2023-09-13 Membership Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      34th Democrats Membership Meeting Minutes, September 13, 2023 – Held via closed Zoom

      Pre-Meeting Program

      A presentation about the youth non-profit organization “Free 2 Luv” was given by Araya Sandis, a representative from the group and a resident in the 34th LD.

      Free 2 Luv is a national organization serving approximately 20,000 under-resourced youth. They partner with 250 other organizations across the country. They use techniques such as Art-based therapy to help kids cope with mental health problems which can arise as they come to grips with such issues as gender identity, isolation, and other problems youth may encounter as they mature.


      6:53 PM – Call to order by Chair Graham Murphy

      Chair’s Opening Remarks and Announcements 

      • Graham gave a rundown of the events over the past summer: The candidate forum, the July fundraiser, the Parades we attended, and other events such as the picnic the past weekend, and he called out individuals to thank them for their efforts in organizing those events.
      • The Chair also noted a few upcoming events:
        • The Fiestas Patrias parade in South Park on September 16.
        • The Pop-Up Social with the 33rd Democrats at Elliott Bay Brewery in Burien on September 29th.
      • In advance of canvassing for the General Election Chair Murphy directed PCOs to a survey that asked whether they would need materials to use for doorbelling.
      • The October 11th meeting is to be in person at a location to be determined. There will be an option to attend online, with limited input ability.
      • Graham expressed pleasure with how our endorsement process was conducted and with our diverse slate of endorsees.
      • A review of our Bylaws will be undertaken. Suggestions for changes are to be submitted to Bylaws and Rules Committee Chair Jordan Crawley, who will present them for approval at a meeting sometime in the first quarter of 2024.

      Opening Ceremonies

      • The meeting agenda was presented. A motion to approve was made by Ann Martin. The agenda was approved without objection.
      • The minutes from the August meeting were also presented. Ann Martin moved to approve. The minutes were approved without objection.
      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker gave the financial reports for August.
        • There was $825 remaining in the budget for candidate contributions.
        • As of September 13th, we had 329 members including those who are also PCOs.
      • KCDCC Committee Alternate Preston Anderson gave the Land Acknowledgement. He also suggested that we could further show support for Indigenous peoples in our area by giving a donation to the Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits organization: https://seattleurbannatives.org

      Update on Homeless Encampments in Burien

      Burien City Councilperson Cydney Moore gave an update on the homeless encampment situation in Burien. She urged members to contact council members with comments regarding this issue, and to attend the upcoming council meeting. People may attend in person or online. They will have the ability to comment at the proceeding either way.

      Upcoming Canvassing Events for the General Election  – Carla Rogers

      • Saturday October 7th at 10 AM – In Burien at the Burien Press Coffee Shop
      • October 21 at 10 AM – In West Seattle at C&P Coffee
      • Other canvassing opportunities are happening in the 34th. Contact Carla to participate.

      Committee Chair Resignation

      Chair Murphy announced that Dorothy Gesick has stepped down from chairing the Precinct Leadership Committee and thanked her for her efforts.

      Endorsement for Seattle School Board Director, District 1. 

      A 60% majority was required for endorsement. Although Director District 1 is not located in the 34th LD, the school board races will be city-wide in the November Election following district-only contests in the August Primary.

      • Carla Rogers nominated Debbie Carlsen; Roxanne Thayer seconded.
      • Bunny Hatcher moved to endorse Liza Rankin; Julie Whitaker seconded. 
      • Carla spoke in favor of Carlsen, and ceded time to the candidate.
      • Bunny Hatcher spoke in favor of Rankin, who was unable to attend.
        • Heather Barker rose to speak against Rankin.
        • Julie Whitaker speaks for Rankin.
      • Debbie Carlsen is endorsed with 70% of those voting via Zoom poll ballot.

      Port of Seattle Update

      Commissioner Ryan Calkins gave a review of activities at both the waterfront port and at the SeaTac Airport. He answered questions following his report.

      A resolution: In Support of Ranked Choice Voting in Presidential Primaries.

      The resolution was submitted by Ann Martin. It was forwarded to the body after debate by the Executive Board for consideration without a recommendation. A 50% majority was required for adoption.

      • Bunny Hatcher summarized the resolution.
      • Ann moves to adopt; Stephen Lamphear seconded.
        • Ann spoke in favor.
        • Ted Barker spoke against.
        • Dorothy Gesick spoke in favor.
        • Chris Porter spoke against.
      • The resolution was adopted by 61.9% via a Zoom Poll Ballot.

      Campaign Contributions.

      There was $825 remaining in the contribution budget from the August round of campaign donations. The Executive Board recommended that $500 go to Highline School Board Candidate Carlos Ruiz, and $325 to go to Seattle Prop. 1 – “Yes for Homes” Housing Levy Renewal.

      • Chris Porter moved to approve; Roxanne Thayer seconded.
      • Chris spoke in favor of his motion.
      • The contributions are approved via a voice vote.

      Appointment for Chair of the Young Democrats Committee.

      • Hannah Cameron nominated Rebecca Rego; Ann Martin seconded.
      • Rebecca introduced herself.
      • Rebecca was appointed via voice vote.

      Good of the Order.

      • Ann Martin thanked everyone who rose to express their opinions on Ranked Choice Voting.
      • Ted Barker informed us that the West Seattle Food Bank is holding its “Taste of West Seattle” fundraiser after a 4-year hiatus. It was to be on September 28th at the Hall at Fauntleroy.
      • Araya Sandis from Free 2 Luv thanked us for having her at the meeting and for the discussion.

      The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.