Monthly Meeting Minutes

    Executive Board Meeting

    03-06-21 Executive Board Retreat Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Julie Whitaker, Karen Richter, Sara Smith, Rachel Glass, Trey Lykins, Dawn Rains, Norman Sigler, Estey Chen, Bunny Hatcher, Nick Bonazza, Gina Topp, Richard O’Neill, Leah Griffin, Jordan Crawley, Jeff Sbaih, Steven Butts, Colleen Hinton, Janine Anzalota 

    12:30pm Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair

    Approval of Agenda and Minutes

    • Verbal approval of minutes and agenda, no opposition. 

    Resolutions – Review Board Process

    • Carla reviewed the Slack review/approval process for Resolutions and asked for feedback or concerns. Board agreed to pilot the process in April and May, then decide Yes/No in the June meeting.  Carla will text members notifying them that resolutions are in Slack for their review.

    Endorsement Rules – Review, Discuss, Vote

    • Jordan Crawley motioned to recommend the membership adopt the proposed endorsement rules which is a clarification and update of the 2009 documents. Leah Griffin seconded.  Verbal approval, none opposed.

    Budget May 2021 – April 2022 – Review, Discuss, Vote

    • Julie Whitaker presented the budget report and explained the need for an extended budget period this year to align the fiscal year. Modeling fiscal year after King County gives incoming leadership time to make a budget rather than starting in January. The current fiscal year will end on April 30. Fiscal year 2020 will be a total of 16 months. The 2021 fiscal year will start on May 1, 2021 and end on April 30, 2022.
    • Membership is still Jan 1 – Dec 31. 
    • The budget will be revisited in August or September when we know more about the impact of COVID. 
    • Adding speaker fees for quality presentations in zoom meetings. 
    • Not planning in-person meetings until December, the holiday party.
    • No fundraiser at this point in time; will revisit when we have a fundraising chair. 
    • Per bylaws, we only donate funds to campaigns of endorsed candidates. 
    • Outreach expenses will be in a general line item given that we do not know what events will take place this year. 
    • Changes are always open to discussion throughout the year.  
    • Gina Topp made a motion to add $500 for postage to the PCO Budget. Julie Whitaker increased to $1000 and Leah Griffin seconded. Motion passed.
    • Julie Whitaker motioned to take the amended 2021 interim budget to take to membership for approval by the body, Rachel Glass seconded. Verbal approval, no opposed.

    Anti-Racist Leadership Training by Olgy Diaz 

    • Gained foundational knowledge around anti-racism and learned leadership tools to help govern the 34th as a more welcoming and inclusive organization. 

    What’s Going on In Burien? 

    • Mayor Jimmy Matta and Council Member Sofia Aragon presenting (highlights)

    Discussed bringing in Mary’s Place, addressing rent, downtown restroom facilities, and holding landlords accountable. Burien is much safer than several years ago and is highly cognizant of its low tax base.  Other cities come to see what Burien is doing since it is going well. Shooting and gang violence has dropped a lot. Still have issues with drug addiction.  The 34th can help with campaigning by partnering BIPOC and Caucasian individuals to go door-to-door campaigning and providing financial assistance.  Winning the 34th is a ground game and door-to-door in next election cycle will be crucial. Burien has a different capacity to respond to issues and support its governance than Seattle, yet many issues are the same.  Annexing White Center brought support systems that cannot scale up in density (i.e. septic as opposed to sewers). SEA-TAC airport is run by Port of Seattle and is the 8th largest airport in the US.  Noise pollution lowers math and reading scores. Examining a proposal to split up cargo flights and sending them elsewhere.

    Burien Focus Sub-Committee for 2021 Election

    • Report on Burien issues during 34th membership meetings
    • Committees to consider ways to be inclusive of Burien and White Center
    • Consider rotating in-person meeting locations to include Burien and White Center
    • Mayor Matta and Councilmember Aragon to present at May 12 meeting

    Goals, Committee Plans 

    • Carla reminded the group of the 34th LD Purpose: This organization is dedicated to increasing participation of the citizens of the 34th District in governmental affairs, increasing the efficiency of government and implementing the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party in order to provide for all of the people, the highest degree of justice, opportunity, and general welfare. 
    • Carla shared her goals for this term: 
      • Expand and diversify our membership, creating a welcoming environment for young Democrats, who are the future of the part
      • Establish Political Voice/Authority within the State while building our voice in policymaking
      • Build LD and Partner Organization Coalitions across the Region
    • Committee Chairs are encouraged to review how their Committees support these goals, and map their Committee goals to the larger organizational goals
    • We will do additional committee goal work in future meetings. 


    • Chris Porter has served the 34th Executive Board for 15 years, the longest serving POC in its history. 
    • Use the Google Calendar for committee meetings
    • Role Descriptions will be discussion at Mar 17 meeting
    • Membership Meeting – March 10 
    • Next Board meeting March 17
    • Modern Monetary Theory Program – April 5
    • Tina Podlodowski and Jane Kleeb will be special guests at April 14 Membership meeting
    • Town Hall/Session Overview (Jayapal, Nguyen, Cody, Fitzgibbon) – May 2
    • Candidate Forums – May 22, May 25, June 5
    • Endorsement Meeting – June 9

    5:00pm Adjourn by Carla Rogers, Chair


    Executive Board Meeting

    03-17-21 Virtual Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    March 17, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    7:00pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Bunny Hatcher, Chris Porter, Colleen Hinton, Dawn Rains, Gina Topp, Janine Anzalota, Jeff Sbaih, Jordan Crawley, Julie Whitaker, Nick Bonazza, Norman Sigler, Richard O’Neill, Sara Smith, Steven Butts, Trey Lykins

