April 2018 Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      34th District Democrats

      Monthly Membership Meeting


      The Hall at Fauntleroy

      Meeting called to order at 7:01 by Chair David Ginsberg


      7:02 Pledge of Allegiance.


      VIP’s in attendance: Krystal Marx, Burien Councilwoman, Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta, Burien Councilman Pedro Olguin, Seattle School Board Member Leslie Harris, Seattle Municipal Court Judge Ed McKenna, King County District Judge Ann Parker, Seattle Municipal Court Judge Anita Crawford and Magistrate Fay Chess.



      Minutes (M)oved(S)econded(P)assed.


      Chris Porter proposed an amendment to the agenda to inform the membership of an offer of tickets from Arts West. Chair determined that this would fall under New Business.

      Chair moved Recognition and Awards to members to a later date and advised the Body that State Senator Nelson would not be in attendance.


      Agenda as amended MSP.



      7:22 Chairs Report –

      Paul Ryan retiring. David Hogg taking a gap year to work on elections. Reminded the Membership of the upcoming Duwamish Clean Up and Pramila’s Kick Off event.

      Potential PCOs can file online. Dow Constantine’s Campaign Kick Off Lunch at noon on May 18th.

      There will be a Blue Wave Party at the IAM Machinist’s Hall on June 2nd.


      7:27 Treasurer’s Report –

      ​Membership stands at 303 members. Currently have $29,000.00 in the bank, however, $15k is

      ​reserved for the 2020 Caucuses. There were $3,054.87 in expenses and $5,084.10 in income.



      7:29 KCDCC Report –

      ​At the end of a 13 hour trial the previous Sunday, Chair Bailey Stober was found guilty on all 5

      ​charges. He resigned his seat.


      ​Sharon Mass, who is a DNC member, will act as interim chair. She will preside over the County

      ​Convention. KCDCC DESPERATELY needs funds.


      7:37 Post Session Report –


      ​Delivered by Rep. Eileen Cody.

      ​Very busy session, many, many bills.

      ​Disappointed that there was not more progress on Health Care and nothing on the opioid crisis.

      ​Lots to be happy about. Progress on voting rights, gun control, funding for education, state need ​act, Dreamers, gender equality, Net Neutrality passed, student loan protections, banned

      ​conversion therapy. The Health Exchange was divorced from the Affordable Care Act, Drug Take

      ​Back program passed. Also progress on housing issues, juvenile justice and the environment.

      ​Transportation package got through, and more $$$ for education.


      ​She then took questions from the membership.


      King County Executive Dow Constantine arrived and thanked our legislators. He also gave a short update on County issues, including housing, Juvenile Detention, issues with Sinclair, and land conservation efforts.


      Austin Bell from the Burien City Council spoke. Trespass ordinance repealed, junk vehicle bill defeated, advocated for a youth council on violence, and the need for more rentals in Burien.



      8:20 Gun Reform program – Chris Porter moderating.


      Panel consisted of Seattle City Councilwoman Lorena Gonzalez, Sarah Brady, Campaign Manager for Pramila Jayapal, Shawn Terjeson, statewide communications lead for Moms Demand Action, and Jason Lindbom, President of Washington CeaseFire.


      9:06 Old Business – None


      9:07 New Business –


      ​New PCOs candidates, Michael Matt Miller – 34-1415 and Dawn Rains – 34-1420.

      ​Both are appointed.


      Chris Porter advises the membership that Arts West has offered the 34th 50 tickets to the April 34th performance at 6:30.

      9:11 Good of the Order.


      9:18 Adjourned.