January 2019 Meeting Minutes

      January 2019 Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Minutes of the January 2019 Reorganizational Meeting of the 34th LD Democrats

      The Hall at Fauntleroy

      January 9, 2019

      7:02 Call To Order from Temporary Chair Shasti Conrad, Chair KCDCC

      7:02 Flag Salute led by State Senator Joe Nguyen.

      Parliamentarian – Allan Munro

      Sergeant at Arms – Les Treall

      Tally Chair – Ann Martin

      7:04 Credentials Report – 50 eligible PCOs present.

      7:05 Motion to adopt agenda and meeting rules. Chris Porter motioned to amend rules to grant 2 minutes to each speaker, and 2 speakers for and 2 speakers against.

      7:06 Question of Intent of Amended Rules raised by Ann Martin.

      7:07 Bunny Hatcher spoke Against.

      7:08 Chris Porter spoke For.

      7:09 Ann Martin asked who was eligible to vote – only PCO’s elected in August.

      7:10 Credentials Report – 51 eligible PCOs present.

      Explanation of current County Rules.

      7:11 Question asked: Do we need to give notice to change rules?

      As per Parliamentarian – All rules are up for discussion as the LD is reconstituting itself.

      7:13 Vote on Amendment – 2 minutes/2 For/2 Against

      33 For

      17 Against

      7:16 Agenda and Rules adopted.

      7:17 Resolution to keep District Bylaws in effect adopted.

      7:18 Election for 34th LD Chair:

      Gina Topp Moved and Seconded.

      Rachel Glass Moved and Seconded.

      Ivan Weiss Moved and Seconded.

      Speakers for and against all candidates heard.

      7:40 Joe Nguyen addressed the membership while votes were tallied. He will be on the Energy, Environment and Tech Committee, the Rules Committee, the Transportation Committee and will be Vice Chair of the Human Services Committee.

      7:48 Joe presented with the 2018 Rising Star Award. He announced a Town Hall at the Delridge Community Center.

      7:52 Representative Eileen Cody announced her retirement from Kaiser after 40 years with them. Announced that a Public Option bill would be put forth.

      7:54 Election Results announced.

      Gina Topp – 52.8%

      Rachel Glass – 22.6%

      Ivan Weiss – 24.5%

      53 credentialed votes. There were 54, but one was spoiled.

      1st Vice Chair Nominees

      David Ginsberg

      Ivan Weiss – Declined Nomination.

      Rachel Glass

      7:58 Peggy Abby spoke for David Ginsberg.

           Sofia Aragon spoke for Rachel Glass. 

      8:00 Vote begins.

      8:04 Representative Joe Fitzgibbon addressed the membership and spoke of his excitement for the new term.

      8:09 52 Votes

      Rachel Glass — 71,2%

      David Ginsberg — 28.8

      8:10 Second Vice Chair

      David Ginsberg – Declined Nomination

      David nominates Sofia Aragon

      MSP – Sofia elected by acclamation.

      8:12 State Committee Person Male – Ann Martin nominates Chris Porter – Wins by acclamation.

      8:14 State Committee Person Female – Chris Porter nominates Ann Martin – Wins by acclamation.

      8:17 KCDCC Male Delegate Max Brown nominated, wins by acclamation.

      8:18 KCDCC Female Delegate Elizabeth Archambeau nominated, wins by acclamation.

      8:20 KCDCC Alternate Male Ted Barker nominated, wins by acclamation.

      8:22 KCDCC Alternate Female Martha Koester nominated, wins by acclamation.

      8:23 Secretary Karla Rogers nominated, wins by acclamation.

      8:25 Treasurer Ben Reilly nominated, wins by acclamation.

      8:27 New Business –Marcee Stone-Vekich reminded the membership that School Levy and Water

           District votes are coming up. 

      8:32 Motion to vote on endorsing the levies. Required 80% to come up for a vote.

      Yes – 43 Votes

      No – 8 Votes

      Motion passes.

      Proposition 1 – Heather Barker and David Ginsberg spoke for.

               Moti Krauthamer and Lois Schipper spoke against.  
               41 For 
               13 Against 
                Motion Passes 

      Proposition 2 – No speakers for or against.

               32 For 
                6 Against 

      Motion Passes

      Water District Proposition 1 – Moti Krauthamer spoke against.

                26 For 

      9 Against

      Motion Passes.

      8:50 Good of the Order – Les Treall asked for Committee members and reminded the membership of the upcoming special election.

      8:55 Meeting Adjourned.