KCDCC Meeting Notes August 2017

      KCDCC Meeting Notes August 2017

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      KCDCC Meeting August 22, 2017

      Although the King County Democrats monthly meeting mostly revolved around the endorsement of the Seattle Mayoral race, the beginning of the meeting featured the Chair’s Report from Bailey Stober where he revealed that the KCDCC has chosen an Executive Director, (name to follow).

      Next on the agenda was a report from King County Labor Council’s Deputy Executive Director, Katie Garrow. She stated that they are focusing on candidate recruitment and have endorsed 24 candidates. She also said that there is a lot of overlap between the Democratic Party and the labor movement. They have seen an increase of9% voter turnout where labor had canvassed. In Burien, 38% of voters are labor members. There are 90,000 union voters in Seattle. They also discussed the upcoming Supreme Court decision regarding the right to work law.

      There was a Mayoral candidate forum between Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan where several questions were asked, which included the housing crisis, homelessness, HALA, relating to people of color, public transportation, as well as their political inspiration. At the end of the forum, the body voted on whether or not to endorse Jenny Durkan (who needed 60% of the vote, having received the endorsement from the endorsement committee during the primary, but not receiving final endorsement) and she was not endorsed. We then voted on whether or not to endorse Cary Moon (who needed 66% of the vote, having not received either the endorsement of the endorsement committee nor the final endorsement during the primary) and she was endorsed.

      It was then suggested by someone who voted for Jenny Durkan that we reconsider and also endorse her. Because the motion did not come from someone who voted against her, it was invalid.

      We moved on to endorse Chris Reh for Issaquah City Council Position 1, Denise Daniels for Kent School Board Position 4, Voted to support a NO vote on Burien Prop 1 and finally, Ryan Calkins for port was endorsed.

      It was once again suggested that we reconsider endorsing Jenny Durkan for Mayor by someone who voted against her the first time around, so we voted again. Jenny Durkan once again did not get the endorsement.

      The last item of business was to vote on supporting a resolution to hold the state accountable for funding education, which passed.