    • Welcome & Reminder of our social contract
    • Review/Approval of agenda and Minutes, Budget Actuals 
        • Agenda and Minutes were approved by the majority.
        • Julie Whitaker presented the budget report
        • March balance as of 3/17 is $26,178.80  
        • About $3,000 in income last month 
        • Retaining Andy Lo to maintain compliance, due to previous issues with lawsuits. 
    • Review of March Membership Meeting
      • Carla shared ideas for improvement, such as fewer agenda items to allow more discussion, and moving PCO Appointments and guest speakers to the beginning of the meeting so guest presenters may leave early if they wish. Resolutions will be pushed to the end of future agendas.
      • Board discussed options for sharing financial information while remaining confidential, the importance of maintaining orderly discussion, and punctuality with start and end times. 
      • Trey checked member email distribution and added some missing members.  He added including members emails in the onboarding process, so no one is missed. 
    • Committee Spotlight
        • Nick – Burien PCO Meeting & PCO Doorhanger – Nick Bonazza; PCOs requested a ‘getting to know you ‘ meeting, to discuss duties and getting comfortable with responsibilities. The Q1 doorhanger will have space for PCO contact info for when they go knock on doors, plus info on 34th District Dems, and a QR code linking to an issues survey. Also beginning to meet with 33rd LD PCOs in Burien, our neighbors.  
    • Jordan – Duwamish Tribe Meeting – wants to partner meaningfully with Duwamish and have begun conversation with tribal elders. Gina Topp mentioned bringing in Puyallup and Muckleshoot who also have treaty rights here. 
    • Carla shared Change Makes $ense (since Rachel is absent) which will be a year-long fundraiser to help support our fundraising goals.
    • April Meeting Program (Sexual Violence Awareness Month) – We have invited a major voice in this policy area for the April meeting. Program will start at 6:15! Theme will  weave in the equity theme.  
    • Voting Discussion (prep for Endorsements) 
      • Registration process will change. Current process is difficult to manage.  Will practice voting in April’s board meeting and May’s membership meeting. 
    • In-person Meeting
      • Will continue member Speak Up surveys to get input.
      • Locations – tasked Sara Smith to look around neighborhoods for new meeting venues. Looking for variety in our respective neighborhoods and will use The Hall at Fauntleroy for Holiday Party and Endorsement meeting.  
      • Holiday Celebration and Events.  Potential outdoor fundraiser in the fall.  Standard in-person fundraiser next year Feb/March. Timing of in-person events is still uncertain. 
      • Discussion regarding pros and cons of Zoom and various venues, and concerns about giving equal time to zoom and in-person attendees in the hybrid option.  
    • Resolution to Consider: Bunny Hatcher &  Janine Anzalota presented
      • Gina Topp made a motion to amend the title to “Resolution Calling for the King County Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation  Task Force of the Executive Branch to Adopt a Gender Transition Policy for Employees”  and amend the document “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the 34th District Democrats support King County’s efforts to create gender identity and sexual orientation inclusion strategies and the creation of a gender transition policy for its employees by September 1, 2021”  Sara Smith seconded, verbal vote to approve, no opposition.  
      • Voting on Resolution – Norman Sigler motioned to recommend approval of the amended Resolution, inclusive of any changes desired by the Board. Richard O’Neill seconded. Verbal approval, no opposition. Will take to the body in the upcoming April or May meeting.   


    • KCDCC LD Support – Carrie Barnes at will provide support and be a point of contact for questions.
    • Board to promote and share events 
    • Need volunteers for fundraisers and other projects (Dawn and Norman volunteered)
    • Newsletter stories needed by Mar 26.
    • Upcoming Resolution on Filibuster will be in Slack soon 

    8:53 – Adjourned by Chair Carla Rogers 


    03-10-21 Virtual Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    General Meeting Minutes

    March 10, 2021 –  Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    7:00 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair


    Opening Ceremonies

    • Peter Steinbrueck, Port Commissioner provided theLand & People Acknowledgement
    • VIP Acknowledgements/Statements (some will speak later) 
      • Representative Eileen Cody
      • King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove: Discussed targeting resources to low income communities and renewing Best Start for kids levy for childcare; more information is here:  
      • King County Councilmember Joe McDermott: Great work at the council lately, there is a package to provide more resources to King County and hazard pay for grocery workers; also working to ban the sale and discharge of fireworks in unincorporated King County. 
      • Port Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck: Committed to getting the bridge back in service as soon as possible and actively engaged in re-connecting West Seattle to the city.
    • Speak Up Survey Question:When we finally get to meet again in person, will you join us on Zoom or will you attend the meeting in person?  
    • The Chair provided Zoom technical tips 

    Approval of Agenda

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Bunny Hatcher seconded, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 

    Approval of Minutes

    • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Karen Richter seconded, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 


    • Endorsement Rules; please review for vote on April 14th meeting:
    • Upcoming Programs
      • The Elephant in the Democratic Party – Racism in Political Institutions – 3/27, 10:30-12:00
      • Modern Monetary Theory – 4/5, 7:00 – 9:00
      • Legislative Town Hall – 5/2, time TBD
    • Candidate forum lineup:
      • City Council 5/22, 11 – 1pm
      • King County Executive 5/22, 3 – 4pm 
      • Burien City Council 5/25, 7 – 9pm, may need extra support to maintain democratic seats.  
      • Mayor 6/5, 11 – 1pm
    • Endorsement Meeting 6/9, 6:30 – 9pm, most important meeting of the year.  New 34th members must join by May 12 or renewing members by 9pm the evening prior in order to vote.. 

    Meet the Candidates

    5 candidates in the 2021 election spoke to the membership. 

    • King Conservation District Supervisor, Position 3
      • Brittney Bush Bollay and John Comerford
    • King County Executive
      • Dow Constantine
    • Seattle City Council
      • Teresa Mosqueda
      • Brianna Thomas
    • Mayor
      • Lance Randall 

    King Conservation District Election and Potential Endorsement

    Endorsements require a 60% majority vote. The Chair asked for motions for endorsement. 

