January 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      January 8, 2020 – Hall at Fauntleroy

      6:30 Potluck Social Time

      7:07 Call to Order

      • Pledge of Allegiance 
      • Opening Ceremonies
        • VIP Acknowledgements
      • Eileen Cody was recognized. 
      • Jimmy Matta was recognized and thanked the 34th for our support in getting the new progressive Burien City Council elected in November. Council members were installed on Monday. Jimmy was also endorsed for another term being Mayor of Burien. 
      • New attendees and members were recognized.
      • Joe McDermott was recognized and announced that Claudia Belducci was voted in as Chair of the King County Council. He spoke about the new work for the regional approach to homelessness governance.
      • Review and Approval of the Minutes and Agenda
        • Minutes from November were presented and unanimously adopted as submitted.
        • Agenda was presented. 
          • Motion to remove the 2nd Vice Chair election from the agenda as this is an elected member of the board and we need to follow the process for election notification. This will be added to the February agenda.
          • Agenda, as revised was adopted unanimously. 
      • Ben Reilly shared the treasurer’s report. 
      • Nick Bonazza shared the PCO report. The 2020 PCO Kick Off will be held on February 22. More information will follow on the website. Filing for PCOs will be in May. One new PCO was sworn in for 1255.  Motion and second were made to approve John as PCO.
      • Gina Topp gave the Chair’s report. 

      7:28 King Conservation District Candidates

      February 11th is the election for this position. Chris Porter spoke about his campaign for King Conservation and what got him interested in the role. Chris shared the new method for voting, which starts online and ends with a mailed ballot. Information will be made available on the website. 

      Jesse Greene read a statement from candidate Steven Deutschman.

      7:35 Confirmation of New Executive Board Members

      There will be an election next month to fill the role of Second Vice Chair. Sofia Aragon has stepped down due to her position on the Burien City Council. 

      • Second Vice Chair: Jesse Greene
      • By-Laws Chair: Art Chippendale
      • Mobilization Chair: DeLancey Lane

      Both Art and DeLancey were confirmed unanimously.

      7:38 2019 Annual Awards

      Jimmy Matta was given the Elected Official of the Year Award

      Carla Rogers was given the Executive Board Member of the Year Award

      7:30 Resolution: Urging Washington State Adoption of the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Program

      A motion was made and seconded to adopt the resolution. This is Senator Joe Nguyen’s legislation.

      • Ann Martin spoke in favor of the resolution.  
      • A member spoke against the resolution in that it doesn’t address demand. There should be more of an incentive to drive a ZEV.
      • Jesse Greene spoke in favor of the resolution. 
      • Resolution passed unanimously.

      7:40 Hate Crimes in Washington State

      Monisha Harrell, Chair of Washington Equal Rights, and Ximena Velazquez-Arenas from the Economic Opportunity Institute presented a panel discussion on the prevalence of hate crimes in Washington State. The panel was moderated by Chris Porter. 

      8:40 Good of the Order

      • Katie Harris shared that on Monday the 20th (MLK Day) there will be an annual event at Garfield High School (MLK Day). Information will be placed on the website.

      9:00 Adjourn