April 14, 2021 General Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
      April 14, 2021 –  Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      Pre-Meeting Presentation: Sexual Assault Awareness Month Program  

       7:02 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Land & People Acknowledgement – 1st Vice Chair Rachel Glass 
      • VIP Acknowledgements/Statements 
        • King County Executive Dow Constantine: Spoke about his concern regarding the recent news of the Johnson and Johnson vaccination pause, and had to rearrange some schedules.  Over 500,000 people are vaccinated; please continue to be vigilant, wear your mask, avoid crowds, stay home if you are sick.  There are currently disagreements in the public with discipline handed down to some local police. He encouraged the Sheriff to retire and wants to restructure the office.  Additionally, there is work being done on a film stage here in King County to regain filming business, and are strongly encouraging filmmakers to use local talent.  https://www.dowconstantine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/onepager.pdf  
        • King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove: Discussed representing the south tip of the 34th in Burien, and running for re-election.  He discussed coming of age in a time when he could face litigation simply for being a gay man. His focus is on health, jobs, and justice.  More information is here: https://www.daveupthegrove.com.  
        • Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta: Discussed filing to re-run for council position #3 and talked about the impact of vaccinations in Burien right now. 
        • King Conservation District Supervisor Chris Porter: opted not to speak in the interest of time. 
      • Speak Up Survey Question: ideas for new venues:  https://forms.gle/gD64DR1WeRxzoivy8 

      Approval of Agenda

      • Ann Martin motioned, Sarah Koch seconded to approve the minutes, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 

      Approval of Minutes

      • Ann Martin motioned to approve, Julie Whitaker seconded, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 

      Budget Report

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget and this month finances increased several hundred dollars. Fiscal year ends on April 30.

      Membership Report

      • Membership Chair Trey Lykins reported current membership is 207. Members benefit from regularly hearing from our elected officials plus the ability to vote on resolutions and endorsements.   To vote at the June Endorsement Meeting, must be a new member by the end of the May 12th  meeting (9pm) or renew membership by 9pm the night before the June 9 meeting.  There is a suggested donation, however, money will never be a barrier for entry: https://34dems.org/contribute/  Questions? Contact Trey at membership@34dems.org 

      Appointment of PCOs 

        • Nick Bonazza introduced two new PCOs, confirmed they were democrats, and officially swore them in.  Ann Martin so moved, Rachel Glass seconded, verbal approval vote, no opposition. 
        • Preston Anderson   SEA 34-3839  
      • Martin Strelecky   SEA 34-1467   


      • End of Session Legislative Town Hall on Sunday, May 2 from 1-2:30pm on zoom, featuring Rep Jayapal, Rep Cody, Rep Fitzgibbon and Senator Nguyen who will all attend and fill you in on the results of the session.  The meeting link is on the 34th Dems website and Facebook page.  Submit advance questions here:
      • Former Treasurer and current Bylaws & Rules Chair Ben Reilly has given his resignation. Thank you to Ben for his excellent service.  This leaves the Bylaws and Rules Chair open. Bylaws updates will begin later in the year. Please contact  Carla Rogers if interested. 
      • Reminder to review weekly email for important information and upcoming documents for meetings. It helps our meetings move smoothly and keep us on time. 
      • We are shifting to a new method of meeting and voting. Please be patient as we move to this new format. We will have a practice run at the May meeting in preparation for the June endorsements meeting.  
      • Our next Board Meeting is on Wednesday, April 21 and as always, it is an open meeting. If you would like to attend, please email Carla Rogers. 

