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    Transit Town Hall

    Transit Town Hall

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Join the 34th District Democrats and West Seattle Chamber of Commerce for a conversation with SoundTransit Town Hall Transit staff about the West Seattle Link Extension project. Take our pre-meeting survey and submit questions ahead of the meeting.

    The Center for Active Living – 4217 Oregon Street in the West Seattle Junction

    Tuesday, July 23rd, 7 – 9pm

    Next Pop-Up Social – July

    400 300 34th Democrats
    Join us for our monthly Pop Up Social!
    Our Pop Up Socials are casual, no business, low-effort gatherings at a local bar/restaurant. We did this for the first time in November of 2021 at Beer Star in White Center as a way to connect during COVID protocols, and it was a big success. Each month we choose a different bar or brewery in the district – White Center, Burien, SODO and West Seattle. The goal is to provide a venue to visit with neighbors and discuss politics or issues of the moment. These events will be announced around the first of the month and will be promoted in the weekly email and on our website calendar.
    Next Pop Up Social:  Friday, July 26, 5:30-8 – The Bridge – 6301 California Ave SW in West Seattle
    If you have an idea for a pop up social location – email the communications chair at
    Monthly Newsletter

    Download the July Newsletter

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Monthly NewsletterThe 34th District’s monthly newsletter has been released. Editor Steve Butts says this issue is one you won’t want to miss! Download it and learn what’s going on in the district!

    2024 Endorsements

    34th Endorsements for 2024

    400 300 34th Democrats

    The members and PCOs of the 34th District Democrats vote each year to endorse candidates. Those candidates will be supported in GOTV efforts for the Primary and General Election. These candidates may also receive financial donations and other types of in-kind support. Congratulations to our endorsed candidates!  

    Our endorsements are complete for the 2024 Primary. After the results of the Primary, there may be additional endorsements made. Watch for the August meeting agenda. 

    If you have questions, please contact the chair

    The 34th’s Rules of Endorsement

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Endorsement RulesAre you a candidate who is seeking endorsement by the 34th District Democrats? First, thank you for your willingness to do public service. We know that running for office is a difficult hill to climb and we salute you for that intense effort.

    Being endorsed by the local party is a big achievement and means a lot to voters. We want you to understand what is takes to get that endorsement. Beginning in the winter, we allow candidates a ‘spotlight’ during our monthly meetings. This is a 3-5 minute introduction to the membership. You must contact the chair to get a spot on the agenda for the spotlight. Agendas are created at least 2 weeks ahead of our monthly 2nd Wednesday meetings. You will not be able to take part in the spotlight if you do not coordinate first with the chair.

    You must be a Democrat. You also must complete and submit the King County Democrats Questionnaire as we use this instead of requiring an additional questionnaire and/or interview.

    Our endorsement meeting is held the 2nd Wednesday in June and features a subset of races. The chair will communicate with candidates and campaign teams prior to the event to share all the details.

    Please review our endorsement rules so that you understand the process.

    Good luck!


    Join us on Slack

    400 300 34th Democrats

    In this day and age of too many emails and not enough in-person conversation, the 34th Dems have hadSlack great success using slack. Slack is a communications tool which you can use on your computer, your phone or both. You can engage with it on your terms. It is free to join. Inside slack you can have 1:1 conversations with 34th leadership, board members and any member. You can also join any open ‘channel’ you would like to be a part of. We have general channels about political topics, banter (non-political topics), committee channels, caucus channels and more. There are over 100 members involved in our Slack community. Join today to start a conversation! 

    Join in just a few quick steps:

    1. Click HERE to join the 34th Dems slack
    2. Be sure you remember the email you used to join and your password.
    3. Once you have joined, you are by default automatically joined to the “all 34th – banter” and “all-34th – business” channels.
    4. Locate the MORE menu on the left side panel. (See below image) Click the more menu.
    5. In the menu, click Channel Browser.
    6. When you open the Channel Browser, you will see a list of all the current channels. Some channels have a lock to new members – these are board business channels.
    7. Select the channels you want to join.
    8. Start a conversation!

    Note that the ‘all-34th-business channel’ is for democratic party, 34th or other party announcements and topics. The ‘all-34th-banter’ can be used to share article of interest to those in the party or other community topics. It is also used for campaign events/activities for our endorsed candidates.

    The steps above are based on desktop/laptop. Phone steps are slightly different. The main difference is that you find the Channel Browser by clicking the + sign beside the Channels header in the app. From there it is generally the same.


    Join today!

    Time to Renew or Join!

    400 300 34th Democrats

    Your membership with the 34th Democrats is good for one calendar year. That means that it’s time toJoin today! renew or join for your first time. As a member, you have the ability to vote on official business such as our policy proposals, resolutions, budgets and endorsements.

    This year we will have a full ballot of races!:

    • President
    • US Senate (Cantwell)
    • US House (DelBene-D, Larsen-D, Gluesenkamp-Perez-D, Newhouse-R, McMorris-Rodgers-R, D6-OPEN, Jayapal-D, Schrier-D)
    • State House (Fitzgibbon-D, Alvarado-D)
    • Governor
    • Lt. Governor
    • Attorney General
    • Secretary of State
    • Auditor
    • Treasurer
    • Superintendent of Public Instruction
    • Public Lands Commissioner
    • Insurance Commissioner
    • Citywide City Council (replacement of Teresa Mosqueda-D)
    • Various Judicial races
    • King Conservation District (Special Election voting January 23 – February 13)

    In order to participate in the 34th’s endorsement votes, you need to sign up or renew your membership well in advance of the vote — but if you become a 2024 member today, you won’t have to worry about missing any of those deadlines!  And you can start the year off with the spirit of charity knowing that your monthly-sustaining or one-time membership dues will go towards paying for the tools our PCOs and volunteers use to GOTV.

    Please be advised that anyone can be a member of the 34th District Democrats by signing up, but you must live in the 34th District to be eligible for endorsement votes.

    Join us today and show your support for our organization. We need your energy, engagement and membership in 2024!


    Watch our Youtube Channel

    400 300 34th Democrats

    YoutubeWe usually record our Zoom meetings, programs and events. If you are not able to attend, now you can visit our YouTube Channel to see these recordings. Subscribe and you’ll be the first to hear about a new posting. Check out our channel today and see candidate forums, programs and more!  Go to .