West Seattle Bridge NOW

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      Membership approved as submitted at the September 9 general membership meeting. 

      Resolution to Efficiently Establish Sustainable Means of Travel to and from West Seattle

      Whereas, the Jeanette Williams Memorial Bridge (“West Seattle Bridge”) was closed on March 23, 2020 due to critical structural issues; and

      Whereas, the West Seattle Bridge functioned as the primary avenue of travel to and from West Seattle for more than 100,000 residents and guests every day; and

      Whereas, the forthcoming reopening and expansion of industries in and near West Seattle will increase the need for effective and sustainable means of travel to and from West Seattle; and

      Whereas, to meet current and future demand for such means, our government must efficiently develop and implement community-driven solutions; and

      Whereas, the actions necessary for success require means which (1) at least maintain commute duration with equivalent traffic volumes, (2) incorporate safe traffic flow practices, (3) minimize environmental and socioeconomic impacts, and (4) complete projects before they are needed; and

      Whereas, the ways in which we move forward should maximize positive impacts, such as convenience, safety, availability, accessibility, diversity of use, and accommodation of planned population growth; and

      Whereas, the ways in which we move forward should minimize negative direct impacts, such as excessive cost, extended timelines, displacement of residential lot occupants, displacement of commercial lot occupants, removal of green space, unavailability or inaccessibility of transportation options, and excessive fines (tolls, tab fees, bus fares, etc.).

      Whereas, the ways in which we move forward should minimize negative indirect impacts, such as environmental impact, economic impact, interference with activity in the vicinity of Harbor Island, the Duwamish River, and peripheral communities, disruption to local communities (road work, detours, and closures), and avoidance of increased property taxes which affect housing affordability; and

      Whereas, including and empowering a diverse set of stakeholders from impacted communities as well as means to amplify the collective community voice will ensure solutions are aligned with community priorities and needs;


      1. Recognize the urgent need for the stabilization and repair or, if structural or financial circumstances dictate, replacement of the West Seattle Bridge (especially as the economy reopens further);
      2. Understand that West Seattle communities must be included and empowered in the process of developing solutions;
      3. Understand the need for transparency in the process of developing solutions;
      4. Will work to amplify community voices, especially those of marginalized communities; and 
      5. Will partner with West Seattle Bridge Now in communicating community priorities and needs to entities involved in the decision-making process.