Resolution in Support of a SELECT COMMITTEE FOR CLIMATE in the Seattle City Council

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      Approved by the membership at the 9/8/21 membership meeting.

      Resolution in Support of a SELECT COMMITTEE FOR CLIMATE in the Seattle City Council

      Whereas, 70% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) come from cities* and Seattle is the largest city in the state; it is thus essential that Seattle reach its GHG reduction goals if King County and Washington State are to achieve their goals.

      Whereas, citizens of Seattle need to see that the goals of the City’s Green New Deal are being addressed in a systematic, transparent and effective way, with special consideration of underserved neighborhoods.

      Whereas, achieving Seattle’s climate goals will require legislation that is currently overseen by at least six different council committees, and six committees working separately cannot produce a coherent set of agreed-upon, city-wide goals, priorities and strategies for action.

      Whereas, as a committee of the whole Council, a Select Committee will enable the establishment of consistent city-wide, multi-sector priorities for goals, strategies, actions, council staffing and work plans, and it would enable the Council to assess city-wide progress on GHG emission reductions that cut across multiple sectors in a way that no single standing Committee could accomplish, and 

      Whereas, since citizen participation is absolutely essential to the achievement of the City’s climate goals, a Select Committee would enable citizens to understand, track and hold the Council accountable for achievement of those goals, and it would highlight, in a way that only a committee of the whole could, the central priority the City is giving to climate change.  

      Now, therefore, be it resolved that the 34th Legislative District Democrats request that the Seattle City Council immediately form a Select Committee on Climate Change and Environmental Justice.

      Therefore, be it further resolved that the Select Committee shall ensure agreement on priority strategies to achieve the City’s GHG reduction goals, actions needed to accomplish the agreed City-initiated strategies, the schedule and budget allocations for implementation of essential actions, and a detailed plan for monitoring its success. 


      * World Bank report:  “The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that urban areas currently account for over 67 percent of energy-related global greenhouse gases, which is expected to rise to 74 percent by 2030.”  Link:

      National Geographic article:  “ The world’s cities emit 70 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide—and that’s likely higher when consumption emissions are included, says report author Michael Doust, program director at C40 Cities, a network of the world’s cities committed to addressing climate change.” Link:

      Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Cities:  “Responsible for more than 70 percent of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, cities represent the single greatest opportunity for tackling climate change. “  Link:

      Submitted by Randy Litzenberger and Annie Phillips, Environmental Energy and Land Use caucus of the 34th Legislative District Democrats. Submitted and authored by members of the 43rd LD Democrats.