Executive Board Standing Committees

    Bylaws and Rules Committee

    The Bylaws Committee prepares and recommends modifications of the bylaws and rules to the Executive Board. Once approved by the Executive Board they are brought to for debate and a vote to the general membership.

    Caucus & Elections Committee

    The Caucus & Elections Committee organizes and manages the state and national delegation caucus for the district in even numbered years. This committee serves to support all election and PCO activities in conjunction with the PCO Chair and Chair of the 34th.

    Communications & Technology Committee

    The Communications & Technology Committee seeks to create a consistent conversation with our members and the community across multiple communications channels including newsletter, website and social media. This conversation will support membership growth, participation and involvement with the 34th District and contribute to the overall goals of the 34th.

    Coalitions, Equity & Social Justice Committee

    The Coalitions, Equity & Social Justice Committee will work on strategies to support diversity in the organization. This Committee is dedicated to listening to and advocating for the multitude of voices and points of view in the 34th.

    Endorsements & Resolutions Committee

    The Endorsements & Resolutions Committee manages the process of intake, review and communication of resolutions intended for the general membership.

    Fundraising & Events Committee

    The efforts of the Fundraising and Events Committees were merged into one because they share a common goal – provide activities and events that bring members of the 34th together for social connection and at the same time, support the work of the organization by raising funds.

    Membership & Hospitality Committee

    The Membership Committee organizes check in for all events and meetings of the 34th. The membership chair serves as lead of the ‘welcoming committee’ at all 34th meetings and events and coordinates with the Hospitality chair to be certain that guests are taken care of. The Membership chair also supports pairing new members with their PCO or the PCO Chair.

    Outreach & Visibility Committee

    The Outreach & Visibility Committee plans and executes community outreach events, voter registration drives, and other activities to increase visibility and diversity of the Organization and raise political awareness within the various communities of the 34th Legislative District.

    Platform & Legislative Action Committee

    The Legislative Action Committee promotes knowledge seeking, facilitates information sharing, and initiates political discourse. We proactively engage in the process of policy building to ensure elected officials, constituents, and our organization make informed decisions in all matters. We need passionate pursuers of progress to help us make real policy change!

    Precinct Leadership Committee

    The Precinct Leadership Committee is the heart of our GOTV Efforts in the 34th LD. The committee’s main goal is expanding the PCO organization to cover all precincts in the district.

    Programs & Community Partnerships Committee

    The Programs & Community Partnerships Committee seeks speakers and organizations to present compelling content to the membership at monthly and free-standing meetings.