July Membership Meeting Notes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      34th District Democrats
      Monthly Membership Meeting
      The Hall at Fauntleroy

      Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Chair David Ginsberg

      Pledge of Allegiance

      Recognition of VIPs and Elected Officials:

      Bob Hasegawa –Reported that the Legislative session was still unfinished due to a hold up over the Hurst decision. There is still no Capital Budget.

      Representative Eileen Cody

      King County Executive Dow Constantine

      County Council Chair Joe McDermott reports that the Regional Policy Committee has cut the proposed 12 cents per 1k of property valuation to 10 cents. Joe believes in 12 cents, with the monies going to vets, human services and senior assistance.

      Approval of the Minutes – (M)oved, (Seconded) and (P)assed

      Adoption of the Agenda – MSP

      Chairs Report –
      Event review:
      West Seattle Grand Parade
      White Center Jubilee
      Vashon Strawberry Festival
      BBQ for Dave Upthegrove
      34th LD Garden Party on August 11th – The Resist and Persist Carnival and BBQ! Tickets on sale!

      PCO Walk lists are available – See Brooks Salazar

      Treasurer’s Report – $13,709.87 in the bank! $1166.00 in income and expenses of $3,600. 22 NEW members and we are up to 560 members!

      Committee Reports –
      Volunteer: 70 members strong!
      There will be a clean up of our adopted stretch of Roxbury on 8/5. Details are on the website
      under the “Get Active” tab.

      Presentation on Initiative 940, De-escalate Washington, which seeks to require law enforcement personnel to receive training in de-escalation techniques, and dealing with the mentally ill. It also establishes a duty to render first aid and adopts a “Good Faith” standard for the use of deadly force.
      Marcee Sue-Vekich spoke in support of the initiative.
      A speaker against the initiative commented that she did not know what we were voting on endorsing and thinks we are taking a step back.
      Leslie Harris spoke for, commenting that her employer represented a victim of police violence and that we should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

      Membership voted to endorse the signature gathering campaign.

      Mayoral Endorsement:

      Nominated for endorsement:
      Jenny Durkan
      Bob Hasegawa
      Jessyn Farrel
      Cary Moon

      Joe McDermott spoke for Jenny Durkan
      Marlene Allbright spoke for Bob Hasegawa
      Chris Porter against Bob Hasegawa
      Ivan Weiss for Bob Hasegawa
      Grace Stiller for Jessyn Farrell
      Joe Powers for Cary Moon

      7:38 Vote

      While ballots were counted, Leslie Miller from the Seattle School Board reported that the Seattle School District still had a $74 million deficit. She gave some push back regarding moving the district’s wait list and decried the huge opportunity gap between children of color and white children.

      Credentials Report:

      96 credentialed members present.

      Voting breakdown:

      Name # of votes %

      Moon 4 4.3
      Farrell 23 24.7
      Durkan 23 24.7
      Hasegawa 43 46.2

      Need 60% to win endorsement outright.

      8:05 Second Vote

      While ballots were counted, Bill Tracy spoke about White Center Jubilee Days. Starts Wed the 19th, and the carnival runs until Sunday.
      Lisa Herbold spoke about the passage of a city-wide income tax, and was looking forward to replying to State Republican Chair Susan Hutchison’s comments about it.

      8:11 Results

      Durkan 26 27.6
      Farrell 27 28.7
      Hasegawa 41 43.6

      8:12 Runoff between Jessyn and Bob

      8:22 Results

      Jessyn 42 44.2
      Bob 53 55.8

      Moved and seconded for Dual Endorsement
      Norman Sigler spoke for Dual Endorsement and yielded the remainder of his time to Jessyn Farrell.
      Marcee Stone-Vekich spoke for No Endorsment

      8:30 Voting

      Nick Bohall asked members to share the live stream. Lynne Randall reminded membership of our Twitter account.

      Dina Johnson informed the membership about the Highland Park Elementary Reading Partners, a volunteer program to promote literacy among CoC. Over half of the kids there cannot read at their grade level. 80% of the students on free/reduced price meals program. There is a GoFundMe page, and donations will be returned if they do not reach their goal. (Secretary update: They met their goal!)

      8:40 Results


      For 76 80.9%
      Against 18 19.1%

      Martha Koester reminded the membership of a Phone Bank for wavering Republicans every Wednesday at the SEIU Hall, 1914 North 35th Street.

      Aretha Basu, the Field Director for Teresa Mosqueda’s campaign introduced herself and spoke for Teresa. Volunteers are welcome!

      Marcee Stone-Vekich warned about Tim Eyman’s Initiative 941 to bring back $30 car tabs.

      Jacque Truong spoke for Mitzi Johanknecht, who is running for King County Sherriff.

      8:45 – Adjourn to Whiskey West.