4-21-21 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      April 21, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      7:00pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Rachel Glass, Sara Smith, Steven Butts, Jeff Sbaih, Colleen Hinton, Karen Richter, Gina Topp, Bunny Hatcher, Jordan Crawley, Julie Whitaker, Estey Chen, Trey Lykins, Leah Griffin, Norman Sigler, Richard O’Neill, Nick Bonazza, Chris Porter 

      Call to Order

      • Welcome & Reminder of our social contract
      • Review of Agenda and Minutes 
          • Retreat Minutes from March 6
          • March 17 Board Meeting 
          • Both accepted with no changes
      • Review of April Membership Meeting
          • Starting in May, we will have a new registration process via Zoom which will take the manual process out. Users will get an immediate confirmation of their registration, and the link for Zoom.
      • Organizational Goals 
          • Discussed new goals for 34th and reviewed the Google doc
      • Committee Spotlights 
          • Platform and Legislative Committee – Jordan Crawley provided an update about the MPC process of building the Platform; Jordan is also working with tribal leaders to include their plank of the platform.
          • Upcoming Programming  – Rachel Glass provided an update, on the deep and thoughtful reflective work on becoming diverse,  understanding racism, listening and outreach, designed to change the way our organization looks and works; also looking at redistricting and redlining since redlining and gun violence intersect strongly; also looking at setting up a marketplace to highlight BIPOC businesses in the 34th
          • Resolution & Endorsements Committee – 
            • New process step to ensure resolutions go to the correct committee first to get their feedback, prior to the committee reviewing.
            • Platforms and resolutions should be well aligned, and if they are not, note that during the resolution discussion  
          • Green New Deal Committee – Karen Richter provided an update regarding the  5 point plan to move US to a green economy moved forward by AOC; WA state formed a coalition to support green new deal legislation made up of youth groups, progressive faith based, and political orgs, amongst others, to support those.  Website now up and running. Climate town hall this weekend. 
      • Resolution for Consideration
        • Voting Practice
          • Preparation for upcoming Endorsement meeting and will also practice in upcoming members meeting.  
          • Using a Zoom poll which can vote live and download a spreadsheet to validate credentials. 
            • Users must log in to Zoom in order to vote. 
            • NGP list of members and PCOs will be pulled after 9pm the night before the Endorsement meeting
            • Ballots are in Zoom window
            • No more links and separate windows/tabs during the meeting
            • Ballot data and NGP data will be combined for credentialing
            • Second and third ballots will be pre-prepared and edited during the meeting as necessary
            • Tally committee and candidate reps will be put into Breakout rooms and will use a shared screen method for validation
      • Endorsements Slate 
          • Resolutions & Endorsements Committee Role: brief discussion of committee role in Endorsement process.
      • Planning Committees
          • Forums Planning Committee – interested in being involved? Planning meeting April 27 
          • Fundraising & Events Planning Committee – interested in being involved?  Planning meeting May 4
      • Good of the Order (GOTO) & Announcements 
        • Jeff Sbaih found an organization to go into micro communities to deliver vaccines this Sunday at High Point, contact him through Slack if you have any interest. 
        • Bunny mentioned Vashon has extra vaccines available
        • Colleen mentioned John White is running and wondered if anyone knew him – he is a developer
        • Colleen mentioned that tomorrow is Earth Day and the Puyallup tribe is holding outdoor work parties to clean up green space on tribal land for Earth day 10 till noon, here is the sign up:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeAncT2VQ6AMVeJjEN7kSPuWft24ydPkq6Sml1-mxOVhSn6Zw/viewform
        • GreenSeattle.org  has work parties for Earth Day as well. 
        • Town Hall (Jayapal, Nguyen, Cody, Fitzgibbon) – May 2, 1-2:30pm; Submit Questions 
        • Candidate Forums – May 22, 25 and June 5
        • Endorsement Meeting – June 9
        • Committee Chairs: Committee Reports are due the Saturday before our Board meeting
        • Sarah Koch will be appointed as the new Bylaws & Rules Chair, to be confirmed in May.
        • CER – State Party Initiative: Contest Every Race – goal is to get a democrat for every race in the state, like Vashon Parks & Rec, etc. , there are plenty of races in the state that need good candidates. 
        • Sharing our Member/PCO List with candidates; a Mayoral candidate requested access to our lists but we only do that for our endorsed candidates
        • Endorsements slate will be presented in May meeting, will only endorse candidates that complete a questionnaire. 

      8:50 – Adjourned by Chair Carla Rogers