Board Actions Taken in Slack

    Our Bylaws allow for Board actions to be taken in Slack.


    Article X: Conduct of Business by the Executive Board

    The Board is authorized to conduct business either at its regular monthly meeting or via electronic means, e.g. electronic mail, at the discretion of the Chair. The Secretary shall archive copies of decisions made by electronic mail, for example, by including the text of such messages in the minutes of monthly Board meetings or other appropriate means.

    Please find below a list of actions taken by the Board in Slack, filed by date taken. These are considered minutes of these actions.

    Saturday, March 27, 2021

    The board considered the Resolution in Support of Eliminating the Senate Filibuster. The motion was brought to Slack by Bunny Hatcher, seconded by Richard O’Neill. The Resolutions & Endorsements Committee recommended to submit the resolution to the membership with a Do Pass recommendation. Link to Resolution.

    The Board voted in Slack and 12 members voted  to Recommend consideration of the resolution, inclusive of any changes desired by the Board, to membership.  1 member voted to Recommend approval of the resolution, inclusive of any changes desired by the Board.

    The Chair will assign the resolution to an upcoming membership agenda.