March 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes

      March 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      General Meeting Minutes

      March 13, 2019 – Hall at Fauntleroy

      Attendees: See Sign In Sheet

      7:01 Opening Ceremonies

              Pledge of Allegiance

              VIP Acknowledgement

      7:07 The minutes from the February 13, 2019 meeting were accepted as presented.

      The agenda was adopted with no changes. Motion made by Chris Porter and seconded by Ann Martin.

      7:08 Report of Officers and Standing Committees

      Chair’s Report was presented by Gina Topp and focused on the vast number of democratic candidates there already are and how we will need to align behind a single candidate.

      Membership and Treasurer’s Report was presented by Gina Topp in Ben Reilly’s absence. There are 125 members currently down significantly from last year.

      There will be a membership event held on March 27th at Arthur’s on California at 7pm.

      Communications chair requested input on 34th communications via a Google forms survey. Input will be used to make changes in current communications strategy and website content.

      7:15 Joe McDermott discussed recent gun violence prevention. He also announced his campaign kick off on March 28th at 5:30 at Click! on California.

      7:16 Primary versus Caucus Presentation and Discussion

      Chris Porter shared details of the Affirmative Action Plan

      Ann Martin presented the Delegate Selection Plan

      • The difference between the two plans is caucus or primary
      • The current nomination process was shared.
      • The major difference for the LD is that our focus for the caucus process is the largely undefined precinct level, with a fairly well defined LD Caucus.
      • The primary is run by the Elections office so our focus shifts to the largely undefined LD Caucus.
      • Cost is another big difference as the precinct caucuses are very expensive.
      • Venue Size – an LD based caucus would need to be held at a very large venue.
      • Timing – caucus would be held on a Sunday.
      • Not sure how absentee ballots would be handled, or if there would be an absentee opportunity.
      • We spent $30K on the caucus process in 2016 (14 locations rented).
      • We do not have party registration in WA.
      • In the Primary system, voters would be required to list their party designation. This means that the 34th would get data on voters which would help our votebuilder efforts.
      • A questions period was held.
      • Discussions were held at tables and each table shared their ideas.

      8:20 New Business

      Leah Griffin  was introduced as the Chair’s nomination of KCDCC position #2. Leah spoke about several bills involving sexual assault. Motion was made and passed to approve her nomination. PCOs voted and approved.

      8:30 King Conservation District endorsement

      Martha made a motion to endorse Chris Porter.  Ann Martin and Martha Koester spoke on behalf of Chris and encouraged everyone to request a ballot.

      8:35 Three PCOs were appointed. (87 PCOs currently)

      8:38 Jeanne Fellin made a motion to suspend the rules to consider a non-binding resolution to endorse the Primary process.

      Rules were suspended.

      Chris Porter stated a point of order and spoke against the motion.

      Jeanne Fellin presented a Resolution (review here).

      Martha Koester made a motion to amend the resolution by striking the 4th Whereas. Jacqui seconded the motion.

      The group voted for the amendment. Motion to amend fails.

      Chris Porter made a motion to amend. Chris requested to strike “and call on their State Committee Members to vote accordingly at the April 2019 State Central Committee meeting.”

      Debate was held for and against.

      The group voted on the amendment. Amendment passed.

      8:50 Good of the Order

      Events Chair Jacqui Morris announced plans for the Earth Day celebration and upcoming events.. Information will be posted the website soon! The annual fundraiser will be the first week of June. Please volunteer to help with events planning.

      Lisa Herbold announced the first candidates forum. Speak Out Seattle will host the event at 7-8:30 pm Thursday, March 21st, at American Legion Post 160 (3618 SW Alaska). Lisa’s campaign kick off will be held on March 27 from 2-4 at the Highland Park Improvement Club (HPIC) located at 12th and Holden.

      Les Treall expressed concerns about the size of attendees of the LD Caucus. He is scared of possible attendance. Volunteer after the 2019 election to support this process!

      Randy Litzenberger announced the Climate Strike activity information. 3/15 at 5pm.

      Sofia Aragon announced the Meaningful Movie event 8pm Burien City Hall on 3/28 at 6pm and 3/29 at 8pm.

      Jesse mentioned the Democracy Vouchers and mentioned holding them and using them.

      Renton Community Center will hold a plant sale at 9am  = hosted by King Conservation District.

      April 10 next meeting – candidate forum for 34th District 1.

      Democracy Vouchers will also be discussed at the meeting.

      9:08 Adjourn to Whiskey West