2023-01-18 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Minutes of the 34th District Democrats Board Meeting

      January 18, 2023, held virtually on Zoom.

      7:06 pm – Call to Order by Chair Graham Murphy


      xGraham MurphyxBunny HatcherxCarla Rogers
      xRachel GlassPreston AndersonxAnn Martin
      xJordan CrawleyLeah GriffinxLauri Hennessy
      Chris PorterxJulie WhitakerxDorothy Gesick
      xRoxanne ThayerxSteve ButtsxGina Topp
      xTed Barker


      Welcome, Agenda Review, and Meeting Expectations

      Committee Chair Appointments for Membership Approval

      • Jordan Crawley, Bylaws and Rules
      • Carla Rogers, Communications
      • Lauri Hennessey, Fundraising and Events
      • Jordan Crawley, Platform and Legislative Action
      • Steve Butts, Outreach
      • Dorothy Gesick, PCO Committee
      • Rachel Glass, Programs
      • Ann Martin, Resolution and Endorsements
      • Gina Topp, Parliamentarian
      • Open Roles to be filled:
      • Community Partnerships Committee Chair
      • Equity and Social Justice Committee Chair
      • Membership and Hospitality Committee Chair
      • Elections and Caucus Committee Chair
      • Young Democrats Liaison


      Board members introduced themselves. Each member was asked to lay out their hopes for the district organization and goals for their roles and committees.

      Communications Requirements, Tools, and Norms.

      Communications Committee Chair Carla Rogers laid out procedures for board communication and her requirements from board members.

      • Email setup for those in new positions using the @34dems.org addresses. A setup instructional document has been prepared. Out-going email for 34th LD business should be sent out from those accounts.
      • Head shots are needed for the website.
      • Use of 34th’s Slack channel for communication was encouraged.
      • Documents created on, or uploaded to, Google Drive are favored for files to be shared.

      Budget Development

      Graham set a deadline of February 8th to submit committee expense requirements. This will allow for discussion at the February board meeting before presenting a budget for membership approval at the March meeting.

      Chair’s Objectives Going Forward

      • Graham seeks an alignment of goals and methods between committee chairs with a common strategy for hitting main targets of:
        • Fundraising for elections.
        • Membership retention.
        • PCO Recruitment.

      Items for review

      • Standing rules for virtual meetings.
      • Committee structures.
      • Organizational bylaws, rules, and code of conduct.
      • In-person vs virtual meeting cadence is to be decided.
      • Committee chairs are to submit monthly reports of their activities the second Saturday of the month, with the goal of publishing them to the membership.
      • Submit any potential business for general meetings to the Chair by the second Saturday of the month for board discussion. 
      • Newsletter articles are to be submitted by the 4th Wednesday of the month.

      The meeting was adjourned by Chair at 8:30 pm.