Membership Policy Caucuses

    Welcome to the Membership Policy Caucus (MPC) homepage! The MPCs were developed by the Platform and Legislative Action Committee (PLAC) in 2021 to manage certain policy-oriented tasks related to the values and priorities of the Organization; namely working with members to develop our platform and using it to guide the formation of coalitions based in proactive advocacy.

    Since then, the MPC structure has been formalized into our governing documents as an active policy arm of the Organization made up of members who are engaged in policy research and development, legislative action, developing partnerships with other Democratic, community-based organizations. We are looking for members from the Organization to serve on and lead our MPCs in the policy areas aligned with our values and priorities as defined in our Platform

    Our 9 Membership Policy Caucuses

    Membership Policy Caucus

    If you would like to get involved in, or learn more about, our MPCs, please contact the PLAC Chair. As a part of this caucus system, you will be a member of our Organization’s vanguard — leading the charge for political and legislative progress for our district’s communities, and improving life for all.