22-10-12 Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      34th Democrats Membership Meeting Minutes

      October 12, 2022 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      6:30 Presentation on Public Safety by Sean Blackwell, LEAD. Jimmy Hung, Lisa Herbold, Saroeum Phoung, and Marvin Marshall, recording available: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCON7J56wtBveqzF0xVywhrg  

      7:36 Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 

      Opening Ceremonies

      • What are you doing to get out the Democratic vote? 
      • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass 
      • VIP Acknowledgements
        • Chris Porter King County Conservation District – encourages everyone to use native plants in their properties and pick up after their dogs and vote. 
        • Representative Eileen Cody 
      • Speak Up Survey to gauge interest in attending a 34th Board Q&A  

      Approval of Tonight’s Agenda and Last Month’s Minutes 

      • Chris Porter moved and Sara Koch seconded to approve the agenda. Passed by unanimous consent.
      • Julie Whitaker moved and Bunny Hatcher seconded to approve the minutes. Passed by unanimous consent.

      Budget and Membership Reports

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget since last meeting.    
        • Budget decreased this month largely due to printing sample ballots and meeting expenses. 
        • Current membership is 279, including 99 PCOs. 
        • PCO’s filed in May, look for notices re: voting at the King County Reorganization in December meeting. 

      Honoring our Veterans, presented by Preston Anderson 

      • Gold Star Memorial Dedication in Lynwood, November 2nd, need to register to attend, link will be coming soon https://www.lynnwoodwa.gov/Home. 
      • UW Veterans Appreciate Week in November 
      • Look for more information coming via email

      Chair’s Announcements

      • Next board meeting will be held on Zoom, October 19, 7-8:00 
      • October Pop Up Social – Friday Oct 21, 5:30 – 8pm Beer Star (White Center)    
      • Shall we have a social in December? 
      • Submit 34th Awards Nominations  
      • Executive Board Election “Reorganization” January 11
      • Executive Board Open House November 16  

      What’s Ahead in 2022 

      • November 9th,  6-9 pm Meeting – Year End Celebration
        • Pre-session Q&A with Legislators
        • 2022 34th Awards
        • Tribute to Rep Eileen Cody
      • No December Meeting
        • Service Project 
        • December is the end of the term, and 34th re-orgs in January 

      PCO Appointments & Upcoming Plans

      • Nick swore in Gayle Sommers and confirmed they are a Democrat, SEA 34 – 3767
      • Chris Porter moved and Sara Koch seconded to appoint this new PCO. 
      • Unanimous voice vote welcomed this new PCO to their role!
      • New Walk lists and Door Hangers have been distributed, and Nick has extra if anyone needs them. 
      • Attend December King County Dems Reorganization 

      GOTV Plans 

      Campaign Contributions

      • Executive Board Recommends the following additional donation for Highline Schools
      • Chris Porter moved to make a $750 to Highline Schools Levy, Dorothy Gesick seconded. 
      • Chris Porter spoke for the motion. 
      • Motion passed unanimously. 

      Your Executive Board – Committees 

      • “Who Does That?” Game for each board member to share a little about their tasks.   

      Good of the Order 

      • Chris Porter: Remember to fill out your nomination forms for the awards!  Get your Covid vaccinations! 
      • Dean Shuey: millions of US citizens live overseas and need to vote, including military and students. They can use https://www.votefromabroad.org/.  Help us get out the vote! 
      • Roxanne Thayer – Slack posts contain information on Medicare and Medicaid and instances of misuse. 

      Adjourned at 9:08 pm by Carla Rogers, Chair