Executive Board Standing Rules

    Rules of the Executive Board of the 34th Legislative District Democrats

    (As approved by the Executive Board on January 20, 2021)

    • Rules Subject to By-Laws and State Law

    These Rules of the Executive Board of the 34th District Democratic Organization (“Rules”) are subject to the By-laws of the 34th District Democratic Organization (the “By-Laws”) as most recently amended. These Rules are also subject to: 1) the ByLaws of the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC); 2) the By-Laws of the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC); and 3) Washington state law. In the case of conflict or inconsistency, the Rules shall be superseded by.the By-Laws, which shall be superseded by the By-Laws of the KCDCC, which shall be superseded by the By-Laws of the WSDCC, which in turn shall be superseded by Washington state law. The 34th District Democratic Organization is hereinafter referred to as “the Organization.”

    1. Rules Adoption and Amendments

    Following preliminary approval by a majority vote of members of the Executive Board of the Organization (“the Executive Board”), these Rules shall be published in the newsletter and on the website for consideration and comment by the members of the Organization (“the Membership”). No earlier than thirty days after such publication, the Executive Board shall take a final vote on approval of these Rules, which shall only become effective upon ratification by a majority vote of the members of the Executive Board. As needed, the By-Laws and Rules Committee shall propose amendments to these Rules, which to become effective must be approved by a majority of the Executive Board following a thirty-day consideration and comment period by the Membership.

    • Standing Committees 

    The Standing Committees of the Organization are created to ensure ongoing structure, continuity and growth of the Organization for the benefit of the Membership and the people of the 34th Legislative District. The Standing Committees are responsible for carrying out functions essential to a healthy and thriving Organization. The Chair of the Organization shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, standing or ad hoc. The First and Second Vice-Chairs of the Organization shall serve as chair of at least one of the Standing Committees, as appointed by the Chair of the Organization. Committee Chairs will:

    • Draft annual committee goals and present to chair for review and approval
    • Own the operations of their area of the organization
    • Attend monthly Executive Board and General Membership meetings
    • Prepare written a committee recap of activities prior to each monthly general membership meeting
    • Present topics to the General Membership as requested by the Chair or their delegate

    The Standing Committees of the Organization, and their purpose and functions are:

    1. The Fundraising and Events Committee plans and conducts fundraising efforts for the Organization, and shall be responsible for conducting at least one major annual fundraising event, in addition to other fundraising events and activities at the discretion of the Fundraising and Events Committee and the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall be a member of this community, but shall not be required to serve as the Fundraising and Events Committee Chair.
    2. The Membership and Hospitality Committee recruits new members, fosters retention of existing members of the Organization, and manages member information and data. The Membership Committee shall serve as the credentialing body for regular and special meetings, and shall certify which members have voting rights at such meetings. The Membership and Hospitality Committee will assist with the voting process within any online meetings which require it. 

    The Committee supports the social life of the organization by making meetings a welcoming place for all members, their families, and guests, including staffing a welcoming table and providing refreshments, when planned. The Committee handles creation and distribution of name tags for any in-person events. The Committee plans the December Holiday party. 

    1. The Outreach Committee plans and executes community outreach events, voter registration drives, and other activities to increase visibility and diversity of the Organization and raise political awareness within the various communities of the 34th Legislative District. The Committee works with the Equity & Social Justice Committee in BIPOC communities.
    2. The Program Committee shall seek speakers and propose topics for discussion at regular and special district meetings. The Program Committee shall propose an annual schedule of key events of the Organization to the Chair.. The Program Committee shall serve as the main point of contact for speakers and presenters and work to acquire presentation materials ahead of the meeting. The Program Committee will work with the Communications Committee to create promotional materials for the programs.
    3. The Communications Committee shall oversee all communications of the organization. This includes but is not limited to the preparation of promotional materials and mailings and communications of the Organization, the 34th Democrats website, social media accounts and email communications from the organization. The Secretary of the Organization and  Newsletter Committee Chairshall be members of the Communications Committee, any one of whom may serve as the Communications Committee Chair.
    4. The Newsletter Editor  is responsible for the preparation, publishing and distribution of the Organization’s monthly newsletter. The newsletter shall be made available on the website, social media and via email message from the 34th email account.
    5. The Young Democrats Committee recruits Democrats under the age of 36 to join and participate in the Organization and supports the efforts of the Membership & Hospitality, Outreach and PCO Committees. The chair or a representative of this committee will attend the standing meetings of the King County Young Democrats. The purpose of the Young Democrats representative is to be the voice of our younger Democratic members. This Committee is not formally associated with the State or County Young Democrats organizations.
    6. The By-Laws & Rules Committee prepares and recommends modifications of the by-laws and rules to the Executive Board and the Membership. Rules will be reviewed at the start of each  term of the executive board.
    7. The Platform & Legislative Action Committee researches and informs the Membership and the people of the 34th Legislative District regarding proposed legislation placed before any legislative body having jurisdiction within the District. The committee chair shall be a member of the KCDCC Legislative Action Committee and shall report back to this committee and the Membership following KCDCC LAC monthly meetings. This committee shall prepare a draft Platform for consideration and ratification by the membership, and for consideration and adoption at the Legislative District Caucus. The proposed Platform shall be published in the newsletter and posted on the website for at least 30 days prior to Legislative District Caucus. Approval of the Platform requires a majority vote of the seated delegates present at the Legislative District Caucus. 

