KCDCC Meeting Notes March 2017

    KCDCC Meeting Notes March 2017

      KCDCC Meeting Notes March 2017

      150 150 34th Democrats

      KCDCC Meeting Minutes March 27, 2017

      The March KCDCC Monthly Meeting was brought to order with 53 in attendance and the agenda was approved. We began with Public Announcements, in which Matt Cantor from the King County Young Democrats stated that they are working to help fill vacant PCO spots, and that they would like to have a King County Young Democrats representative from each LD.

      Brandon Dotson from the 47th LD spoke next and shared that on April 12th, at Cedar Heights Middle School, there will be an event called “Dave Reichart Empty Chair Town Hall” with Dave Upthegrove from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. It is called “Empty Chair” because Dave Reichart refuses to host a town hall meeting.

      Jin-Ah Kim shared that she went to the Korean Action Commission and learned that Korean Ballots received 80% return, Vietnamese came in third. This was the first time that the ballots were in Korean, and she was really excited to see how many voted.

      Bailey Stober began the Chairs Report by apologizing that he has been unavailable due to pneumonia over the past few weeks. He stated that they
      had their leadership team meeting and it was good. He also said that he had
      good news from King County Labor Council, who sent a check for $5000 and will match that $5000 with another check next month. They were happy to donate and were glad to have a seat at the table with our party.

      Marvin had a great idea asked to work on a project to get Larry Phillips to pass on annual Salmon Bake, which made $32,000/year in the past. The Salmon Bake will be in June.

      Member of the month, Brandon Dotson, has been helping a lot with events and committee work and organized the town hall as mentioned earlier in the meeting.

      Bailey said that Brian Gunn and the 31st LD had doubled attendance during their most recent meetings. Also, they held two meetings last weekend and Brian found the perfect candidate who has military and police experience. They are excited to have some good candidates in the 31st this year. It was also announced that there is a strong democratic candidate running against Reichart, though he didn’t provide the name.

      The KCDCC talked about a group called Democrats of South King County, who approached the KCDCC about partnering as they have in the past. They picked 40 precincts that had 16-20% turn out and hired an organizer who knocked on doors and asked people to vote, then came back later and told them about their ballots, and then helped them with their ballots and reminded them to vote. When they compared numbers with vote builder, they found that turn out went up to 82%. Bailey will follow up with the group and figure out a way to partner with them and then present it to the membership at our next meeting.

      2017 budget was proposed. A couple of people had concerns about the percentage of funds going to candidates being too low, but ultimately the budget passed.

      The next two hours were spent with the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee going through their proposed Bylaws changes. Some were tabled for further discussion, while others were passed. Endorsement rules were also discussed and endorsement questionnaires were passed around to review. There were about 5 different questionnaires for different types of candidates and they were approved.