    • Ann Martin motioned to endorse Brittney Bush Bollay, David Toledo seconded.
    • Julie Whitaker motioned to endorse John Comerford, Marcee Stone Vekich seconded. 
    • Joshua Wilmot endorsed Kali Clark, Bunny Hatcher seconded. 
    • Joe McDermott nominated David Toledo, Steven Butts seconded.  
    • Jeanne Fellin nominated Melissa Tatro, there was a second.
    • David Toledo withdrew his nomination in favor of John Comerford.

    Jordan reported on voting – No candidate received 60% of the vote. We moved to the 2nd ballet with John Comeford and Brittany Bush Bollay as the 2 candidate receiving the most votes in the first ballot.

    After the ballots were counted, 78.9% of the vote went to endorse Brittney Bush Bollay.

    Resolution for Consideration

    • The body considered the Resolution: Appointing a BIPOC Director To The City Of Seattle’s Office Of Arts & Culture (
    • Bunny Hatcher made a motion to approve the resolution as submitted, Rachel Glass seconded
    • There was discussion for and against the motion. 
    • A voice vote was held and the motion passed with no opposition. 

    Membership, Budget Reports and 2021 Budget Approval

    • Trey Lykins provided the membership report with 198 members, 111 PCO’s, and with 24 recurring memberships totaling $364 a month.  
    • Budget Report was shared by Julie Whitaker. This report will be for January 2020 – April 2021 due to the new fiscal year transition. 
    • Budget shared with the membership in email the day prior to the meeting. 
    • Julie shared the 2021-22 Proposed Interim Budget and noted that the Budget committee will review the financial situation again  in the fall once we are further post-Covid. 
      • In the future, the budget reports will be sent to the membership/PCO email list prior to the monthly meeting.  
    • Ann Martin motioned to approve the 2021-2022 proposed interim budget. Rachel Glass seconded. A verbal vote was held and received unanimous approval with no opposition.

    Due to time constraints, Hannah Cameron motioned to remove agenda items Appointment of Board Members and Change Makes Sense Campaign. Sarah Koch seconded.  A verbal vote was held and the motion passed, with no opposition.

    Appointment of PCOs

    • Nick Bonazza presented PCO candidates Shellea Allen SEA 34-1518, Dominick Ojeda SEA 34-1493 and Clara Sekowski BUR 34-0402 for PCO Approval.
    • Jordan Crawley motioned to approve the 3 new PCOs with Randy Litzenberger seconding.  A voice vote was held with the motion passing, no opposition. 
    • Nick swore themin as Appointed PCOs for the balance of the 2020-2022 term. 

    MPC Spotlight – Environment, Energy & Land Use Caucus

    • Jordan Crawley reminded the body of the purpose of the Membership Policy Caucuses and introduced Environment, Energy, and Land Use Lead, Randy Litzenberger, to give a report on their activities.  If you’re interested in joining a Policy Caucus, email

    Good of the Order

    Adjourned at 9:10pm by Carla Rogers, Chair. 

    Monthly Meeting

    02-10-21 Virtual Membership Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Meeting held via Zoom due to COVID-19

    7:01 pm Call to Order by Chair, Carla Rogers 

    Opening Ceremonies 

    • Welcome
    • Land acknowledgment by 1st Vice Chair Rachel Glass 

    Meet the Candidates

    VIP Acknowledgements

    • Dow Constantine provided a Covid-19 Update – King county has been at the lead for a year.  About 50% of the eligible population in King County has received their first dose.  Working to increase equitable vaccine distribution, especially in under-represented communities where healthcare is scarcer and infection rates are higher, which are symptoms of systemic racism. Currently there is an overall low rate of infection in King County because people are observing scientific guidelines. New Covid variants are more infectious and more deadly.  Reserved 3000 childcare slots to help every member of the community to thrive. Discussed a Safe Communities initiative, including increasing behavioral health funding so folks with mental health issues have a place to go and police have a place to take them when they are having or causing trouble.  
    • Councilmember McDermott endorsed Dow Constantine, who is working toward public health including vaccinations and equitable distribution of vaccines.  
    • Chris Porter discussed shared information about the upcoming King Conservation District Supervisor election; more information coming in the next few weeks. 
    • Speak Up Survey Question ( members are invited to share how Systemic Racism has affected your life. 
    • Chair provided Technical Zoom Meeting Tips


    • Approval of Agenda – Bunny Hatcher motioned to accept, Ann Martin seconded, unanimous approval. 
    • Approval of January Minutes – Julie Whitaker motioned to accept, Earl Godt seconded, unanimous approval. 


    • Need technical support during Zoom meetings. 
    • Found a Membership & Hospitality Chair – Trey Lykins
    • Need Events & Fundraising Chair 
    • Next Board Meeting is a virtual Retreat on March 6.
    • Updated Standing Rules; open for commentary on the 34th Dems website; email comments to
    • King Conservation District Supervisor Election – March 23 deadline to vote. We will entertain Endorsements in the March 10 meeting.
    • 34th Dem T-Shirts available for purchase;

    Theme and Program Introduction: Black History Month 

    Rachel Glass introduced “Reframing Issues of Equity” Speaker Series.  First Speaker is Sounjah Brantley, 34th Member and Board Vice President of Black Past (, raising awareness and being educated about our black constituents.  This is a 6,000-page website “dedicated to providing a global audience with reliable and accurate information on the history of African America and of people of African ancestry around the world. We aim to promote greater understanding through this knowledge to generate constructive change in our society.”  The presentation deck from tonight’s meeting will be added to the 34th Democrats website. 

    Membership and Fundraising Drive

    • Rachel Glass presented 2021’s membership goal of 400 members, the membership goal of $25,000, and provided details of what membership dues and donations cover.  There are 173 members right now and 141 this time last year.  We are slightly under halfway to our $25,000 membership goal this year. 
    • Glenn Morgan makes money litigating against LDs.  To reduce risk to the 34th, a Deputy Treasurer is hired to handle compliance reporting. 
    • Contributions can be made here:
    • By end of meeting, 15 new membership renewals were reported.  T-shirt winners included Marco Mazzoni, Rocco DeVito, Joshua Wilmot, Ann Martin, Sarah Koch, Chris Porter, Carolyn Ladd, Shirley Carlson, Max Vekich, and Rob Earl.  

