September Executive Board Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      34thDistrict Democrats

      E-Board Meeting


      Puget Ridge Common House


      Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Chair David Ginsberg


      Chair’s Report: Returned from State Party Meeting. Found out that there is no mechanism to remove a PCO under the RCW. However, there is no rule about stripping privileges. We can, however, censure him, and we will do so. A desire was expressed to reach out to the victims.

      There was an attempt to change the Issue and Constituency caucus —> This is being tabled.

      A compromise was reached on the issue of Superdelegates. They will not be allowed to vote on the first ballot at a convention.

      It was observed that the GOP got rid of Superdelegates and that is why we have Trump.


      7:14 Treasurer’s Report — We are in good shape financially through the remainder of the year and the First Quarter of 2019.

      Discussion returned to Primary vs. Caucus issue. There has been no decision at the DNC level. It is the way it is in Washington State because of the State Legislature and the Top 2 Primary system.


      7:17 Outreach Committee — 3 new voter registrations at Fiestas Patrias. Would have liked more.

      Adopt A Street will be at 1:00 on Saturday. This should be a good one! We get our sign after it!

      B-Town Fiesta will be Sunday from 11-7. And don’t forget! October 8this the cut off for voter registration.


      7:21 Events Committee — The Holiday Party will be the 2ndWednesday in December.


      7:22 — State Committee Meeting in Spokane. — Ann was at the Rules Committee meeting the entire time.

      A website is in the works to help with Caucuses and Absentee Ballots.

      Executive Committee — 2 Bylaws were written – Gender and Diversity.

      The Chair does not make the slate. 1/3 of the Executive Committee can call a special election if the chair becomes an impediment to the party.

      Faithless Electors — Tabled for later.

      Resolutions — Removal of Snake River Dams will be discussed. The removal of the Enlo Dam was agreed upon.


      8:03 Results from Dues Revision Meeting

      The number of different levels of membership are confusing. And, the amount that is called a “sustaining” member is in fact not.  Committee thought that the Living Lightly membership level might be considered demeaning, and the committee is in favor of eliminating it.

      Les warned that there would be a huge pushback.

      Lengthy Discussion of the membership levels and their relative pros and cons.

      Chairs message will be used to advise membership that the issue will be put forth at the next regular membership meeting. Obviously, this will need a vote of the membership. *We will need to ask Gina how much we have to give for campaign contributions.


      8:44 Re-Organization: RCW states that the Chair will call for a reorganization within 45 days of the election, this does not mean that we have to have the reorganization in that amount of time.


      8:46 Gina Topp will continue to serve as Treasurer IF David Ginsberg runs for chair. David has agreed to do so if we can recruit a good 1stVice Chair who can serve as backup, as he wants to spend more time with his kids before they graduate in 2020.

      January 9thwill be the reorganization meeting. The PCO Committee Chairmanship is open, and this role will be CRITICAL for the next election, as we only have about ½ of our precincts filled.

      Recruitment and retainment of members – Maybe an informal meeting once or so a month to ID potential new Board Members and “regular” members. We would like to build the organization to be a big part of the community.


      9:01 Credentials and Membership — Discussed


      9:04 October Program — GOTV, Trick or Vote?

      November Program — Post Election wrap up/Reorganization


      9:06 Good of the Order.