Membership Policy Caucuses

    In 2021, we officially launched our Membership Policy Caucuses (MPCs). The MPCs are tasked with work both external and internal to the organization; forming coalitions based in advocacy and working with members to develop our platform.

    The Membership Policy Caucuses are defined in our Standing Rules.

    “The Platform & Legislative Action Committee shall also organize Caucuses focused on policies relating to the values and priorities of the 34th Legislative District Democrats. These Caucuses shall be made up of members of the 34th Legislative District Democrats and be tasked with performing policy research and development to supplement the work of the Legislative Action Committee.”

    This activity makes up the advocacy side of our organization.

    We are looking for members from the organization to serve on and lead our MPCs in policy areas about which they are passionate. Our collection of MPCs are as follows:

    • Budget & Economic Development
    • Environment, Energy & Land Use
    • Health Care & Policy
    • Housing, Community & Arts
    • Human Services & Education
    • Labor, Commerce & Gaming
    • Law, Justice & Civil Rights
    • Transportation & Utilities
    • Voting & Elections

    If you would like to lead, serve on, or learn more about a MPC, please the PLAC Chair Deena Ledger. As a part of these Caucuses, you will be front and center in the work we do with our elected officials and community partners as we work to improve life for all.

    Our 9 Membership Policy Caucuses

    Membership Policy Caucus