    Finance Report 

    February is being used to Audit the books and develop a 2021 Budget. March will be the next Treasurer’s Report and provide a new Budget for consideration. 

    Resolution for Consideration 

    Appointment of Board Members 

    • Bylaws & Rules – Ben Reilly
    • Caucus & Elections – Colleen Hinton
    • Communications – Carla Rogers
    • Equity & Social Justice – Jeff Sbaih
    • Platform & LAC – Jordan Crawley
    • Outreach Co-chairs – Karen Richter & Steve Butts
    • PCO – Nick Bonazza
    • Programs – Rachel Glass
    • Newsletter Editor – Steve Butts
    • Parliamentarian – Gina Topp
    • Young Dems Representative – Estey Chen

    Motion to accept by Janine Anzolata, seconded by Ann Martin and unanimously approved by verbal vote. 

    Appointment of PCO’s, presented by Chair Nick Bonazza


    • Hannah Cameron SEA 34-1456
    • Trey Lykins SEA 34-1454
    • Sheila Ghaibi SEA 34-3682
    • Jared Magid SEA 34-1529


    • Clara Sekowski BUR 34-0402
    • Estey Chen BUR 34-0489
    • Joshua Wilmot BUR 34-0381
    • Sarah Toce BUR 34-0699
    • Rocco DeVito BUR 34-1059

    Motion to appoint by Janine Anzolata, seconded by Sara Koch, and unanimously approved by voice vote. 

    Membership Policy Caucuses and Platform Survey

    Jordan Crawley led a discussion regarding amplifying our voice in policy making.   Members have input through a surveys, in addition to regular communication methods: 

    Platform Survey

    Platform is the priority right now as we are 1/3 of the way through the legislative year in Olympia. Still need leads in some of these Caucuses.  

    34th Membership Policy Caucuses

    • Environment, Energy & Land Use – Annie Phillips & Randy Litzenberger
    • Human Services & Education – Meg Van Wyk
    • Law, Justice & Civil Rights – Carolyn Ladd
    • Healthcare – Norman Sigler & Jen Nye
    • Housing, Community & Arts
    • Labor, Commerce & Gaming
    • Transportation & Utilities
    • Budget & Economic Development – Richard O’Neill
    • Voting & Elections – Jeanne Fellin 

    Good of the Order

    • Colleen Hinton, on behalf of the Burien People for Climate Action, invites all residents of Burien to help make sure Burien City Council focuses on climate change in everything they do.  Colleen encouraged having at least one person attend at every meeting and advocate the importance of focusing on climate change and the environment. Email Colleen or Annie Phillips to sign up. or 

    Meeting adjourned at 8:44 by Carla Rogers. 


    01/13/21 Biannual Reorganization/Membership Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    January 13, 2021  – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    7:03pm – Call to Order by Temporary Chair Scott Forbes

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Scott Forbes shared the land acknowledgement and thanked the group for their hard work this past year. 
    • Gina Topp shared code of conduct, and making the meetings efficient, safe, and open for all 
    • Zoom logistics – Carla provided points for using mute, raise hand, and vote mechanisms. 

    Appointing Temporary Officers

    Scott Forbes, First Vice Chair of the King County Democrats, appointed the following temporary officers: 

    1. Ben Johnson –  Sergeant at Arms
    2. Gina Topp –  Chair 
    3. Sara Smith – Secretary 
    4. Tally committee – Jordan Crawley, Dawn Rains and Leah Griffin 

    Agenda and Meeting Rules

    1. Moved, seconded, and approved. 
    2. Jordan Crawley listed the open nomination positions, tally committee, and reviewed the rules of nominations and voting. 

    Nominations and Voting 

    Art Chippendale raised a question whether only dues-paying members can be nominated. 

    Gina Topp clarified that membership does not require dues and any member can be nominated. 

    • Chair: Jeff Sbaih nominated Carla Rogers as Chair. Attendees voted and approved.  Gina Topp transferred the gavel to Carla Rogers in a brief ceremony. 
    • First Vice Chair:  Bunny Hatcher nominated Rachel Glass. Attendees voted and approved.  
    • Second Vice Chair: Chris Porter nominated and endorsed Jordan Crawley. Attendees voted and approved.  
    • State committee representatives: Ann Martin nominated Janine Anzolota and  Jordan Crawley nominated Chris Porter. Unanimous votes to approve.
    • King county democrat central committee: Rachel Glass nominated Norman Sigler, Bunny Hatcher nominated Leah Griffin, and Nick Bonazza nominated Richard O’Neil. Attendees voted and  Jordan announced winners Leah Griffin 100% Normal Sigler 74% of the vote. 
    • King County Alternates: Rachel Glass and Julie Whitaker nominated Bunny Hatcher. Norman Sigler nominated Richard O’Neill. Unanimous vote for both candidates. 
    • Treasurer: Ann Martin nominated Julie Whitaker. Unanimous vote to affirm.
    • Secretary: Colleen Hinton nominated Sara M. Smith. Unanimous vote to affirm.

    Upcoming Events and Notes: 

    Carla Rogers adjourned the meeting at 8:39 pm.

    Monthly Meeting

    09-09-20 Monthly Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    General Meeting Minutes

    September 9, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck

    7:01pm – Call to Order by Chair Gina Topp

    Opening Ceremonies

    • Chris Porter shared the land acknowledgment.
    • General meeting statements provided by the Chair.
    • Zoom logistics – Carla provided pointers for using the mute, raise hand and vote mechanisms.

    Gina shared the August Minutes. Ann Martin moved to approve the minutes as presented. Karen Richter seconded the motion and the motion passed by voice vote. 

    Gina presented the September Agenda. Dawn Rains made a motion to approve the agenda and Ann Martin seconded. The agenda was approved as submitted by voice vote. 

