09-09-20 Monthly Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      General Meeting Minutes

      September 9, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck

      7:01pm – Call to Order by Chair Gina Topp

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Chris Porter shared the land acknowledgment.
      • General meeting statements provided by the Chair.
      • Zoom logistics – Carla provided pointers for using the mute, raise hand and vote mechanisms.

      Gina shared the August Minutes. Ann Martin moved to approve the minutes as presented. Karen Richter seconded the motion and the motion passed by voice vote. 

      Gina presented the September Agenda. Dawn Rains made a motion to approve the agenda and Ann Martin seconded. The agenda was approved as submitted by voice vote. 

      VIP Acknowledgements

      • Justice Montoya-Lewis asked for support in her contested campaign. Justice will be asking for our endorsement later in the agenda. 
      • Eileen Cody greeted attendees and ceded time to ‘the Joes’! 
      • Councilmember Joe McDermott was recognized but wasn’t able to speak at the time. 

      7:20 – Virtual Phone Banking

      1. Senator Joe Nguyen and Representative Joe Fitzgibbon shared an update on this year’s races, in particular key defensive/offensive races and races which need volunteer support. 
      2. We need all possible volunteers to support our state and local races, along with swing state and presidential races. Anyone interested in Phone Banking should sign up asap at
      3. Max Brown – PCO Lead for the 34th LD phone banking program – gave an overview of our efforts. Training is available. Max stressed the importance of phone banking. We would like to double our efforts from now until the election. 

      7:40 – Harborview Health for All – Yes Proposition 1

      Olga Laskin introduced Anika Garman who spoke about the Harborview Health for All Proposition 1, which will be on the ballot in November. She spoke of the importance of Harborview to the community and the crucial nature of the levy. Olga explained the $1.74B levy for Harborview and what it will fund including seismic upgrades. 

      Councilmember Joe McDermott provided an update on the recent activities of the council to address the pandemic and the economic crisis which is upon us. 

      7:52 – New Precinct Committee Officer Appointments

      Nick Bonazza presented 6 new PCO candidates! Nick shared the oath and questions for each PCO, regarding their responsibilities.

      • Clara Sekowski
      • Rocco DeVito
      • Zach Seikel
      • Cameron Levon
      • Carey Rayburn
      • Jeff Keever

      Ann Martin made a motion to approve the new PCOs. Grace Stiller seconded. PCOs voted by voice and all were approved. The current PCO count is over 120!

      7:57 – Washington State Coordinated Campaign Regional Field Director for King County Cat Floate gave a report on the recent activities of the coordinated campaign. Cat introduced Alexandra Carter as our new coordinator. 

      37 days until ballots drop! Ballots may drop a week earlier, due to the post office issues.

      8:00 – Endorsements

      • Proposition 1 – Councilmember McDermott moved to endorse Prop 1. Rachel Glass seconded. McDermott spoke on behalf of Proposition 1. No one spoke against it. Attendees voted and we approved the endorsement.  
      • Washington State Supreme Court – Ann Martin moved that we endorse Justice Montoya- Lewis to WA State Supreme Court position 3. Neal Traven seconded. Ann Martin spoke on behalf of the nomination. 

      8:12 – Resolutions  

      LAC Chair Jordon Crawley provided a neutral summary of each resolution to be considered. 

      • West Seattle Bridge Now – Les Treall moved that we pass the resolution as submitted. Rachel Glass seconded the motion. No one spoke against the resolution. The attendees voted and the Resolution passed.
      • Black Lives Matter – Dawn Rains moved to consider the resolution and John Murphy seconded. Moti Krauthammer made a motion to amend.
        • Add after 4th Whereas  :  Whereas this body acknowledges our own political parties history of defending slavery and establishing Jim Crow laws. 
        • Ann Martin seconded the motion. Moti spoke on behalf of his motion. No speakers against the amendment.
        • Amendment passed. 
        • Discussion on the original motion was held. Dawn spoke for the amendment, no one spoke against. 
        • Votes were collected for the resolution, as amended and the resolution passed. 

      8:48pm – Adjourn