2023-02-08 Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      2023-02-08 Membership Meeting Minutes

      34th District Democrats Membership Meeting – Held via closed Zoom

      6:30 PM – Pre-Meeting Program – Celebrating Black History Month

      Presented by Malakhi Kaine from Africatown International. A recording can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiIrkJlints


      7:35 PM Call to order by Chair Graham Murphy


      Approval of the Meeting Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes

      • Bunny Hatcher Moved to Adopt the Agenda, Rachel Glass seconded. Passed by Unanimous Consent.
      • Sara Smith Moved for Approval of the Minutes from January, Tamsen Spengler seconded. Passed by Unanimous Consent.
      • Chair Murphy asked for opinions on in-person vs virtual meetings and shared a link for members to provide input using an online form.

      Opening Ceremony

      • Land Acknowledgement was given by 1st Vice Rachel Glass

      VIP Acknowledgements

      • King County Executive Dow Constantine – Spoke in favor of the Crisis Center Levy to be on the April Special Election ballot.
      • King Conservation District Board Member Chris Porter – Spoke the unique February 14 KCD Board Election, the KCD bare-root native plant sale, and a KCD listening tour.
      • Seattle Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda – Spoke in support of the Crisis Center Levy and the Seattle Social Housing initiative I-135 on the February 14 Special Election.
      • Retired Rep. Eileen Cody – Chose not to speak.

      Candidate Spotlight

      • Judge Joe Campagna spoke about his candidacy for election to his appointed seat on King County Superior Court, Pos. 39.

      Endorsement of the King County Crisis Care Centers Levy 

      • Gina Topp rose to ask that we alter the agenda to vote to consider endorsement of the King County Crisis Care Centers Levy. Chris Porter rose to second. We were informed by the chair that it would take an 80% majority to allow for a vote.
      • Sara Smith moved to change the agenda to allow an endorsement vote; Eileen Cody seconded. Motion to allow vote was passed via voice vote.
      • Gina moved to endorse the levy; Chris Porter seconded.
        • Dorothy Gesick rose to question the necessity of a special election. Exec. Constantine explained that it could be up to two years before it could be placed on a ballot.
        • Gina spoke in favor.
      • Voting was conducted via Zoom Poll and the levy was endorsed by 100% of those voting.

      Membership Drive

      Chair Murphy and 1st Vice Chair Glass urged those attending to join or renew their memberships in the 34th District Democrats and shared some of the costs the organization must pay. They also acknowledged by name those who had already renewed or became members.

      Committee Chair Appointments

      Chair Murphy put forward his picks for committee chairs:

      • Jordan Crawley, Bylaws and Rules Committee Chair
      • Carla Rogers, Communications Committee Chair
      • Lauri Hennessey, Fundraising & Events Committee Chair
      • Jordan Crawley, Platform & Legislative Action Committee Chair
      • Steve Butts, Outreach Committee Chair
      • Dorothy Gesick, PCO Committee Chair
      • Rachel Glass, Program Committee Chair
      • Ann Martin, Resolutions & Endorsements Committee Chair
      • Gina Topp, Parliamentarian
        • Chris Porter moved to approve the appointments; Tamsen Spengler seconded. Chairs were approved via a voice vote.
        • The Chair asked for volunteers to take up vacant roles:
      • Membership & Hospitality Committee Chair
      • Community Partnerships Committee Chair
      • Equity & Social Justice Committee Chair
      • Elections & Caucuses Committee Chair
      • Young Democrats Liaison

      PCO Appointments

      • PCO Committee Chair Dorothy Gesick put forward 3 new PCOs for appointment:
        • Jordan Crawley, 34-1435
        • Heather Engel, 34-1546
        • Gayle Sommers, 34-3942
      • Dorothy moved to approve, and Chris Porter seconded. The new PCOs were approved via voice vote of the PCOs present at the meeting.

      Budget Development Committee

      • Chair Graham Murphy announced that he, Julie Whitaker, and Carla Rogers will make up a committee to prepare a budget, to be approved by the Executive Board in March for submittal to membership on April 1 for review prior to adoption at the April Membership Meeting. Interested members can take part in the budget process by contacting Graham at chair@34dems.org

      Financial and Membership Report

      • Chair Murphy gave the monthly financials.
      • Graham also asked for the creation of a new budget line item to facilitate the transfer of money from Umpqua Bank to BECU Credit Union, our new bank. Eileen Cody moved; Chris Porter seconded. The change was approved by members via voice vote.
      • Membership as of February 5th stood at 127, 63 of which are PCOs.

      Bylaws and Rules Modifications

      • Bylaws and Rules Committee Chair Jordan Crawley will propose modifications to the Bylaws, Standing Rules, and the Code of Conduct to the Executive Board in February for approval to be then brought forth to the membership at the March membership meeting.
      • Jordan asked that for those who have suggestions or who wish to join the committee to contact him at bylaws@34dems.org

      Good of the Order

      • Elizabeth Heath noted that there will be a meeting of the West Seattle Democratic Women on February 23. The Washington State Capital Gains Tax was to be the subject.
      • Carla Rogers spoke in favor of the Seattle I-135 Social Housing Initiative. She had signs and materials available.
      • Chair Murphy announced that the next Pop-Up Social would be on February 24 at The Beverage Place.

      Meeting was adjourned at 8:43 PM