KCDCC Meeting Notes January 2017

    KCDCC Meeting Notes January 2017

      KCDCC Meeting Notes January 2017

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      For the first KCDCC meeting of the new elected delegates and chairs from each LD in King County, Chair Bailey Stover decided to make it more about getting acquainted. All new delegates stood up at the beginning and seemed to be more than half of the room. He took the time to go through each newly appointed member of the Executive Board of the King County Central Committee, including Chair, Vice Chairs and all of the committee chairs. Each person was allowed time to introduce themselves and provide an idea of what their committee’s objective will be and to ask for volunteers. Although each of these positions is listed on the website, it was very helpful to put faces with names and to hear more about their goals.

      Bailey shared that he is 52 days into his term and that during that time he has had significant challenges. In fact, in his first 24 hours he was faced with a lawsuit and a restraining order! During the first two months, he has been busy overseeing reorganization meetings, the final 17 of which finished up last week. There are a lot of new people in positions throughout the county. Bailey also gave an update that there are about 1135 PCOs in the county and that about a third of them have reached out to him directly since the reorganization. The overall feeling is that people are ready to help and looking for direction.

      We approved a temporary operating budget that will be in place until March and includes funds for logo and web design.

      Cat Williams, First Vice Chair, shared the events she is working on producing throughout the year, starting with a Committee event called “February Action Kickoff” that will allow an opportunity for volunteers to find a committee that suits the ways in which they would like to participate. The date has not yet been set for this event, but will be decided upon soon and information will be available on the website.

      The LAC Co-Chairs invited everyone to participate in Lobby Day in Olympia on February 20th – information will be available on the KCDCC website for this, as well. They also provided a 2017 Legislative Agenda handout.

      Two Republican State Senators and one former Senator have accepted positions in the Trump administration, leaving 2 positions open.

      The committee voted to endorse Keith Ellison for DNC chair by 2/3 vote.

      Chad Lupkes, Training Committee Chair, is scheduling PCO training and other training opportunities throughout the year. PCO training is February 4th 1-4pm, details on website.

      Two candidates for City  Woodinville spoke, Paula Waters and Susan Sanders.

      Brian Gunn, 31st LD Chair, spoke about winning a seat in the senate in the special election and is looking for donations and volunteers to help democratic candidates.