11-20-19 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      11-20-19 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Ben Reilly, Chris Porter, DeLancey Lane, Karen Richter, Ted Barker, Leah Griffin, Les Treall

      7:07 Gina called the meeting to order. 

      Julianne Kempf provided an overview of the Legislative Caucus. The deadline to provide signatures to the state to be included on the ballot is Jan 3. Names are due to Secretary of State by Jan 7. We are expected to have massive turnout in the 34th. In the Primary we will be looking at the candidates within the districts as well as statewide. 

      LD process – There will be an opportunity to pre-register for the caucus but you can also participate without pre-registering. April 26, 2pm is first caucus activity. We should set up a candidate filing table. We should expect 6 candidates on the ballot (they must get 15%). 

      DeLancey posted all of the caucus details on Slack for the board to review via Google. 

      8:00 Caucus Planning Update

      Rachel provided updates on the caucus planning front. We got quite a few volunteers at the last monthly meeting. Rachel held a meeting on Nov 12. Ted is providing historical input for the committee. There are 58 delegates for the state at the National level. Will be using Tom’s Planner to keep the full team of leaders and volunteers aligned. Art will be running registration. Ben will also be working with Art at Registration. There are webinars will be available for the committee for preparation. A communications plan will be developed by Carla. A communications/outreach/affirmative action subcommittee is being formed by Les. 

      The next full committee meeting will be scheduled soon by Rachel.

      8:10 Housekeeping items

      • Timeline for Bylaws/Code of Conduct – Changed to February for the general membership to review/vote. The Immigration program will be in January.
      • Gina has plans for GOTV 2020 which will be shared at the next meeting. 
      • Gina provided an update on the Glen Morgan lawsuit. Due to the Supreme Court case, this lawsuit may go away. The board needs to decide whether to settle at a lower amount or wait out the Supreme Court case. Chris made a motion to wait it out, DeLancey seconded and members approved. 
      • We will plan to do an early endorsement at the February meeting for Bob Ferguson, Jay Inslee and Pramila Jayapal. 
      • The December Executive Board meeting is cancelled. 
      • January Executive Board meeting will be held at Ann Martin’s house. We should resume board meetings at the Public House in February.
      • Chris gave a progress update on January program on Racism. A 4-person panel is planned. We will begin publicity for this event as soon as we have the panel locked in. 

      8:22 Budget Review 

      A full budget review will be done at the January meeting. Our contract with The Hall at Fauntleroy is up for renewal. The group agreed that we should stay at the Hall for next year. 

      8:24 Events

      Holiday Party is Dec 11. We will provide a smoked turkey. Moscow Mules will be the featured beverage. Attendees will be able to decorate cookies. Navos donations will be collected. Awards will be announced as well.

      8:28 Code of Conduct

      The Code of Conduct was distributed in Slack and in email. The members divided into groups to discuss their input. Coming back together, various points were discussed. 

      • The Social Media bullet was of particular concern by some members. 
      • The confidentiality piece needs to be fleshed out further.
      • Other points were provided to the committee for consideration in developing the final draft to be viewed and voted on by the membership in February.

      The board discussed the freedom of speech aspect at length. It was decided that the concerns will be taken back to the committee and a new draft (or the original) will be submitted back to the board at the January meeting. A final draft will be needed prior to the February board meeting. 

      9:21 Code of Conduct Violation Submitted by Jordan Crawley

      Gina provided a summary of Jordan Crawley’s Code of Conduct violation submission against David Ginsberg. The group discussed the submission and the behavior. David Ginsberg has resigned his position as Co-Chair of the Bylaws Committee.  

      Gina shared that she met with David Ginsberg and that he has resigned from the board.

      Ann made a motion that the board supports the action taken by the Chair. 

      The board generally agreed that no further action was warranted/necessary. Motion was made and was passed unanimously.

      The meeting was adjourned at 9:44pm.

      An awards committee meeting began at the end of the meeting.