  Sara Smith seconded, verbal vote to approve, no opposition.  
      • Voting on Resolution – Norman Sigler motioned to recommend approval of the amended Resolution, inclusive of any changes desired by the Board. Richard O’Neill seconded. Verbal approval, no opposition. Will take to the body in the upcoming April or May meeting.   


    • KCDCC LD Support – Carrie Barnes at will provide support and be a point of contact for questions.
    • Board to promote and share events 
    • Need volunteers for fundraisers and other projects (Dawn and Norman volunteered)
    • Newsletter stories needed by Mar 26.
    • Upcoming Resolution on Filibuster will be in Slack soon 

    8:53 – Adjourned by Chair Carla Rogers 


    03-10-21 Virtual Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    General Meeting Minutes

    March 10, 2021 –  Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    7:00 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair


    Opening Ceremonies

    • Peter Steinbrueck, Port Commissioner provided theLand & People Acknowledgement
    • VIP Acknowledgements/Statements (some will speak later) 
      • Representative Eileen Cody
      • King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove: Discussed targeting resources to low income communities and renewing Best Start for kids levy for childcare; more information is here:  
      • King County Councilmember Joe McDermott: Great work at the council lately, there is a package to provide more resources to King County and hazard pay for grocery workers; also working to ban the sale and discharge of fireworks in unincorporated King County. 
      • Port Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck: Committed to getting the bridge back in service as soon as possible and actively engaged in re-connecting West Seattle to the city.
    • Speak Up Survey Question:When we finally get to meet again in person, will you join us on Zoom or will you attend the meeting in person?  
    • The Chair provided Zoom technical tips 

    Approval of Agenda

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Bunny Hatcher seconded, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 

    Approval of Minutes

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Karen Richter seconded, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 


    • Endorsement Rules; please review for vote on April 14th meeting:
    • Upcoming Programs
      • The Elephant in the Democratic Party – Racism in Political Institutions – 3/27, 10:30-12:00
      • Modern Monetary Theory – 4/5, 7:00 – 9:00
      • Legislative Town Hall – 5/2, time TBD
    • Candidate forum lineup:
      • City Council 5/22, 11 – 1pm
      • King County Executive 5/22, 3 – 4pm 
      • Burien City Council 5/25, 7 – 9pm, may need extra support to maintain democratic seats.  
      • Mayor 6/5, 11 – 1pm
    • Endorsement Meeting 6/9, 6:30 – 9pm, most important meeting of the year.  New 34th members must join by May 12 or renewing members by 9pm the evening prior in order to vote.. 

    Meet the Candidates

    5 candidates in the 2021 election spoke to the membership. 

    • King Conservation District Supervisor, Position 3
      • Brittney Bush Bollay and John Comerford
    • King County Executive
      • Dow Constantine
    • Seattle City Council
      • Teresa Mosqueda
      • Brianna Thomas
    • Mayor
      • Lance Randall 

    King Conservation District Election and Potential Endorsement

    Endorsements require a 60% majority vote. The Chair asked for motions for endorsement. 

    • Ann Martin motioned to endorse Brittney Bush Bollay, David Toledo seconded.
    • Julie Whitaker motioned to endorse John Comerford, Marcee Stone Vekich seconded. 
    • Joshua Wilmot endorsed Kali Clark, Bunny Hatcher seconded. 
    • Joe McDermott nominated David Toledo, Steven Butts seconded.  
    • Jeanne Fellin nominated Melissa Tatro, there was a second.
    • David Toledo withdrew his nomination in favor of John Comerford.

    Jordan reported on voting – No candidate received 60% of the vote. We moved to the 2nd ballet with John Comeford and Brittany Bush Bollay as the 2 candidate receiving the most votes in the first ballot.

    After the ballots were counted, 78.9% of the vote went to endorse Brittney Bush Bollay.

    Resolution for Consideration

    • The body considered the Resolution: Appointing a BIPOC Director To The City Of Seattle’s Office Of Arts & Culture (
    • Bunny Hatcher made a motion to approve the resolution as submitted, Rachel Glass seconded
    • There was discussion for and against the motion. 
    • A voice vote was held and the motion passed with no opposition. 

    Membership, Budget Reports and 2021 Budget Approval

    • Trey Lykins provided the membership report with 198 members, 111 PCO’s, and with 24 recurring memberships totaling $364 a month.  
    • Budget Report was shared by Julie Whitaker. This report will be for January 2020 – April 2021 due to the new fiscal year transition. 
    • Budget shared with the membership in email the day prior to the meeting. 
    • Julie shared the 2021-22 Proposed Interim Budget and noted that the Budget committee will review the financial situation again  in the fall once we are further post-Covid. 
      • In the future, the budget reports will be sent to the membership/PCO email list prior to the monthly meeting.  
    • Ann Martin motioned to approve the 2021-2022 proposed interim budget. Rachel Glass seconded. A verbal vote was held and received unanimous approval with no opposition.

    Due to time constraints, Hannah Cameron motioned to remove agenda items Appointment of Board Members and Change Makes Sense Campaign. Sarah Koch seconded.  A verbal vote was held and the motion passed, with no opposition.

    Appointment of PCOs

    • Nick Bonazza presented PCO candidates Shellea Allen SEA 34-1518, Dominick Ojeda SEA 34-1493 and Clara Sekowski BUR 34-0402 for PCO Approval.
    • Jordan Crawley motioned to approve the 3 new PCOs with Randy Litzenberger seconding.  A voice vote was held with the motion passing, no opposition. 
    • Nick swore themin as Appointed PCOs for the balance of the 2020-2022 term. 

    MPC Spotlight – Environment, Energy & Land Use Caucus

    • Jordan Crawley reminded the body of the purpose of the Membership Policy Caucuses and introduced Environment, Energy, and Land Use Lead, Randy Litzenberger, to give a report on their activities.  If you’re interested in joining a Policy Caucus, email

    Good of the Order

    Adjourned at 9:10pm by Carla Rogers, Chair.