      Meet the Candidates

      • Mayoral candidate Andrew Grant Houston: Hosting SIFF right now, grew up here, has  years of Project Management experience with multimillion dollar projects. 
      • Seattle City Attorney candidate Pete Holmes:  Asked for support for his re-election campaign by signing my democracy vouchers qualifying petition at http://www.holmesforseattle.com/democracy-vouchers/.  Very excited today to be here, and to have received a second vaccine.  Wants to continue making progress and not roll back the gains we’ve made. 
      • Port of Seattle Position #3 Candidate Hamdi Mohamed Plans to make Port Operations more accessible and transparent, serves on Maritime High School Board, advocates for youth to be prepared for the workforce. Knows how to manage large budgets and ensure equitable distribution. https://hamdiforport.com/meet-hamdi/ Questions? Contact 206.377.9182 or electhamdi@gmail.com
      • Port of Seattle Position #1 Candidate Ryan Caulkins  Focused on creating jobs and sharing prosperity, making Port of Seattle an economic leader and responding to climate change; most aggressive environmental agenda in the nation. https://31stdistrictdemocrats.org/port-of-seattle-commission-position-1-ryan-calkins/ . www.ryanforport.com.
      • Port of Seattle Position # 4 Candidate Peter Steinbrueck  Driving for living wage and equitable wages, created a community equity fund for youth and communities of color, greening cities that have a dearth of forest canopy.  Sees the Seattle port as the port of the future and aims to be the highly progressive commissioner he believes the port needs:  http://www.peterforport.org/


      Party Unity Presentation 
      State Party Chair Tina Podlodowski & Ken Martin, Chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

      Tina Podlodowski discussed how “Contest Every Race” is helping ensure we have Democrats running in every race across the state. Democratic party is the only party that truly believes in democracy – every voice is heard, every voice is valued. Diversity brings strength, and we do this with respect. Exchange ideas with a sense of decency.  

      Ken Martin reflected on his community crying out for justice.  Racial justice work is never ending.  We need police reform and accountability.  Recent local legislation to prevent police from being members in far-right hate groups was defeated on party lines.  Grateful to have servant leadership in the White House now, putting forward the American Rescue Plan, which will create millions of union jobs and focus on improving the lives of all Americans.  We have unprecedented energy in our party today.  Our young people are carrying us forward.  Politics is about improving people’s lives, and doing well for the people.  We need a variety of lived experiences in power.   We have strong women and women of color representing now, and have created a pipeline to support them and set them  up for success.  Need to walk with them intentionally and supportively to ensure their success. 

      Tina stated we now have the most diverse legislature in history, and said that every cycle and we continue to become more diverse.  The majority of diversity is coming from the Democratic side.   Biden’s new deal and fair deal, as underrepresented communities are NOT left behind. Many states have seen rural communities increasing their democratic percentage of votes by 4% to 16%.  We need to be the champion of everyone, including in rural communities, to make sure they do not feel forgotten and left behind.  Patti Murray supports our rural communities and we need to support her in the 2022 race.  

      Change Makes $ense

      Rachel Glass presented on and emphasized donating small change is painless and pretty much unnoticeable, especially with COVID, which makes participation much more difficult. 

      Confirmation for New Board Members (carry over from last month when we ran out of time) 

      • Coalitions Chair: Dawn Rains
      • Resolutions & Endorsement Co-Chairs: Richard O’Neill and Bunny Hatcher
      • Membership Chair: Trey Lykins Ann Martin moved, Karen Richter seconded, verbal approval, no opposed.

      Proposed 2021 Endorsement Rules 

      • Jordan Crawley reviewed a summary of changes. 
      • Janine Anzalota motioned, Bunny Hatcher seconded,  verbal approval, no opposed. Endorsement Rules are approved and will be shared with all campaigns/candidates.

      Resolution for Consideration

      • Resolution Calling for the King County Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Task Force of the Executive Branch to Adopt a Gender Transition Policy for Employees 
      • Bunny Hatcher spoke for the resolution and noted that the Board recommended Do Pass.
      • Janine Anzalota motioned, Chris Porter seconded, verbal approval, no opposed. Resolution approved.

      Good of the Order

      • Chris Porter: Transgender and other minorities have often been left behind and we need to continue advocating for our gender non-conforming friends and LGBTQIA community.  
      • Ann Martin: West Seattle Democratic Women Meeting Thursday 4/22 regarding public defenders association. Visit the 34th Dems Calendar for more information: https://34dems.org/34ldevents/ 

      Adjourned at 8:52 by Carla Rogers, Chair.