    VIP Acknowledgements

    • Justice Montoya-Lewis asked for support in her contested campaign. Justice will be asking for our endorsement later in the agenda. 
    • Eileen Cody greeted attendees and ceded time to ‘the Joes’! 
    • Councilmember Joe McDermott was recognized but wasn’t able to speak at the time. 

    7:20 – Virtual Phone Banking

    1. Senator Joe Nguyen and Representative Joe Fitzgibbon shared an update on this year’s races, in particular key defensive/offensive races and races which need volunteer support. 
    2. We need all possible volunteers to support our state and local races, along with swing state and presidential races. Anyone interested in Phone Banking should sign up asap at
    3. Max Brown – PCO Lead for the 34th LD phone banking program – gave an overview of our efforts. Training is available. Max stressed the importance of phone banking. We would like to double our efforts from now until the election. 

    7:40 – Harborview Health for All – Yes Proposition 1

    Olga Laskin introduced Anika Garman who spoke about the Harborview Health for All Proposition 1, which will be on the ballot in November. She spoke of the importance of Harborview to the community and the crucial nature of the levy. Olga explained the $1.74B levy for Harborview and what it will fund including seismic upgrades. 

    Councilmember Joe McDermott provided an update on the recent activities of the council to address the pandemic and the economic crisis which is upon us. 

    7:52 – New Precinct Committee Officer Appointments

    Nick Bonazza presented 6 new PCO candidates! Nick shared the oath and questions for each PCO, regarding their responsibilities.

    • Clara Sekowski
    • Rocco DeVito
    • Zach Seikel
    • Cameron Levon
    • Carey Rayburn
    • Jeff Keever

    Ann Martin made a motion to approve the new PCOs. Grace Stiller seconded. PCOs voted by voice and all were approved. The current PCO count is over 120!

    7:57 – Washington State Coordinated Campaign Regional Field Director for King County Cat Floate gave a report on the recent activities of the coordinated campaign. Cat introduced Alexandra Carter as our new coordinator. 

    37 days until ballots drop! Ballots may drop a week earlier, due to the post office issues.

    8:00 – Endorsements

    • Proposition 1 – Councilmember McDermott moved to endorse Prop 1. Rachel Glass seconded. McDermott spoke on behalf of Proposition 1. No one spoke against it. Attendees voted and we approved the endorsement.  
    • Washington State Supreme Court – Ann Martin moved that we endorse Justice Montoya- Lewis to WA State Supreme Court position 3. Neal Traven seconded. Ann Martin spoke on behalf of the nomination. 

    8:12 – Resolutions  

    LAC Chair Jordon Crawley provided a neutral summary of each resolution to be considered. 

    • West Seattle Bridge Now – Les Treall moved that we pass the resolution as submitted. Rachel Glass seconded the motion. No one spoke against the resolution. The attendees voted and the Resolution passed.
    • Black Lives Matter – Dawn Rains moved to consider the resolution and John Murphy seconded. Moti Krauthammer made a motion to amend.
      • Add after 4th Whereas  :  Whereas this body acknowledges our own political parties history of defending slavery and establishing Jim Crow laws. 
      • Ann Martin seconded the motion. Moti spoke on behalf of his motion. No speakers against the amendment.
      • Amendment passed. 
      • Discussion on the original motion was held. Dawn spoke for the amendment, no one spoke against. 
      • Votes were collected for the resolution, as amended and the resolution passed. 

    8:48pm – Adjourn




    08-12-20 Monthly Meeting Minutes

    150 150 34th Democrats

    August 12, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck hosted by 2nd vice chair Jesse Greene.

    7:01pm – Call to Order

    Opening Ceremonies 

    • Jeff Sbaih led us in a land acknowledgement. Jeff shared some history about Alki. We honor with gratitude the land and tribe of the Duwamish. 
    • Chris Porter shared a slideshow honoring Representative John Lewis.
    • A statement about the process for the meeting was made by Gina Topp.
    • Carla Rogers provided Zoom tips. 

    VIP Acknowledgements

    • Eileen Cody thanked everyone for support during the Primary and looked forward to the general. 
    • Joe Fitzgibbon spoke about the opportunity to flip the 34th. 
    • Hillary Madsen thanked the 34th for the endorsement for Superior Court position 13. 
    • King County Councilman Joe McDermott was recognized. 
    • King County Councilman John Upthegrove was recognized and mentioned how having our meetings on Zoom allowed him to attend.

    The July Meeting Minutes were presented and Jesse Greene made a motion to approve the minutes. Rachel Glass seconded. Motion carried, minutes were approved as presented.

    The August Agenda was presented. Ann Martin made a motion and a second was made by Marcee Stone to approve it as presented. Motion carried, minutes were approved as presented. 

    Virtual Phone Bank – Max Brown spoke about the 2 phases of voter contact during election season. Pre-primary, the 34th made a pass and a half through our GOTV universe. The size of the GOTV universe in the general election will be doubled. We need everyone who is comfortable with phone banking to participate in the 34th phone bank program. See our website for links to sign up.

    7:31 – New Precinct Committee Officer Appointments 

    Nick presented 6 PCOs for consideration. 

    • Jordan Crawley 1435
    • Hannah Cameron 1456
    • Laura Goodsell – Stocki 1463
    • Erica Brody  1476
    • Richard Bartlett 1486
    • Sarah Koch 34 – Glasgow

    Ann Martin moved that we welcome and approve all PCO candidates. Jesse Greene seconded. Motion passed unanimously. There are now 126 PCOs elected.

    Turnout for King County was 54% (approximately). There were 12 contested PCO precincts. 

    7:35pm – Endorsements

    Leah Griffin made a motion to endorse Referendum I-90. Karen Richter seconded. Leah spoke on behalf of the initiative for comprehensive sex ed in schools. No one spoke against the endorsement. Les moved that we vote by acclamation. Vote passed, the 34th officially endorsed I-90.. 

