March Monthly Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      34th District Democrats

      District Monthly Meeting


      The Hall at Fauntleroy

      Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair David Ginsberg.

      Pledge of Allegiance.

      A short welcoming address from the Chair for new members, an invitation to be a PCO, and a request for a volunteer to fill the role of Technician.

      Adoption of Agenda and Meeting Rules.

      Moved, seconded, and passed.

      Treasurer’s Report – 145 people joined at the February meeting and Current membership is 335.

      Committee Reports:

      Legislative Action – Ann Martin explained purpose of committee and invited members to join. Emphasized helping the 31st and 45th Districts to take back the State Senate due to special elections.

      Data & Technical Committee report – Nick Bohall gave a short introduction of the new interactive PCO map.

      Candidates for Seattle City Council made short speeches introducing themselves to the membership.

      Teresa Mosqueda highlighted her public healthcare background and her endorsement

      From Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

      Sheley Secrest cited her commitment to Jobs Not Jails and housing and community issues.

      Address from Mayor Ed Murray

      The Mayor spoke about balancing Growth with Equity, fighting the new administration’s

      Policies, and homelessness.  He took one question about the Mayoral Office


      Main Program, Part I: Threats to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, presented by Robby Stern from the Puget Sound Advocates For Retirement Action.

      In honor of Women’s History Month, the program focused on women and Retirement and the Social Security safety net. Wage inequality and POC participation rates examined.

      King County Sherriff John Urquhart addressed the membership and pledged that the King County Sherriff’s Department would NEVER enter into a 287(g) agreement to assist ICE.

      Main Program Part II: Velma Veloria, the first Asian American woman to be elected to the Washington State Legislature and Organizer and Policy Advocate for the Faith Action Network spoke about the scourge of Human Trafficking and its impact on women and POC.

      Unfinished Business:

      Resolution regarding greenhouse gas emissions, HB-1646. Moved, seconded, and passed.

      New Business:

      Digital Communications – Chair Carrie Alexander invited members to join the committee and encouraged membership to interact with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Video Project was highlighted, with Lynn Randal and Ann Martin being featured.

      Appointment of New PCOs:

      • Eric Ferrel – 34-0298
      • Juniper Rogneby – (Acting) – Carpenter
      • Gina Topp – (Acting) 34-1420
      • Jeanne Fellin – 34-1425
      • Ruth Kerr – 34-1422
      • Chryssa Brazil – 34-1246
      • Shelley Chase -34-1448

      All were moved, seconded, and passed.

      Resolution opposing attacks on our health benefits. Moved, seconded, and passed.

      Resolution Expanding Social Security. Moved, seconded, and passed.

      Resolution in support of HB-1144 which would amend limits on greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State. Moved, seconded, and passed.

      A Letter by the Washington Federation of State Employees was introduced in support of a Statement Regarding Locality Pay to Create an Equitable Living Standard. Moved, seconded, and passed.

      King County Council Chair Joe McDermott informed the membership of a County program for legal aid to immigrants.

      Good of the Order

      Adjourned at 9:00 p.m. by Chair David Ginsberg.