November 2018 Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      November 14th, 2018 

      The Hall at Fauntleroy 


      7:00 Call to Order 

      7:01 Pledge of Allegiance 

      7:02 No November Minutes. Agenda (M)oved (S)econded (P)assed 

      7:03 Chairs Report – Election Wrap Up.  

      7:07 Treasurer’s Report  


      7:09 Awards Committee report – Ann Martin 

      Nominations are open for the LD’s 2018 Awards. Winners to be announced at the Holiday Party  

      in December. 


      7:13 34th LD Reorganization will take place at the January meeting on January 9th, 2019. 


      7:14 KCDCC Reorganization will take place on December 1st at the Machinist’s Hall in South Park. 


      7:16 Discussion of the dues revision led by Michael Taylor-Judd. Vigorous discussion.  

      Speaker against – Ivan Weiss 

      Speaker for – Michael Taylor-Judd 

      Speaker against – Ivan Weiss 

      Speaker for – Martha Koester and Ann Martin 


      7:29 –MSP. 


      7:30 – AIDS Memorial Pathway Project. On behalf of Tom Rasmussen, David made a presentation for this proposed project. It is to run from the Capitol Hill Light Rail to Cal Anderson Park. The request was for support of the project. David did not have a lot of information about the project. This will be re-presented in January. 


      7:35 – Question was asked if there was a quorum present. Affirmative. 34 members were present, quorum is 20. 


      7:36 Endorsement of signature gathering for Initiative 1000. MSP by acclamation. 


      7:40 – Motion to Censure PCO Dan Gage for conduct unbecoming a Precinct Committee Officer.  

      Noted that new PCOs take office on December 1st 

      Dan Gage Spoke for himself. 


      7:54 Motion to Censure passed.  Mr. Gage threatened legal action. 


      7:55 Leslie Harris motioned to suspend the rules to endorse the levies for K-12 education. She is speaking as a private citizen and not in her capacity as a school board member.  


      8:00 King County Council Chair Joe McDermott recognized. He informed the membership of the passing of the county budget, which will address gun safety, the census, no fare increases for the water taxi for the next two years, funding for South Park and housing.  


      8:06 Danna Pakulak spoke about the Navos Gift Drive.  


      8:07 Good of the Order – Washington State voter participation was over 70%! 


      8:11 Adjourn to Whiskey West.