    The Platform & Legislative Action Committee shall also organize Caucuses focused on policies relating to the values and priorities of the 34th Legislative District Democrats. These Caucuses shall be made up of members of the 34th Legislative District Democrats and be tasked with performing policy research and development to supplement the work of the Legislative Action Committee.

    1. The Resolutions & Endorsements Committee receives and oversees the review of proposed resolution and endorsement questionnaires. Upon review resolutions, this committee shall submit a report to the Board including a summary of their assessment and any recommendations to the Board regarding future action. This committee shall track all endorsement questionnaires received and submit a report to the Board during the Executive Board meeting prior to an endorsement meeting to aid in the recommendation process.  The Committee will coordinate candidate visits and aid in planning and execution of candidate events.
    2. The PCO Committee supports recruitment of, and trains, organizes and assists Precinct Committee Officers in the discharge of their duties. The PCO Committee shall work with the Coordinated Campaign on GOTV efforts, in conjunction with the Caucus and Elections Committee. 
    3. The Caucus and Elections Committee shall plan, organize and hold the Democratic presidential and state caucus proceedings in the District, and shall coordinate Organization efforts on public elections with the KCDCC and WSDCC, working in tandem with the PCO Chair. The Caucus and Elections Committee shall work with the Communications Committee to promote participation in GOTV efforts.
    4. The Coalitions Committee will be responsible for forging and nurturing relationships within the community Including but not limited to unions, partner organizations, other Legislative District organizations and elected officials. The Committee will work with the Resolutions Co-Chair, Membership Policy Caucus leads and the Platform & LAC Chair to evangelize Organization Resolutions, actions, and activities, as directed by the Chair.
    5. The Equity & Social Justice Committee is responsible for making the Organization a welcoming place for members of the BIPOC Community. The Committee will work with the Outreach Committee to proactively reach out to organizations aligned with the BIPOC community. The Committee will also work with the Membership and Hospitality Committee to ensure meetings of the Organization are a welcoming place for all members and guests.
    6. Appointment of Standing Committee Chairs

      The procedure for appointment of Committee Chairs is specified in Section 6 of Article IV of the By-Laws.
      1. Budget
    • Fiscal Year

    The 34th LD’s fiscal year shall run from May 1 to April  30 of the following year.

    • Budget Committee

    In January of each year, the Chair will appoint a Budget Committee (Ad Hoc) charged with preparing a proposed budget for the upcoming year. By no later than second Wednesday of February, all committee chairs will submit budget requests to the Chair and Treasurer.

    • Budget Proposal

    The proposed budget will be presented to the Executive Board in March. By no later than April 1 of each calendar year, the Ad Hoc Budget Committee shall propose a budget to the Membership for the fiscal year. The budget shall itemize spending and expense. 

    • Adoption and Amendment of Budget

    The meeting call for the April  membership meeting must include notice of a vote on the budget and a copy of the budget as approved by the Executive Board. During the April  membership meeting, the Budget Committee shall present the Board-approved budget to the members. Members may propose amendments to the budget, which require the support of a simple majority of members voting to pass. A final budget must be approved by a simple majority of members voting before the April  membership meeting may adjourn. Only the Treasurer and Chair may incur debt or otherwise obligate the Organization for the future payment of funds. 

    • Unbudgeted Expenditures

    Unbudgeted expenditures under $500, may be made for any items other than donations to organizations or campaigns, provided that the Treasurer agrees that the funds are available, and that the expense does not violate regulatory requirements. Unbudgeted items over $500 must be pre-approved by the Executive Board. If the Executive Board approves an unbudgeted expense over $500, the Treasurer will amend the budget to include these expenses. Amendments made to the budget shall be highlighted in the next budget report.