    7:48pm – King County Charter Amendments Regarding the Criminal Legal System

    Rob Saka, who served on the charter review commission, spoke about the police accountability amendments. The presentation will be placed on the homepage of the website after the meeting.  Rob’s informative presentation is available on our website. Rob took questions and shared the final report link: 

    8:18 – Postcard Writing Presentation

    Rachel Glass introduced Kathy Rawle who gave a short overview of the Postcards to Voters initiative. Kathy shared various groups who are doing postcards and text banking as an alternative to phone banking. Opportunities are available on the website:

    8:29 – Resolutions: Jordan Crawley

    Three resolutions have been considered by the Executive Board and moved to the General Membership with a recommendation to approve.

    1. Commitment to Israeli-Palestinian peace & opposition to further occupation, settlement expansion, or other unilateral annexation of West Bank territory.

    Jordan Crawley provided a summary. Ann Martin moved to pass this resolution. Annie Phillips seconded.  Katie Harris spoke in favor of the resolution. Moti Krauthamer spoke against the resolution. Dean Shuey made a motion to table the resolution due to inconsistencies with the language and changes suggested by VP Biden. Marcee Stone seconded the motion to table. Chris Porter spoke against the motion. Marcee Stone mentioned that motions to table are not debated per Robert’s Rules. Katie Harris spoke against tabling the resolution. Motion to table did not pass. Resolution passed with 87%. 

    1. Defending immigrant rights

    Jordan Crawley provided a summary. Ann Martin made a motion and Chris Porter seconded to pass the resolution. Chris spoke in favor of the resolution. No one spoke against the resolution. Resolution passed unanimously. 

    1. Equitable hiring and spending processes for political consultants of color.

    Jordan Crawley provided a summary. Ann Martin moved and Sara Koch seconded that we pass this resolution. Ann spoke in favor. Chris Porter spoke against the resolution. Moti Krauthamer made a motion to table the resolution for updates.  Layne Bautista seconded. Motion to table passed. Resolution will go back to the author.

    9:13pm – Policy Discussion Group

    Michael Epton is forming a policy discussion group and will be hosting groups to discuss policy ideas and campaign talking points. Please contact him at if you are interested in joining this group. Ideas for the policy discussion group are available on our website

    9:17pm – Adjourn


    Executive Board Meeting

    07-22-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Held via Zoom conference due to COVID-19.

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Rachel Glass, Les Treall, Dawn Rains, Jordan Crawley, Art Chippendale Jeff Sbaih, Ben Reilly, Ted Barker, Ann Martin

    7:04 Gina called the meeting to order.

    Updates from Gina

    • Gina notified the Hall at Fauntleroy that we will not need the hall for the rest of the year. We do have the option to get the hall if we change our direction. 
    • PCO report will be submitted by Nick via email as he wasn’t able to attend. 
    • Carla gave an update on the success of our Phone Banks. We have 31 people signed up as interested in phone banking. We are continuing to Phone bank on Thursdays and Saturdays. Aug 6 will be our 26th LD focus phone bank and Aug 15 we have added a phone back for NC, via Sister District. All board members are expected to phone bank at least one shift a month. The PCO leads are doing a great job. 

    Leadership Development

    • Les is spear-heading an initiative to contact new people interested in or just joining the 34th..
    • Les drafted a letter and sent it to the Exec Board and posted it in Slack. 
    • Jordan has created a second draft. 
    • This would be sent to interested parties and anyone visiting a meeting for the first time. A different version would be for new members.
    • Les is willing to make phone calls to these same people to follow up on our letter.
    • Dawn is willing to identify visitors and new members. 
    • Who are we mailing to? – 4 groups: mailing list sign ups, new attendees at meetings, new members, caucus attendees/delegates
    • Board comments on Jordan’s letter are due by Saturday and then we will vote on Slack since the letter comes from the board.
    • Dawn will help get letters out after the meeting. 


    • We made some small changes already to the Bylaws in February.. Art has added language from the state for emergency meetings. 
    • Les noted that section 7 needs to be updated. 
    • Art is proposing additional changes to be voted on in our September meeting. 
    • Board is to review the proposed Bylaws and bring any comments, updates to the August Board meeting. We will present to the general meeting in September or October. 


    • Carla asked that everyone try to make progress on your committee goals without relying on a board meeting. Work in sub-committees and try to accomplish tasks. 
    • Have we gotten reimbursement from SPS? No. 
    • Karen asked about communicating with Jayapal’s office regarding the GND. Gina provided a name of who to connect with at her office.

    8:07 Adjourn

    Executive Board Meeting

    07-15-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Held via Zoom conference due to COVID-19.

    Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Max Brown, Dawn Rains, Nick Bonazza, Jordan Crawley, Art Chippendale, Jesse Greene, Jeff Sbaih, Chris Porter

    7:03 Gina called the meeting to order. 

    7:04 Rachel Glass introduced guest Kathy Rawle who spoke about the Postcards to Voters program. This is a great alternative to phone banking if folks want to help but don’t want to make phone bank calls. Campaigns are selected based on those which need high voter turnout to win. Sign up by texting JOIN to 484-275-2229. 

    7:20 Carla provided updates about the 34th Virtual Phone Banking program which started on July 9. We will be supporting the 26th LD once per month (August 6th is the first date) and the NC Legislative races once a month via Sister District. The latter starts on August 15th. Sign up links on Facebook and on the events calendar. More dates will be added soon for August phone banks. Every board members encouraged to sign up for at least one shift a month.

    7:30 Committee Updates

    Carla provided the Communication Committee report. Sheila Ghiabi has created a cross-platform social content plan and we will start with ‘Meet Us Monday’ on 7/27. The board and electeds will respond to a questionnaire to provide the content. Board members are asked to respond to the questionnaire by the end of week.  

    Chris and Ann gave the State Committee updates. Ann noted that the state is starting to draft rules for ‘virtual’ meetings. Chris was very unhappy with the actual results of the diversity and inclusion efforts from the delegate process. Chris also shared how the National Convention will be held. 

