07-22-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      Held via Zoom conference due to COVID-19.

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Rachel Glass, Les Treall, Dawn Rains, Jordan Crawley, Art Chippendale Jeff Sbaih, Ben Reilly, Ted Barker, Ann Martin

      7:04 Gina called the meeting to order.

      Updates from Gina

      • Gina notified the Hall at Fauntleroy that we will not need the hall for the rest of the year. We do have the option to get the hall if we change our direction. 
      • PCO report will be submitted by Nick via email as he wasn’t able to attend. 
      • Carla gave an update on the success of our Phone Banks. We have 31 people signed up as interested in phone banking. We are continuing to Phone bank on Thursdays and Saturdays. Aug 6 will be our 26th LD focus phone bank and Aug 15 we have added a phone back for NC, via Sister District. All board members are expected to phone bank at least one shift a month. The PCO leads are doing a great job. 

      Leadership Development

      • Les is spear-heading an initiative to contact new people interested in or just joining the 34th..
      • Les drafted a letter and sent it to the Exec Board and posted it in Slack. 
      • Jordan has created a second draft. 
      • This would be sent to interested parties and anyone visiting a meeting for the first time. A different version would be for new members.
      • Les is willing to make phone calls to these same people to follow up on our letter.
      • Dawn is willing to identify visitors and new members. 
      • Who are we mailing to? – 4 groups: mailing list sign ups, new attendees at meetings, new members, caucus attendees/delegates
      • Board comments on Jordan’s letter are due by Saturday and then we will vote on Slack since the letter comes from the board.
      • Dawn will help get letters out after the meeting. 


      • We made some small changes already to the Bylaws in February.. Art has added language from the state for emergency meetings. 
      • Les noted that section 7 needs to be updated. 
      • Art is proposing additional changes to be voted on in our September meeting. 
      • Board is to review the proposed Bylaws and bring any comments, updates to the August Board meeting. We will present to the general meeting in September or October. 


      • Carla asked that everyone try to make progress on your committee goals without relying on a board meeting. Work in sub-committees and try to accomplish tasks. 
      • Have we gotten reimbursement from SPS? No. 
      • Karen asked about communicating with Jayapal’s office regarding the GND. Gina provided a name of who to connect with at her office.

      8:07 Adjourn