Resolution in Support of the Sovereignty of Ukraine

      1024 1024 34th Democrats

      Adopted by the membership on April 10, 2024

      Resolution in Support of House Resolution 227 Recognizing the Sovereignty of Ukraine and the Unbreakable Spirit of the People of Ukraine 

      WHEREAS on February 24, 2022, the Government of the Russian Federation launched an unprovoked, full-scale, military invasion against Ukraine in direct violation of international law;  and contrary to the expectations of the Russian Federation, Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv did not fall in a matter of days, thus preventing Russia from achieving its objectives of conquering Ukraine and installing a puppet government; and

      WHEREAS  Russia’s invading forces have committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other atrocity crimes in Ukraine, including rape, torture, murder, the forcible deportation of children, and the targeting of civilian critical infrastructure; and

      WHEREAS  Russia’s full-scale invasion has created immense humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and, as a result, there have been over 30,000 civilian casualties of which about a third have died, roughly 8 million people have been internally displaced, and 17,600,000 people are in need of humanitarian aid; and Russia’s war has also triggered an immense human and economic toll felt well beyond Ukraine’s border, including a massive influx of over 8,100,000 Ukrainian refugees in Europe and an exacerbation of global food insecurity; and

      WHEREAS, as a share of a country’s defense budget, 12 countries have provided more military aid to Ukraine than the United States; and

      WHEREAS House Resolution 227, “Recognizing the sovereignty of Ukraine and the unbreakable spirit of the people of Ukraine,” has been introduced in the US House of Representatives and a similar resolution has been introduced by Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell in the Senate,

      NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the 34th LD Democrats urge US Representative Pramila Jayapal and all of the Washington State Democratic delegation to co-sponsor House Resolution 227:

      (1) affirming strong support for continued United States assistance to Ukraine, specifically the transfer of aid to enable Ukraine to liberate its sovereign territory and win the war as soon as possible;

      (2)  showing support for those United States allies and partners that have provided significant support to Ukraine and urging continued and increased assistance to Ukraine; and

      (3) calling on allies and partners in Europe to increase national defense spending in order to bolster trans-Atlantic security; and

      BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED this resolution be sent to the Washington State Democratic Delegation in the US Congress.

      Sponsored by Carla Rogers, officer and member of the 34th LD Democrats, January 2024