    The King County update was provided by Max. Endorsements were made for Kreidler and Pat McKarthy. BLM speakers gave updates. I-940 (criminal justice de-escalation and training) representatives spoke. 1776 resolution was passed (regarding the Ahmaud Arbery killing), defunding police/investment, a resolution was passed to support equity and inclusion of Political Consultants of Color (PCC). 

    Steve gave the Outreach report. Committee is unable to do much due to COVID. Steve and Karen are working on a Voter Registration training meeting on Zoom. Tina Eck may help – she did the program currently on the website. 

    Dawn gave the Finance/Membership updates.  We got a nice increase in membership for the endorsement meeting.

    Jeff provided the Diversity and Inclusion committee report. Next meeting is 5:30 at 7/28 via Zoom. Committee has met twice. The committee would like to change the name to Social Justice and Equity committee. Jeff shared that this change was in response to the current goals of the committee. They have worked on a mission statement and new goals. The group asked questions and made comments. Leah made a motion to change the name of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to Social Justice and Equity Committee. Chris Porter seconded. Ann amended the motion to change the name to Social Justice and Equity Caucus. Carla seconded. Jeff spoke against the amendment. Amendment failed. Original motion came to a vote and it passed. 

    Jeff also mentioned the incident at the Endorsement meeting last week where a member called out Jesse. Discussion was held.  

    Jordan gave the Legislative Action Committee report which included his work on Resolutions currently in front of the board/membership. We have 9 outstanding resolutions. 

    Three resolutions have been considered by the Executive Board and moved to the General Membership:

    1. Re: Commitment to Israeli-Palestinian peace & opposition to further occupation, settlement expansion, or other unilateral annexation of West Bank territory.
    2. Re: Defending immigrant rights
    3. Re: Equitable hiring and spending processes for political consultants of color

    Three resolutions have been submitted to the Chair and are pending consideration by the Executive Board:

    1. Re: Valuation of Seattle’s green space and subsequent use as an asset in the budgeting process.
    2. Re: Police accountability, reappropriation and investment of SPD budget dollars to other uses, redesignation of city-owned parcels for public use, and other related causes.
    3. Re: Supporting the proper and efficient stabilization and repair or replacement of the Jeanette Williams Memorial Bridge, commonly referred to as the West Seattle Bridge.

    Two resolutions were previously intended for consideration by the 34th Dems, but have since been withdrawn:

    1. Re: Referendum 90
    2. Re: Taxing Amazon

    One resolution has yet to be received, but is reported as remaining an issue area for conversation:

    1. Re: I-1776; expansion of the prohibition on discrimination, ensuring no-cost vaccinations, and other related causes.

    Gina shared that we can only bring in 3 resolutions to the August meeting, based on the current agenda. Chris made a motion and Leah seconded to include the PCC resolution with a recommendation to pass at the August meeting.

    Ann moved that we use the remaining 2 slots for the Israel – Palestine and Immigration resolutions. Motion was seconded by Leah Griffin. Motion passed. 

    Steve stated that the Newsletter deadline for August is July 30.. 

    8:57 Proposed General Membership August Agenda was shared by Gina. Board agreed on the agenda.

    Les made a motion to have an additional Executive Board meeting. Bylaws, Newsletter, PCO, LD, Hospitality, Treasurer, Fundraising committees did not get to provide their updates. We could also cover more of the resolutions as well. Gina stated the meeting will be held next Wednesday at 7pm via Zoom.

    9:05 Good of the Order

    Rachel mentioned that Tamsen Spangler had a house fire and needs to rent a home while repairs are being made. Her and her husband are safe. Please contact Rachel if you know of a home for rent.

    9:08 Adjourn

    Monthly Meeting

    07-08-20 Virtual General Membership Meeting Minutes

    400 300 34th Democrats

    July 8, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

    6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck

    Gina shared the rules and process for the endorsements portion of the agenda. Board members and members introduced themselves. 

    7:00pm – Call to Order

    • Opening Ceremonies – Gina began the meeting by acknowledging the land we live on as the home of the First People. Gina also noted that we stand in solidarity with the Duwamish tribe.  Gina discussed the structure of the endorsements meeting. The meeting was recorded. 
    • VIP Acknowledgements
      • Councilmember Joe McDermott addressed the attendees. Charter Amendments are under consideration. A town hall will be held this Monday at noon on Zoom.
      • Senator Joe Nguyen spoke about some of the issues being discussed at the capital. 
      • Representative Cody spoke about the possibility of a special session. Joe Fitzgibbon, Joe Nguyen, Joe McDermott and Rep Cody are working closely on the WS Bridge Task force.
      • Representative Fitzgibbon added that he’s been working hard to get more democrats elected. He has been working on the Unemployment (ESD) situation in the state, which has been overwhelming. 
    • Gina spoke about the 34th Phone Banking initiative and asked folks to sign up for shifts. 
    • Adoption of June Minutes – There was a motion to approve the minutes as submitted. Motion was seconded and the motion passed. Minutes are adopted.
    • Adoption of July Agenda – There was a motion to adopt the agenda as presented. Motion was seconded and the motion passed. Agenda is adopted.  

    7:10pm –  Precinct Committee Officer Appointments

    Nick presented 5 new PCOs for appointment. Votes were tallied and all PCOs were confirmed. 

    • SEA 34-1245  Jessie Culbert Boucher
    • SEA 34-1435  Jordan Crawley
    • SEA 34-1468  Richard O’Neill
    • SEA 34-1489  Kallie Ferguson
    • SEA 34-1246  John Murphy

    7:29pm – We heard from available candidates 

      • Don Rivers spoke as candidate for Governor. He spoke of inclusion and the importance of all people in the state.  
      • Gene Hart spoke as candidate for Governor. His written statement will be shared with the membership.
      • Michelle Jasmer spoke as a candidate for Lt. Governor. She shared her business/finance experience. 
      • Denny Heck spoke as a candidate for Lt. Governor. He discussed his endorsements and vision for governor. 
      • Mike Pellicciotti spoke as a candidate for Treasurer and discussed the importance of the role. He stressed the importance of taking the seat from a Republican who is not showing up in many of the committee meetings and is not using his voice in policy-making and financial oversight areas.  
      • Marko Liias spoke as a candidate for Lt. Governor. Marko wants to deliver bold change.
      • Joshua Casey spoke as candidate for Auditor.  He spoke about his experience and accredidation.
      • Pat McCarthy spoke as current State Auditor and candidate for re-election. Pat spoke of her past experience in Pierce county and in her current role. She spoke about the role of the Auditor.
      • Eileen Cody spoke as candidate for reelection as State Representative, running unopposed.
      • Joe Fitzgibbon spoke about his candidacy for reelection as State Representative, running unopposed.
      • Andrea Robertson spoke about her candidacy for KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 13.
      • Hillary Madsen spoke about her candidacy for KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 13. 
      • Doug North spoke about his candidacy for reelection as KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 30.
      • Carolyn Ladd spoke about her candidacy for KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 30.
      • Justice G Helen Whitener spoke about his candidacy for Supreme Court Justice, pos. 6.

    7:45pm – Endorsements (in the following order)

    Gina reviewed the process for endorsement and voting. 

    Ann Martin made a motion to endorse a slate of candidates. Jay Inslee, Pramila Jayapal, Gael Tarleton, Mike Pellicciotti, Bob Ferguson, Hilary Franz, Mike Kreidler, Eileen Cody and Joe Fitzgibbon. Motion was seconded by Chris Porter. Anne spoke in favor of her motion. 

    Donna Christianson made a motion to add state auditor Pat McCarthy to the slate. Art Chippendale seconded the motion. Jesse Greene spoke against Donna’s motion. Motion failed. Motion to amend the slate was suggested by Annie Phillips. The motion is to include on the slate only candidates who are incumbents and who are unopposed which would mean that only Joe Fitzgibbon and Eileen Cody would stay on the slate. Motion was seconded by Jesse Greene. Discussion for and against the motion was made. At 9:13 the group voted on the second amendment. This amendment failed. Next, the original slate was voted on and the slate passed with a 60% or more majority. 


    • WA Governor – Jay Inslee via slate
    • U.S. Representative District 7 – Pramila Jayapal via slate
    • WA Lieutenant Governor – Gina opened nominations for Lt. Gov. Joe McDermott nominated Denny Heck. Marcee Stone-Vecich seconded. Joe Fitzgibbon nominated Marko Liias and Brianna Thomas seconded. Joe McDermott spoke for Denny Heck. Joe Fitzgibbon spoke for Senator Liias. Marko Liias was endorsed by a 60.1% vote. This vote will be audited. 
    • WA Treasurer – Mike Pellicciotti via slate
    • WA Secretary of State – Gael Tarleton via slate
    • WA Attorney General – Bob Ferguson via slate
    • WA Commissioner of Public Lands – Hilary Franz via slate
    • WA Auditor – Kyle Wolfer nominated Joshua Casey. Jeff Sbaih seconded the nomination. Chris Porter nominated Pat McCarthy and Donna Christianson Salcedo seconded. Kyle Wolfer spoke in favor of Joshua Casey. Chris Porter spoke on behalf of Pat McCarthy. After the vote, Pat McKarthy was endorsed with 62% of the vote. This vote will be audited.
    • WA Insurance Commissioner – Mike Kreidler via slate
    • WA Representative, District 34 Position 1 – Eileen Cody via slate
    • WA Representative, District 34 Position 2 – Joe Fitzgibbon via slate
    • Judicial Candidates 
      • Hilary Madsen was nominated for Pos. 13 by Leah Griffin, with Neal Traven seconded. Steve Butts nominated Andrea Robertson, with Nick Bonazza seconded. Leah Griffin spoke on behalf of Hilary Madsen. Andrea Robertson spoke on her own behalf. Hilary Madsen was endorsed at 73%.
      • Marcee Stone-Vekich nominated Judge North for pos. 30. Second was made by Chris Porter. Jeff Sbaih nominated Carolyn Ladd, seconded by James Williams. Members spoke for and against Judge North. Stone-Vekich spoke for Judge North. Leah Griffin spoke against Judge North. Jeff Sbaih spoke in favor of Carolyn Ladd. Carolyn Ladd was endorsed by a 72% vote. 
      • Chris Porter nominated Justice Helen Whitener for WA Supreme Court pos. 6.  Nomination was seconded by Ann Martin. Chris spoke on behalf of the candidate. Justice Whitener was endorsed by a unanimous vote. 
    • WA Superintendent of Public Instruction – Heather Barker nominated Chris Reykdal. Ann Martin seconded the nomination. Heather spoke on behalf of Reykdal. Endorsement was granted. 

    Leah Griffin requested to suspend the rules to consider an endorsement of referendum I-90. Moti Krauthamer spoke against the suspension of the rules. Leslie Harris spoke in favor of suspending the rules. Steve Butts spoke against. After the vote, we did not get to the required 80% to suspend the rules. Endorsement request was not considered but will be on the agenda for August.

    11:02 pm – The remaining attendees considered Resolution Whereby the 34th Legislative District Democrats Join Local Efforts to Support the Green New Deal at the Federal Level. Karen Richter made a motion to approve the resolution as submitted. Ann Martin seconded. Roxanne Thayer made a motion to add ‘state and’ to the content of the resolution. Danny Pinsker seconded. Thayer spoke in favor of the amendment. Marcee Stone-Vecich spoke against. Amendment was rejected by a majority. Karen Richter spoke in favor of the resolution. Resolution was approved. 

    11:17pm– Confirmation of Diversity and Inclusion Chair  Chris Porter made a motion to approve appointment of Jeff Sbaih as the Diversity and Inclusion Chair. Ann Seconded. Jeff was approved as the 34th LD Diversity and Inclusion Chair. 

    11:19pm – Adjourn